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Friday, October 28, 2011

Paint Party #33

I was late posting last week so if you missed my cool mug made out of  one of my paintings you can go here! This week I did this Acrylic for over my fireplace in the family room. It's done on a deep cradle board. I probably needed a larger board for the space but this is all I had for now. It changed so many times before completion.It's very simple but I pride myself on making my home a soft place to fall, so it does make a statement. 

Doodle done while watching tv

I grew up in a home that was fraught with constant arguments and conflict, some instigated by liquor. I swore when I raised my daughter life would be calmer for her. Except for about two years of chaos during divorce, I've kept things pretty serene. No matter how bad the day is, we know we can gather for a nice meal with loving people who have sincere concern about how we are. Have a  peaceful weekend everyone!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Paint Party Friday #32 Burst of Joy

I'm straggling into paint party Friday late, after a long lull. This week I digitally altered a photo of my large acrylic " Burst of Joy". It's a favorite painting done last year.   The vibrant colors bring me so much joy, as it greets me every morning at the bottom of my stairs!  My large acrylics are often painted so they can be hung in any direction. I like the idea of being able to change a painting around to get a different look.
 I decided to alter Burst of Joy  by shrinking it down in the paint program, then cutting the best pieces and pasting them into another window. The outcome is this digital piece which I then printed out for a  reusable travel mug. Which I carry in my car!
There you have it I'm able to enjoy my art in a mini pattern while sipping on my morning coffee! The Colors printed out so nicely too! It's richer looking in person!
I also whipped up this quick little hair piece forty minutes before my daughter was to attend a family wedding. It's a wonder what a few feathers and some crazy glue can do to make a dollar store hair band look high end! She had many compliments on it all evening. 
As you can see I'm not the only one who loves color in this house! My son in law found these purple leather shoes that he built a whole outfit around!  Dear Daughter, much like her mom loves color too! I had a dress the same color and material when I was young!
Since she was little she would spy items she loved then wait until they went on sale. She watched almost daily for the little magenta purse to drop from it's original price, sure enough she finally got it for a steal! 
There they are in wonderful  jewel tones. I love them both sooo much when I see them all dressed up like this it makes my eyes dance!! Hope you all have a happy week ahead!

Friday, October 07, 2011

Paint Party Friday #30

This was a quick sketch I did before the cupcake painting above. Much less contrived. As you can see the cupcake is way too contrived. That painting I did this week has been gessoed over twice already. I was going to show you the two before coffee mugs, but blogger was giving me a fight, plus they are too ugly to share. Almost makes you feel like giving up. Still not completely happy with the cupcake, the top looks too muffiny! lol
Who knows if I can't tweak it to my liking I may just  gesso over it too!!

Happy Paint Party Friday Everyone!
 My Daughters female boss gave her the little pillow with the quote
 Strong women may we know them,
may we raise them,
may we be them!

A few weeks ago I repainted a rocking chair I got for Christmas in 1985. I was eight months pregnant,  under the tree was a small box with a string attached. I followed the string to the basement, walked the long hallway to a large empty room, in the middle was this rocking chair! It was a very exciting gift. Twenty five years later it needed some love and care! There was a bit of a squabble about the color I should paint it. I assured my adult daughter I would paint it white when she got pregnant, for now  it would be silver to blend better with the living room decor!

It was a tedious process painting  this chair. While I was priming I kept missing spots. I turned on more lights, still kept missing  wood. I twisted it and turned it and no matter how much I checked it, there were still parts that weren't covered. I had a lot of thinking time. It really was a metaphor for perspective. Doesn't matter how I turned the chair there was still one more perspective I missed. It was crazy just how many perspectives there were. Finally after much frustration it was covered, the same happened with the next two coats! So when you're adamant your perspective is right, or when trying to find answers to a problem, remember the rocking chair, there is always another perspective you may have missed!
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