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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cast of more Characters

 The intuitive Grandma
It's such a warm week it's hard for me to focus too long on one thing!
I'd try to tackle my emails and they were overwhelming,
 even figuring out a post  for this week seemed daunting!
I am not a girl who likes heat in any way! I'll take 20 Celsius
and under  thank you very much!
Do you like it hot, or cooler?
Cat Lady Day 18 icad 48
Most of my friends are cat ladies but I'm not!
Dogs all the way for me! It doesn't help that I am so 
allergic to their fur! They always hone in and snuggle
up to me first too! I had a Siamese cat as a child name  
Mitzi twinkle toes! Then we had a black cat named Nipper
who wandered into a neighbors house  and sprayed! 
 Mom got him fixed but he was still  such a monkey. We 
didn't have either cat long probably because of my allergies.
I think mom gave them to a couple of her customers 
and told us some lame  story! As an adult any dog I 
owned was family, and  a life time commitment!  
Do you have a preference?
African princess day 17 Icad 47
When I was a little girl I had a friend named Louise. Her
 brother was the  famous  runner Harry Jerome! They
lived just down the street from us. He won a Bronze Olympic
 Medal in 1964. There is a beautiful statue of him erected in
 Vancouvers Stanley park!  Years before we met  Beardo 
he chose to write an extensive school report on him!
Have you ever known anyone of notability?
Candy shop owner day 15 icad 45
When I was a little girl  Saturdays were Candy day! 
I got ten cents to buy either a box of smarties, or a group
 of suckers tied with an elastic. As the years went on I had way
 more choices!! I found penny candies went the farthest!  As 
much as I still like Candy it does not like me.... I still have a few 
chocolates left from my birthday!  Two favourites are  
licorice allsorts and bridge mix.
 What's your favorite candy?
Paris Model Day 16 icad 46

I have never been thin! Although when I look back I  was thinner
 than I ever thought I was! I always had thin friends that seemed to 
be able to eat so much and never gain a pound! It doesn't help if 
you're short I guess!  Cupcake never weighs herself yet
adjusts her food intake by how well her clothes fit!  
Day 19 a Prophet Icad 49

In school my greatest influence was my grade nine 
English teacher  and my choral teacher  for five years. 
A well respected man who also sang the national anthem at
 Canadian hockey games for 40 years! Both teachers saw my 
potential, too bad I took so long to realize it? 
Who were your greatest influences in school?
Biker Chick day 20 Icad 50
 I've been on a motorcycle once when I was a teen,
it was big, loud, and scary! I much preferred a convertible car
 of which I owned two at different times in my life!  Nothing 
nicer than driving with the wind in your face! My brother
 designed a very nice  motorcyle that he's had for years
 but I have never been on it!
Are you a biker chick?
The Secretary Day 21 Icad 51
As much as I love  paper to write or paint on....I have an
aversion to paper work or papers laying around!  
I do love coloured wrapping paper or foils!  Cupcake 
who loved using fancy paper, and pens of all types 
when she was younger likes paper work!! She 
could  have been a secretary a lot easier than I ever could!
How about you?

Porch flowers Pink and Orange geraniums photo credit Cupcake!

My kids were gifted tickets to Adele 
 last December! Last night was the show.
The following was written by Beardo! 

We have easily and quite literally been to a solid few hundred various concerts.... We have seen legends, we have seen greats, we have seen greats before they were anyone, and some definitely not so greats.... Adele is comfortably in our top 10 greatest shows of all time! She spoke so hilariously and from the hip, sang with SO MUCH power and conviction, and took you to church and back! Just wow! 

Photo credit Beardo! The confetti is paper with her lyrics in her hand writing!
Cupcake plans on making a collage from the lyrics!!

I'm told it was such a phenomenal show. People came 
from all over the world to see her here!  Cupcake and Beardo
 wished they could go tonight! So after several hours of me pressing
 refresh and WILLING more tickets to be released I squealed
 when two tickets became available! Beardo whose
Birthday is in two weeks and didn't think he wanted anything 
yelled "Happy Birthday to me" and off they went again!! 
To laugh, sing and cry!
Happy stay cation to them! Tomorrow is Martin short and 
Steve Martin another gift bought last year!  Sunday is 
Tragically hip concert!  This is their joy over anything else...
 they've been waiting all years for this!
 I am happy for them!

What is your guilty pleasure?
Cupcake just posted this from the second show  saying it was a flawless


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Character of Characters!

Day 8 Bird Lady
Trying to make a point at the expense of 
an older relative set in their ways can be fruitless.
Especially when you know that person is 
 pretty narrow minded!!I It's 
 pointless to waste energy trying.
 Day 13 The Gardner
 Opened minded types with good character
are often a lot easier to reason with!
  Even when they have strong convictions
they seem to be more likely to embrace a
new idea! It's the stubborn mid aged 
 know-it-all  that scares me the most! 
Those void of compassion, understanding, 
 kindness and  rich life experience!
Day 10 The Singer
 When a young woman wears  semi
 casual pants to a prestigious wedding  
several elderly family members are attending, it
 says a lot about her character! Especially when
she's known to dress up for other less 
important occasions! 
Day 9 Wall Flower
 We all express our-self in unique ways!
In the end it's  not a single act or circumstance
that pinpoints who we are! It's our 
over all character that truly defines us!
 It's the ordinary everyday situations and 
interactions that  prove who we are!
  Attitude, perspective, and circumstances can 
change over the years as we experience 
new things! It's our intentions and 
character that we carry with us daily
no matter what! 

Being  defiant for the right cause can be commendable.
It can be honorable to stay true to your convictions 
even when it's unpopular, as long as no one gets
hurt.  In the end it always boils down to 
character! What does your character say 
about you?
Are you a wallflower  who sits around looking
pretty but  prefers  not to be seen or heard.
 One who never helps while all the others
do the work around you?
Day 14 The Baker
Are you the baker who never goes anywhere empty handed?
Quietly helping others behind the scenes but rarely
 recognized for his good deeds.

Are you the Bird Lady who is always flapping her 
wings, flying around frantically so busy with no
 time for intimacy? Laying a few  eggs along the
way wondering why she's so tired and

Are you the Gardner planting new seeds,
nurturing her creative garden? Spending time
admiring the fruits of her labour, sharing her
harvest with others. Plugging along at
natures pace thinking of new things to grow. 
Day 12 The Librarian
Are you the librarian with an insatiable need to
cull information to share with the world? Needing more
quiet time than most to absorb as much knowledge
as she can in one sitting? Hoping one day to 
convey the best parts of what she's learned
by writing a book!
Day 11 Flower Girl
 Are you the Flower girl born beautiful and privileged, yet 
always so full of disappointment? Finding the worst in every
 situation, never feeling satisfied?
Are you a colourful wallflower who looks
more interesting than she actually is?
Living in the past, not up on current events,
slightly narrow minded with gossip  and
complaints  her only form of conversation?

Are you the Singer in  search of adoration? 
Worshiping money, constantly capturing selfies! 
Waiting for others to fail so she can feel better
about herself !
   Or the Singer who sings from her soul
 whether others are listening or not?
  Enjoying every aspect of other  musicians
learning and cherishing each special encounter! 
Savoring  her gift with
 gratitude and appreciation!
Homeless in the City
Are you a caregiver? Kind to all, especially
the elderly and less fortunate? Listening with
compassion to boring old stories without   
 a wince of angst. Absorbing the lessons
of the ages? 
When something questionable is said that I'm not
quite sure how to take. I always revert back to a persons
character. If I know them to be kind and loving with
good intentions I always make what they say a positive!

What does your character say about you?

Thursday, July 07, 2016

A few new characters!

Day 4# Moon Princess
I've been working on Danielle Macks Paint challenge 
this month. It's  taken me down a different path  combining  
Acrylics, inktense pencils, gesso and charcoal. I love 
nighttime and the moon..so this short, quirky, 
 little moon princess  is one I quite like! 
Day #1 Deep Sea Mermaid
It's rare for me to sketch a character with pencil before 
painting. As an intuitive artist I tend to look for characters
in the paint! Not this time though! I'm not a huge fan
of mermaids  so this was a stretch for me!
Cupcake  was never into them either.She despised
 "The little mermaid" movie because of the scary witch!
I even love her in all the colour changes...a blue moon anyone?

 I must admit I got a bit ahead of myself  sketching several  
at a time.Then returning to paint them!
Each character with it's own personality, 
there are definitely some I like better than others!
Day#2  the annoyed "Tree Fairy" done with inktense pencils
  My little tree fairy seems very annoyed!! I am a huge 
tree lover and there was a time my back yard tree was removed 
without my knowledge. I grieved for several years and it took a
 few tries before another tree finally took  in it's place!! 

Maple tree in my back yard!
This little maple still doesn't provide the lovely shade  
once enjoyed! However it does fill in the space and provide
 some beauty!  It shall be raining for the next ten days and as you
can see the  greenery is very happy about that!

 This rain is a blessing as there was a huge out of control bog 
 fire on Sunday! Fifteen minute drive away. Cupcake
took the photo below catching a picture of the smoke! 
Burns bog fire July 3, 2016 ash rained down on cars  15 minutes away!

Burns Bog is habitat to  300 plant and animal species, and 175 bird
 species. Beardo and his brothers frequented there with their bikes
  as children! His little nephews were there only a few 
weeks back! It was extremely  disconcerting for all, as 
the fire jumped a highway threatening a large 
business sector!...We're all extremely  relieved by this
summer rain!
Day #3 Butterfly princess
Butterflies  seem to symbolize fruition in my life! 
They seem to show up during a perfect moment.
just before  a big life change!
Day #6 Ice Queen 
I could easily be known as the Ice Queen in more of
a literal sense than the normal context of this cold Queen. 
I love icy drinks! For well over two decades I had a
built in ice maker in my fridge. I whizzed up frozen drinks
all summer long for my daughter and her friends! 
A few with alcohol for my friends too! Then for a decade 
 and a half I didn't. In fact I was lucky  when my fridge freezer
 froze regular ice cubes!  Now for the 
first summer in eighteen years we have a steady flow
of ice once again!! I am one happy ice Queen!!
 Day #5  Tribal Warrior mixed media
I was once a bit of a warrior against injustice. I often
went to bat for those less fortunate. However
at my age I haven't much fight left!
I feel the circumstances of today are  nudging the 
youth to take a powerful stance against injustice!
It scares me, yet I know we all stood up to 
make big changes. Sadly there is so much more 
to be done!  

Day #7 Masked Fighter

I was never much of a masked fighter more of 
a stand up and speak with passion! My whole
life I was for the underdog.  Some how I always
managed to float just above that. However things
can quickly change and we can all be in 
the underdog position without much notice!!
I have been there too!
I always did the best with what I had!
Finding joy in any and every nook and cranny
possible! Now my daughter does the same
I really believe it's one of the 
components to  happiness!!

Oh and wouldn't life be rich if we could 
just wear rose coloured glasses and change
the moon to pink on a whim?
How about you do you have any of these 
characters residing with in?

Check out this very quick  video  of an 
awesome artist   collaboration
with her toddler.  Amazing!!
 For more from this artist go here!!
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