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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pink Shirt Day Paint Party Friday

Wednesday was pink shirt day in Canada, to raise awareness for anti bullying. Eradicating bullying seems a futile endeavor. Nothing to date seems to work. I feel the ugly of bullying escalating as people hide behind screens, and continue to feel anonymous while media strives for their little piece of the pie slamming the latest celebrity. 

 I asked Beardo if he thought bully awareness has improved anything! He commented that Bullies are bullied, nothing has changed except we talk about it more! That's coming from a man who has zero tolerance for anything violent, physically or verbally.
Cupcake Love Pal, I didn't even want to post him!

So how could we really make a difference I wonder. Maybe social responsibility? Taking care of societies most vulnerable, abused women and children, youth at risk, the mentally ill.  Maybe a kindness project instead of Anti Bullying campaign. 

During Cupcakes elementary school years they required children to say three put ups to their classmates for every put down. A stellar idea that made kids aware of the importance of finding nice things about a person. 
I was known to be witty as a teen, you'd not want to be at the brunt of my contemptible humour! A form of defense well honed for protection after being verbally bullied as a child, sometimes at home and at school.
Boarder Dude
In grade one I was choked so hard by a male classmate   who had been severely abused by his father that he committed suicide at twenty-one while incarcerated!

This is a subject I've visited before. Since it's an ongoing issue with no solution it's important to repeat my sentiments once again.  Especially when I see even more blatant nastiness on television and online. 
It's as though adults have ramped up their 
judgements of others, spewing any old thing, losing the concept of compassion. How are we to be good examples when we jest about the inadequacies of everyone else?

 It seems to me people are letting their guard down on social media too. Do they not realize their children may one day read their ugly, in the moment, words of frustration.
How do we resolve this issue or at least take it down a notch or two? I've seen kindness projects but they never seem to take flight like they should. Random acts of kindness need to trump bullying. 
I am one to think in opposites trying  not to focus on the negative. So instead of Anti bullying wouldn't it be nice to wear  purple shirts to celebrate a day of kindness  where we proactively do something profound for someone who needs it most.
As parents we can only teach our children well. 
Nip bad behavior in the bud. Watch our words 
so that we are kind at home and on the
 internet. Make our homes a soft place to fall. 
Keep judgements minimal, and remember
that everyone has a story!

In a perfect world  we would hope for a kindness project to go viral escalating enough to wipe out bullying.
For now one can only dream!!

How would you counteract bullying?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Practical or Frivolous? Paint Party Friday

I love this quirky little  couple
I apologize for the insanely long post last week.
Thanks to all who read it anyway!
   The week before  I mistaking thought my kids  were 
coming up to their eighth anniversary but it was  their seventh
they just celebrated! Silly me... I corrected that.
The singer done freely
As much as Cupcake  and Beardo love  
sharing their anniversary with Valentines
 day they don't fall prey to commercialism 
of the day! Refusing as a couple 
to buy flowers at jacked up prices, 
or their favorite chocolate at regular price!
 Dining out in crowded venues is not their
 thing either! Instead Cupcake picked up 
some half price chocolate the next day, 
and they will purchase flowers at a later date!
The flirt...Cupcake loves him...I like his little friend
 I know it doesn't seem very romantic  but Beardo finds it 
a huge relief,  and his male coworkers envy him. 
Practical Cupcake is satisfied  the extra cash will be 
used sensibly.  She's not a woman who craves romance 
like her mom did. However she has a man who would walk over
hot coals for her and do anything  she asks without complaint!
The mother a deviation from something I saw
Funny how we all have such different needs. Some women never receive flowers, yet are perfectly fine with that. Others, not so much!   I say, buy them for yourself, because you're worth it! If you want something special and you aren't properly acknowledged on your Birthday, anniversary or Valentines day, then do something for yourself.
Quirky Friends
Or if you're in a state of grief, alone and sad! Treat
yourself to  something special!
 Splurge on something beautiful, a new novel,
art supplies, or a CD filled with your favorite music! 
Ask friends to meet you for coffee, see a new movie,
do some window shopping, imagine better days! 

 On their anniversary, after a full days work
Cupcake and Beardo listened to some local musicians and
 shared a simple meal. Both satisfied to have a laugh
and a chat with a friend! I love that
Cupcake is happy to spend time with her man
without too much hoopla!

Meek one

 I'm at the point in my life, a day of love is just that!
It's any day that I can have a paintbrush in my 
hand! Or the writing comes freely!

Sad young man with a choice to make!
Like it says on my banner, I'm in a romance with art and words!
It feeds my soul, any day and everyday!
Anything else pales in comparison .

Grandma and granddaughters

Do you need frivolity or romance
to feel loved on a special occasion.
 Or are you too practical to fall prey 
to marketing geniuses!

                                            Nineteen of my faces for Faces of Feb 2015

  Is there anything in particular you need to feel loved? 

Oh and   Michelle Allen is having a bag give away on her blog this week
check it out!! You are welcome and good luck!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Inspire your Heart with Art

This  fishy character was created for this months theme 
 Birds, Beasts, and humans at 
Art Journal Journey 

In 2007 my friend gifted us this treasured ornament  and pin that Cupcake and I fell in love with. Cupcake  dreamed of one day having a tree filled with these characters.
After decorating our tree this year I went on a google search to find the artist who created  them. I did find the ornaments but the artists name was never evident! Disappointed I resigned myself that I would never know.
Then  six weeks later I received a very sincere email from a marketing director asking me  the question, " How do you inspire your heart with art?" When I clicked on the link I was so surprised and excited  to  see it was Patience Brewster who had created these adorable treasures! 
Credit to Patience Brewsters website

What amazing synchronicity! I encourage you to visit her wonderful website, read her story and see if her characters don't inspire you too!! I love her fun, happy artwork! She has a line of jewelry and other beautiful  items that you may  also enjoy! Check out her blog here and on my side bar! Let me know what you think!
I love how the universe conspires to help us find what we want and need!! It's been a  productive fun week because of that email! Little did Patience Brewster know what a wonderful inspiration her ornaments have been  for me!  It helps to stave off the doubt when I sometimes choose a rather quirky creative path.
I feel blessed to have such a great source of inspiration at  Paint Party Friday. Reading blogs sparks new creative thoughts that spin into my own weekly blog post. Artists that are sage, humorous, or share their creative process,  always inspire my heart to create.
 Natures art with every shade of green amongst trees and shrubs along with changing seasons of color  fills my heart with so much awe and  need for creative expression.
Watching independent movies, listening to indy music, viewing documentaries with out-of- the-box artists such as Banksy really inspires me to embrace my quirky creative process.    
Goats just wanna have fun!
Even though I have never been a fan of animated movies or tv shows I always admire the artistry!  The  kids will often call me into a room when  a new quirky character is introduced.  Pink Panther was my first favorite character, yet I wasn't a fan of the movies.
Digital colour changes
 Most weeks I splash paint on the page, because I love colour, swoosh it around then find shapes in the paint! During the week, usually while bathing I  develop certain thoughts that might make a good blog post.   How I marry the writing and visuals is rarely calculated and  still  a mystery how it all comes together.

Visual arts, intimate conversations with depth, poignant movies or plays, unique fashion and home decor, fancy cursive, is art  that ignites my heart to create on a daily basis. 

Drinking coffee from a funky mug placed on a table painted in bold hearts,
while sitting near a artistically painted chair feeds my creative self!
I am always looking around at what I can enhance with my colors!

When I walked into this artists home I felt like I had walked into my soul!
Credit to Violette Clark
Violette was the first person to entice me to make art and  create a blog. She was first to call  me an artist when she saw my home decor, and the first one to encourage me to be in an art show. She will never truly know the extent of the gift she gave me!

My photo, Michelle Allens artwork
 I  was so inspired when I spotted these pieces
 in a quaint garden shop on my Birthday in 2008
It wasn't until later I realized they were Michelle Allens
A blog I had frequented for quite sometime.
I still don't own anything of hers only because she doesn't ship to Canada.
Otherwise I'd be all over her bags and mugs!

Mary Naylors ceramics I fell in love with at first sight and bought up all 
the plates, cups, dishes I could find! Many have chipped or broken but I
still have several to feed my creative soul!

Artists, musician and poets that use piles of colour and  help
 me see the world in a different way
 inspire  my heart.
  I like to use unexpected colours in my art, to show things aren't always what they appear.  If we are willing  to look beyond the surface, and delve deeper, then we may experience the  true colour!
29 faces of Feb 2015
How do you " Inspire your heart with Art?
Do you live an artful life, or just fit it in where possible?
What kind of art  touches your heart the most?
Kudos to anyone who got this far!!
A Happy 7th Anniversary on Heart Day to Cupcake and Beardo.
I can hardly believe this wonderful couple has been together 12 years!!
Our conversations inspire me every single day! 
I have always said you can gauge a good relationship by whether
your partner enhances you. These two
definitely enhance and support each others in every way!
I am so happy and proud to say this couple is an amazing team
and better for loving each other! It's a beautiful things to watch!
All the best  to this Valentine Wife and her Better Brother husband!!
Love you guys with all my heart!! 

photo credit to Pepperpf

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Happy Birthday Cupcake!

There's a twinkle in her eye with every photo she takes

Credited to pepperpf
A gleam on her face with every recipe she makes 
Credited to pepperpf

 Cherishing her worn out cell, while her money she banks
Every penny plucked from the ground she says a word of thanks

  The  thoughtful coupon Queen never ceases to find a deal
  Bounty in tow, she exudes her savings squeal 
credit pepperpf
Her charity towards others, brings buckets  of  returns
 A coffee pot, liquor and makeup free, just  a few things she earns
Credit BB
Ethical, sage and witty, generous, kind  and smart
Empathetic  humanitarian, so loving, and full of heart  
Never expecting recognition for all  the love she shares
 She gives with so much spirit, just because she cares
Credited to Pepperpf
A woman who buys expensive boots she appreciates the mundane
Practical in every way, from simple comforts she'll never wane
credit pepperpf

                             She plans the meals weekly, gathering everything we need

If things should go awry, to spirit she'll concede 

Credit Pepperpf
She has this quiet knowing, that things will work out fine
while focusing on others, trading negative for sublime
Credited to Pepperpf
Concocting beard and lip balms, or cooking to her content
Always a new recipe or fragrance she's looking to invent
credited pepperpf

 She loves slippers, cozy blankets, black dresses and hearts

This is my card fail...but I hope you laugh anyway!!

Cartoons, concerts, London, soup and  art

She can make you laugh so hard,  then be so profound
She is content to just relax, with  family all around
I feel so fortunate she's never caused me strife
It's been such a blessing  having her born into my life!

Happy Birthday Darling, you're a wondrous amazement in my eyes
I'm so proud of you my daughter, so supportive and wise!

 With all my love I'm wishing you a life filled with love, laughter and joy!!

Credited to Pepperpf
Birthday flowers
My quirky girl is very excited because she got VIP tickets to see
Weird Al when he comes to town. He was the first concert I ever took her to when she was just a small child! She has been to an eclectic array  of concerts over the years from Folk to punk since then. With  Paul McCartney, Dylan, Rolling Stones, Neil young and Mumford and sons, Dr. Hook and hundreds more in the mix. Still she is really  excited about Weird Al Yankovic!!!! I have to admit I don't blame her!!
 Paint Party Friday  
and 29 Faces of February
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