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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Princess Cupcakes 30th Birthday!

This post is dedicate to my precious Daughter who turns 30 today!
It's mushy, loving, personal and long! Feel free to enjoy my quirky 
art filtered throughout and pass on the rest of my musings!!
Just shy of two! Probably didn't like that dress I picked out with the lacy neck!
 I never imagined a two year old would  demand 
to pick out her  own clothes,  and refuse to wear
 anything seemingly itchy or frilly!
Cupcake can be seen in outfits very similar today
  Amazing how a child can know exactly who they are at such a  
young age! I must say this girl has always made great choices!
Cupcakes 4th Birthday
"Mommy can you smell a rainbow," she asked as she walked out 
to the gazebo hot tub at four years old! I knew then she was here to 
teach me more than I could ever teach her! Instead of having a
 child constantly test me, I had one who would challenge 
and inspire me, in ways I never imagined! 
Cupcake at five
She  read my face and seemed to know my heart and 
soul at a very  young age. How I wondered could she be so small 
yet have so much insight. So shy, yet wise beyond her years.  
At five, during her Nana's  last days, she offered up  fresh fruit 
brought from home to the elderly  ladies on the ward in  palliative 
 care! She's had an empathetic heart from such a young age!
First professional photo!
Cupcake one week old! Alert from day one, born with black curly hair!
She reads others well too! At seven she refused to play with 
a neighbor who she caught lying to her! At eight, long before the
 new girl in school stole her pencil collection she knew the girl 
was bad news, even when I kept  urging her to  befriend her.  
As editor of the Year book graduation year she managed 
to integrate and calm the year book team when a difficult 
student kept causing havoc and going off point!   
She is always cautious who she invites into her life!
Always well behaved At two and a half  I promised  never  to 
 embarrass her if she didn't embarrass me!  Except the time she
 was  eight and  I showed up at her school in a  Halloween 
costume I think I  pretty much kept my word. Even though 
 the other kids pleaded to know who was frolicking around
 in costume, I refused to tell them, knowing she'd be furious!
As a mother who chose to be more affirmative and positive 
 I was always surprised at how well she took the "No's" in life! 
When spoiling her for ten years came to a  halt she was
 so  adaptable. She understood and accepted  our new 
situation with  such grace!
My little  ham has always loved to wear hats!!
My little hat lover  was a spectacular teen always full of clean fun!
She sensed how upsetting it was for me to be unable to feed 
her every need with the  same luxury or energy as before. 
All along, no  matter what went wrong,  we held onto the
 fun! Thankfully there are so many lovely fun things that
 money just can't buy!
We giggled and played cards, board and video games! 
We did crafts, I helped with homework, we had pizza parties,
 video nights, we swam, had picnics, went to free festivals,  
enjoyed many friends and laughed lots
There was always loud music playing in the  car and in 
the house from the moment we awoke!! We got matching 
slippers and nighties just for the fun of it! We made 
pies together, played dice, went on Slurpee hunts for our
favorite flavours, I drove her anywhere and everywhere 
she needed to go! Most of our time was spent
 giggling and chatting!
Some may say I sacrificed, I say it was the cost of having her under
 my roof daily,knowing she was safe, loved, provided for, and happy! 
You could ask me what that was worth and I'd tell you it's priceless!!
We always made do, and got by quite well with no one knowing
 the difference or lack in our lives!! We focused on the good, always!
My Cupcake has been her authentic self all 
of her 30 years and so far it's really paid off!
I have no idea why I have been so blessed with a child who 
cares so lovingly and deeply for me at all times! I often think 
she was my gift from god for all the lonely sad hours I felt in
childhood! This treasure of mine introduced  me to pure
 unconditional love like no one ever could! She has never 
acted embarrassed by my weight or crazy antics.
She's worn red to many weddings including her own!
 My investment in having a happy well rounded child has paid off
ten fold in how well  I am treated now! I have no regrets, she is a 
wonderful human being! Even though there is a thirty year age
 difference we have grown up together!!  
Cupcake and me at the same age!
Hard to believe she's thirty. A woman with so many amazing assets, 
yet she's maintained a childlike quality, much like I have!
 She knows how to be silly, yet responsible, always marching 
to her own drummer. She maintains  her own unique style, 
 a dash of old school peppered with colour and fun!

People too often give me credit for how she's turned out. 
Seriously she was born this way! Outside of being kind,
 nonjudgmental, silly, and honing her authenticity, and 
uniqueness  I don't have much to do with how she has always 
made good choices. I pride myself on being a good mom,  
 as my health has waned over the years I can't do for her 
 what I'd like to!   
She is a my gift that keeps on giving!
She was such a joy to raise and is an even greater daughter 
than I am a momShe is everything a mom could only 
ever dream of... every single day! 

 I am so grateful to be blessed with not only a loving child, 
kind, generous thoughtful and helpful, but a best friend who 
I can giggle with for hours, who supports my lifestyle however
 inconvenient  that might be at times and  who  ALWAYS 
gives with a full heart!!

Happy Birthday dear daughter I could have never dreamed 
I'd be so blessed with you as my child, and best friend!
Way more than 
Thirty  Things I appreciate 
about you!   

 A loving woman who is so kind, thoughtful and generous 
to  me and others! A hard worker, unafraid to work with  
dedication and passion! So  creative in thought, you always 
find new things to make or invent! An amazing intuitive cook 
unafraid to experiment and create new  healthy recipes!
So respectful of the homeless, the environment and
 bus drivers! 
I love how you put oils together for perfume, and make
 lip and beard balms I love how you dye clothes, paint
 your shoes or sew to create  something unique at little cost!
I love how you rarely waste food and prep food regularly
to save money!  
This is a dress she wore before Penny wore it in an episode of Big Bang Theory
I appreciate all the treasures you bring  home that you 
think I may need  art supplies, makeup, slippers, music,
and  treats that only I love! I love that you always look at 
the junk mail, old catolgues  and heavy envelopes  as
 potential paper for me to paint over! I love that you rarely
 complain about my messy paint area even
 though it annoys you!
I appreciate how charitable you are to single moms and 
 people in need! I love how generous you are with your  baking, 
always giving it to others! I love how you have great boundaries
 with everything and refuse to succumb to  bad trends or bad 
influences! I love how you recognize your own issues  and work
 to resolve them, by replacing them with better things!!  
I appreciate what an amazing couponer you are with a wiz of
 a math brain! I appreciate how loyal you are to your employers
and  everyone you know! You are ethical, honest and fair  
in the way you act, think and treat others!
You are frugal  with money, yet value quality I love how 
you supply us with new and interesting items  at little to no
 cost with your couponing skills! I love how you speak up for 
yourself and injustice for othersI appreciate how dedicated 
you are to our home!
I appreciate that you yelled,"I LOVE YOU" to me, in front 
of all the parents who were judging me at your graduation
I appreciate that you earned the money to pay for your grad,
when I couldn't, and never once made me feel guilty about it!
I admire that rocked your own style even though some mothers
 gave you the stink eye!
I appreciate when you were seventeen you paid our
 dogs vet bill because I couldn't! I love how you value me 
with love and concern but treat me with such respect!
I appreciate that you make me special healthy drinks 
every morning and leave it at my bedside I love how attentive 
you are to my needs when I go anywhere, loading the car
carrying heavy things and making sure I don't feel ashamed
 of my mobility I appreciate that you help me with such respect 
yet don't molly coddle me!
I appreciate how much you love my friends and enjoy their 
company too! I love the empathy you have for those in need,
 and your positive attitude! I appreciate that you value your 
husband, your relationship and his family so much! I
 appreciate that you know how to have a good time at
 little cost! I love that you know all the old music better 
than I do,  that you're witty and laugh easily!
I love that you find joy and gratitude in small things
 every single day even when things are tough!
Happy Birthday sweetheart! I hope you feel better today
 than you did yesterday and that you don't have the
 flu on your thirtieth and can enjoy the day with Beardo!
I love you with all my heart and have saved the real 
mushy  stuff for your card!! Wishing you everything 
wonderful today and always as it's much deserved!!      
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