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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Your Turn Paint Party Friday

Many times my art inspires the words! I reflect back to
youth when I was passionate about women and children's issues, 
very vocal  wanting people to understand an important perspective!
Your Turn

Woman's issues are here to stay
Can't wear flats on Cannes runway?
Sexism, continues in full bloom
Fourty years later, these matters still loom
Thought we had beat this devil down
  inequality run by the patriarchal clown
Hard to believe these issues plague today
Young women rise up to have your say

 I'm too tired for this century long fight
I worry that young woman inheriting this plight
Complacently raised, apathetically benign
Need new energy to realign
Dreaming by the Sea
I can only wonder what it will take
to jar youthful women wide awake
to all those who've been aggrieved
 To  understand what's been achieved!
Happy odd couple!
The flame has been out too many years
 Young women need abashedly to change gears
Relight that  torch, once held with pride
Increase momentum, hold steady your stride
Colourful Happy Couples
So many battles collectively fought
Women's issues that  some have forgot
You've reaped the benefits of battles won
Now pick up your voices, and continue on!

What is an issue you are passionate about?
I know Nic is passionate about animals 
and animal rescue, 
how about you?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Changed Paint Party Friday

A happy Couple Mixed media acrylic collaged onto a background.
Mix it Monthly Challenge
Different Now

I’m nothing the same as I used to be
Different in so many ways
I live my life easily
With many artful days

I used to worry and work
Like a person who was never done
But when I turned fifty
Seems my creative life begun

Oh sure I have many aches and pains
but I’ve relinquished the bulk  of work
I figured since I doubled my share before
 I've earned this lovely perk!

 I ignore the messes in my midst
that drove me  quite insane
If I clean them right now
They'll only be there again!
I’ll cut and colour, paint and draw
Read, write and listen
Enjoying moments of creative bliss
Let my happy heart glisten

I need less now, in the way of things
I care less what others think
Even my giggle's changed
Coffees my favourite drink

At sixty I may pierce my septum
and get dreadlocks in my hair
but  that might  be too drastic
so  funky glasses I shall wear!

Tolerating less as time moves on
Hating repeated drama
Life has its ups and down
I have less "problem" stamina
Darn if I don't weep more too
at joyful movies and some sad
I feel silly when I get verklempt 
these goofy emotions make me mad!
Thankfully I am wiser now
enjoying time by myself
Creating for many hours
storing worries on the shelf!

When I was 32 I found there was a pivotal change in my life as I was no longer needing to 
be what everyone expected. Then at 40 I got divorced. That decade was both happy and rocky.   So when I turned fifty things had settled down and I had a new creative path and a different attitude!  When I looked around I noticed many other women were the same as they turned half century old.... they too were less tolerant, and you  know what...that's okay! 

Is there any particular age where you noticed a pivotal change that took you on a new path?

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Mothers Day Super Hero

 In honour of Mothers Day here in Canada and the United States, I am re-posting a poem written five years ago since I have a new group of readers. For the last few years I can honestly say I have been celebrating Mothers Day
everyday! I am very blessed  so this Sunday  we will enjoyed  a day
of rest for our family to do whatever is easiest and makes them happy!!
Everyday Super Hero, Birth of her day 
With a cloth in hand
She births her day
Throwing laundry
In baskets
Chopping food in her way

 She folds, makes beds
Runs up and down stairs
Answering questions
Gets breakfast,
makes lunches
Braids hair,
Inspects Homework
She showers, shaves
Throws makeup to face
Runs out the door
At a phenomenal pace
Drives children to school
Rushes to work
it doesn’t end there.
Dashing home late
with dinner to prepare
Children’s lessons to attend
Their practices to police
Fights to deter
Relatives to see
Stories to be read
Talks to be had
Exhausted she longs
For the comfort of bed
 More laundry
more dishes
The phone
Rings again
Dog needs
A walk
Kitty needs fed
 Ongoing obligations
Stir in her head
Along with
The guilt of
Things unattended
Like bills, the garden
Pants needing mended
 On and on she
spins like a top
No time to get ill
Or grieve
Thing she’s not
It’s a luxury
Her day
Simple won’t afford
With all that she does
She deserves
A reward
 Yet she’s
often Misjudged
Not Pampered
Not praised
Pitied  by those
Expecting her to date
 Still she conquers her list
Feeling overwhelmed
Yet rarely complains
As Critics peer on
Examining what’s missed
 Heroic,  honorable
Single moms of our times
Giving up evenings
to spend with her kids
 An epic woman 
In her effort to please
Yet so often treated
Like a contagious disease

 Although this was written with all the single moms  in mind, I dearly
respect all women who manage to pull off working a job,  
while raising a family....... you are also my superheroes!!!
It's sometimes just a little harder with no partner to confer with
about finances, household mishaps and raising children.
No one to carry part of the load during the daily drudgery. Of
course their are extenuating circumstances where women have
the burden of elderly parents, a mentally ill spouse, or disabled
partner. Also very burdensome situations with little time
allotted to self preservation!! Cheers to all of you! Single or not you 
can all relate to the many things women do in a day! 
You all deserve a holiday on a deserted island....or should I say
 a yummy Dessert-ed Island!!!
 Raspberry Delight
2 cups of graham cracker crumbs
3 tablespoons of margarine
3 tablespoons of sugar
Mix those three ingredients together
pack down into a 9x13 pan

place in a 350 degree oven for 8-10 minutes

Prepare 2 cups boiling water add 2 packages of raspberry Jello stir well
then add a 600 g package of Frozen raspberries to the hot jello and stir
Place the mixture in the fridge for a bit then stir half way through ...
so it's a thickened but not solid

Beat one cup of white icing sugar
with one package of cream cheese 8oz Then fold in the 500 g tub of Cool whip

After the graham cracker base cools, put a thin layer of the cool whip mixture over the whole base
then spread all the raspberry mixture,

finish off with the rest of the cool whip mixture.....
sprinkle some loose graham cracker crumbs for eye appeal
Store in the fridge.....can be doubled and frozen too!
So yummy my brothers favorite dessert!

Mother or not, I hope all women will take this time to honour who they are and do one special thing just for yourself! Love you ALL!! 

What is one thing you  can do to honour yourself? 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Resisting Change

Mixed media, painted then collaged with strips of my own paintings. City

 Well apparently our creative muse has returned... Yahoo, and it's so much fun!! Even  Beardo stowaway in his music cave the dining room   to write a song, after months of feeling creatively stagnant.  Apparently the muse loves a dirty messy house... who knew! Unfortunately, the muse and I are NOT on the same page. The little clutter fests are getting to me!! So everything is a trade off! I shall tackle it a bit at a time!
Original Jenny the Jester  acrylic paint!!

We've planted the seeds of change in our minds! It's a slow
 process and we keep sabotaging ourselves. Although we give 
items to charity monthly there is so muchmore we need to release
 to live simpler! The seeds are planted in the direction of change!!
This week Cupcake is quite sick yet she still trudges to 
work poor thing.Beardo and her have tickets for the 
Jeff Bridges concert tonight too!! 

Like I said last week, the world is rapidly changing. How we convey and receive information is so quick.  The younger generations are putting value on  different things than we did. They're cherry picking what worked in the past and leaving the least affective behind! They are scanning through the babyboomers mistakes and trying to navigate a  new way! Clearing out the clutter of our world. Living simpler! They just aren't aspiring to what many of us aspired to!
My generation fell into the trap of being  socialized into the footsteps of our parents. In my case my mother was only one of two working moms in our neighbourhood. With an extremely domestic side mom did everything a stay at home mom did and more, yet rarely showed up to special events or school functions that we took part in.

My generation took it a step further,  volunteering  at schools, attending  all extracurricular activities and functions as well as keeping up the house and working full time! Many such as myself burnt out trying to do it allon very little sleep! Some young people still fall into this trap, but the majority have rethought things. Prioritizing, knowing it's too difficult to be all things to all people, chasing things you don't really want, to please people you don't really like. First question....what do you really want and what do you really love? That works for clearing clutter too!! I never asked myself that question seriously until  well  into my fourties!

 I read all the comments on last weeks post  a few times and think  I need to elaborate a touch more about social media. I'm a big fat hypocrite because although I have had a twitter account from the beginning, I don't tweet!  However it's possible I  write and create art for different reasons than  other artists! Some artists want and need  to generate an income, others want to have art shows, some want online notoriety, others want to build a portfolio, some create art therapeutically. Others create art for personal gratification and expression or self exploration and improvement!  Why do you create art? other than your soul propels you to....

If you want to get your art out to the world, outside of doing the foot work  the best way is to build your brand. I know it sounds redundant, but it's the wave of the future! Young people are reserving instagrams and twitter accounts for their babies, knowing it's now the way of the world! Eventually instead of a job interview or a portfolio you may be asked for your instagram account! As it is now, some employers google search your name, check facebook, and anything else they can find on you!! Recently I heard of a case where they asked for a persons credit rating too!
For those  afraid we are sharing too much information do like mother said, keep your nose clean. Don't put anything out there you wouldn't want to defend in person! In other words be boring but don't bore people!! Show your best side. Share things others might enjoy or be interested in. It's also a good way of exploring who you are. I don't think Cupcake realized how much she loves taking food photos until she had an instagram account. When a newspaper posts her food photos which they have done several times because she uses their hash tag on those food photos,  they post her instagram account with it, drawing in more followers.It's exciting when they pick your photo out of thousands! 
Instagram is a much like a pyramid scheme. When a person likes your photo, that photo could go onto the recommended search page of people that follow you! (To put it in simply,  it's as though instagram  is saying "your friend likes these pictures, we think  you may like them too," then they are placed on your suggested search page! Which you can quickly scan to find new artist you might love! Hashtags send your photos to different pages where you may pick up new followers too!
You  need to visit  and like several photos to lead people  back to your instagram account!! The object of the game is to get them to like and follow you! To build it, you need to post at least daily for a while! Too many posts in a short span of time on the same day can  anger people, and they may stop following you! If you post too often they miss out on their other posts that fall to the bottom!
I started instagram  over a year ago but then never posted...I just recently started posting regularly because I am realizing the importance of building my brand, for no reason in particular! Just because! Similar to blogging you may not fully understand why you are doing it, then one day it will be clear why you need your own brand!! This is not flicker, which is like a holding tank for photos!  It's not facebook.  It's a place to connect quickly to lots of like minded souls at once.To show the world who you are and what you love!
Make authentic comments on photos you love, build short communications with those folks you  really admire! I am  following mostly artists.  I am not a huge fan of skulls, I know they are fashionable but  I rarely follow people who post them. It's just not my thing... I find the art inspires me, motivates me, and shows me a little more of who I am! I don't follow people who post food....I don't follow Cupcake or Beardo. I love whimsical artists, some cartoonists, quirky artist, childrens illustrators as well as a few comical artists and comedians.
There are apps and programs where you can pay people to follow you! I don't know much about that yet though! Just focus on building your own brand. Seriously once you get the hang of it, you won't need to spend much time on it! However you can meet some really talented artists that share info you may want or need! 
 Twitter is another animal that gets info to you in 140 characters or less... It's interesting to watch it work.  Anyone and everyone can  communicate anything via twitter. You could have a chance for a publisher to see your work where in the past it could take years to make that happen.  Part of the secret is to get people interested in who and what you are and have to offer! There are more opportunities for those who are savvy on social media. Some people think social media is a time thief when in actuality it can free up time. The days of sitting down to watch the News are coming to an end. By the time you sit down to watch it, that information is outdated!  You can deny it, but this technology, much like computers and tablets is here to stay whether we like it or not! Everything and anything we are interested in is at our fingertips within minutes!

Of course much like those friends who are so out of the loop they continue to send you comical emails that were trending three years ago,  there will always be those to resist the changes!! Some people are old school and refuse to embrace change...and that's okay... trudge merrily along doing your thing!! That works for you and me too! Those of you who are wondering how you can get yourself out there to sell art and make good connections, and maybe be discovered, GET BUILDING!!  Ask yourself, Who am I?? You just never know what offers may appear!! Good luck to all of you whether you build a brand or just toodle along!! There are no guarantees...just hope and belief! Do you resist change?

For more on being a social media marketing as an  influencer....read here!! 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Embracing the NEW

I am only sharing digital art again this week because my painting mojo is horrendous on hiatus right now! I think I am more in a writing digital creative stint since I've been sick!
A big thank you to Sheila who suggested " getting a grip on the new" as a subject I tackle!

The world has changed  drastically from a place I once knew. Not all in a bad way either. Somethings are very exciting. In my day, colour TV,  microwaves, a walkman, video cameras and renting movies/video games was a big deal. Something my parents never enjoyed to the extent I did!! Now social media has opened up a whole new world to everyone, young and old! A place where the  advanced style blog went viral, became a book, then a documentary. It's a place where advertisers thread together adorable youtube videos to make fun television commercials. It's where artists are found and licensed! It's a place where anyone and anything can go viral and change your life forever!!

 Some people are still out of the loop. It's a big scary change if you don't completely understand it. The world is faster now, news is captured instantly, broadcast via internet and outdated by the time it hits the television or newspapers. Tangible magazines are almost obsolete. In fact a big majority of the younger generation don't have cable. They select and watch shows on their  home computers, tablets and phones! They get news feeds and know seconds after something happens.
When I first started blogging a few friends warned that anything I posted could never be published. In  the 70's my dad said fifty thousand was too much to pay for a house!! I'm thankful I always took my own road! Houses are now several hundreds of dollars and authors are expected to have a blog or website.
Several people have changed their blog names over the year, starting new! . Which is fine if you don't care about your google credibility. One artist  had a blog for years, then let it lapse, even when you do a google image search barely any of her images are there!  You may not realize how much will show up on a google search, but a lot of your work is there!! I've  made it a habit to take my name when any new social media appears! That way I am assured to have Happytiler..... which if you don't know already...is to  honour my first love, playing scrabble.... so I am a happy tiler!! It may not suit the course I'm on now, but I've had it so long I'd not want to relinquish all I've built with that name!
A television program featured a few Canadian artists a month back, after the show I   I google searched them... disappointed I was only able to find one...I'm sure there were other interested viewers  who may have considered purchasing their work, but there was no way to locate what they do.... it's was a wasted opportunity!!

Another lbusiness owner has their instagram set to private, when she was traveling she had her photo taken with a celebrity, who then put the photo on their instagram. That  photo could have sent so many new  followers to the business owners instagram which in turn could have been some great support  and new opportunities  for her business. 
The other day I heard of a fellow with a "man bun" went viral, and is now in commercials and acting. You just never know what might click!  We saw a young singer several years ago at the local fair, she worked the local circuit over ten years  and wasn't discovered until she was seen on youtube..She's very popular now!. Guess who that is? You may want to call her, Maybe!!
Now if you want to jump ahead in life you have to play the numbers game... Instagram and twitter seem to be the rage... Facebook is completely bombarded with advertisements, half the time you don't get your friend updates! In almost any industry to do with the arts they will ask you how many followers you have before they invest in you! Sadly this is the way of the future...it can be exciting too, because that means ANYONE can have an opportunity if they work at it, or want it bad enough!
Cupcake has a very casual instagram posting her life, still she gets offered products to try because she is an influencer! Several of her photos  have landed in local news articles and the newpaper giving her credit.  Last week one of her tweets got her free tickets to Lion King production which she had wanted to attend really bad, but having seen it twice already she couldn't justify purchasing tickets once again!
A young female employee Cupcake had, has  built a very lucrative business with her instagram. She's had many stumbles and falls along the way but now she is a very successful cosmetic tattoo artist with a four to five month waiting list, she's an eyeglass model, Fashion blogger sent hundreds of dollars of products to test and review,  she is  very involved in the fashion world, just bought her first house! When she started on instagram, I'm sure she had no idea how far things would go.This week she hit fifty thousand followers!! It's a very powerful medium to get your work out there! You just never know who might be scrolling through your work!! For some of the newer artists on instagram, don't forget to use Hashtags, which is this symbol # in front of a word. More about Hashtags here!
So many new opportunities out there!! It can be a very exciting time for people, depending on how they look at it!

How are you finding navigating the new world of social media?
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