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Friday, September 23, 2016


I didn't accomplish much to share this week. Plus I now have 
a stomach virus. Thankfully this was done a few days ago!

Nothing is more frustrating than being misconstrued in any discussion! My contribution to a conversation is something to be considered as food for thought nothing more. Not advice,  critique, or otherwise.  I'm at a point in my life I really don't care how people live their life! As long as it's not violent or abusive!  I have stories to share. If I can apprise anyone of new information that can pertain  to their life I'm glad to help! If anyone can learn something from my mistakes I'm thrilled.There are many things  we don't fully understand until we experience it! I can certainly attest to that!
Feisty Birds
After living half a century I would expect a person to  have  loads of experience and wisdom under their belt. There may even be a few  important things to pass on if people are open to it!  However, living in defense  mode,  assuming others are judging you, or telling you how to live, there is no room to learn anything new.  If I've stepped in dog poo I certainly don't want anyone else to walk that same poo path! I'd rather warn people of what's ahead...so they can decide if they want to chance scraping crap off their shoes that could possibly seep into the stitching and ruin their shoes! Most will appreciate the warning!

Sharing thoughts and ideas, is just that!   You won't see me telling a someone over fifty what to do. I may offer to help anyway I can or caution them of something I've learned!  By fifty people know what works for them, sometimes they just don't consider the unforeseen!  If a person whines or complains I may offer my wisdom. If asked  for advice I will gladly offer what I've learned!

 However too many times my questions are misconstrued as judgement. I ask a lot  questions before I make any decisions in my life, I  always have. Even when I make a purchase I can assure you I have done my due diligence researching a product reading reviews, deciphering the sincere ones from the purchased reviews. I am not an easy mark...I like a good bang for my buck! I don't believe everything I read or hear and I have always treasured learning from those before me and those younger! I'm proud that both Cupcake and Beardo are always open to listening to older folks perspectives along the way! I love hearing many different perspectives, then picking one  that pertains to me! I've even been known to change direction, behavior and core beliefs from listening or reading different perspectives!
studied the parenting skills of those who parented before me so I could pick and choose what might would work best for me!  I also used my own common sense and intuition after reading piles of non fiction! I've also been a great observer of human nature!  I often wonder if the many faces and bodies that appear in my digital art are some of those I have once observed for complete amusement!  

I don't have energy to explain or defend myself anymore. I will run from a conflict now, whereas in the past I'd run right into the line of fire!  I sometimes just want to scream out    "STOP TALKING." especially when they go into defense mode. When my only intention was to forewarn them of my own experience with the dog poo!

Do you ever feel misunderstood? What do you do?

 Mike Rowes viral video  is so funny. His 80 year old  mom sent him an email because she couldn't get a hold of him! She is such a prolific writer and shows you are never too
old to find your craft! It's well worth the 10 minutes!!
 The second part where he talks about his parents 
response to this viral video is here in the link and also so 
funny! My favorite part is that his mom finally
knows she's a fabulous writer...

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Overt Visual Messages

Long term couples
Oh boy I was not happy with the painted faces I created this week! 
So I'm using some digital ones I made instead! Sadly I may not 
finish the  29 Face of September 2016 challenge! I'll post
  the painted ones at the end! Does that ever happen to you?
I think I'm just more in a digital head space these days!
By the way these people name themselves...I'd never pick any 
of these names to name anything.  This post started one 
way and took on a life of it's own in a different direction!
 Good messages start at home! Not verbal ones either! 
Ones children witness! The messages that get to the
 heart visually! Watching your dad grab your mom to 
swing her around for a little dance in the kitchen.
A parents embrace as they  kiss  each other lovingly!
Your dad, with vacuum in hand, while your moms at work. 
It's patience as your father kindly waits quietly with the kids
in the car, while mom scurries around last minute. Understanding
 and respecting that she is assuring nothing is forgotten for
their outing! Or a  dad driving back without complaint because mom
forgot something necessary or needed to check a safety issue!
Dad whistling as he puts up the outdoor Christmas lights!!
 It's generosity  when people come in droves to gather boxes of 
apples freely shared with friends and family. Or watching your mom
 exhausted as she fits in one more free hairdo for a family member. 
Dad bringing home large sized chocolate bars from a factory to
hand out at Halloween when he was on such a tight budget himself! 
It's kindness and charity when your mom cooks extra, having  
you run over weekly plates of food to an elderly lady! Or when 
she includes the same neighbor for a family meal during the 
holidays! It's when your mom asks every single customer if 
they have any used furniture to donate to a family who have 
moved across the country with their four kids and  not 
even a bed to sleep on. How your loving mom finds clean 
beds for the familyThen keeps her composure when she hears
 the  ungrateful father say he doesn't need  that woman's charity! 
Seeing her satisfied knowing all the kids were now sleeping in beds! 
It's watching your dad rush to your uncles aide in blistery weather
 during a power outage that had blown off his roof in a
 hurricane like storm!
Messages of conservation are met, when your mom pours
 a small bath, then puts your brother in after you!  Grabs  you 
a sweater if you're cold instead of turning up the heat. Feeds
 the crows scraps. Composts whatever possible. Drags a
 full basket of wet clothes up the stairs to hang them on 
the clothes line even when she is bone tired and is having
 a bad hip day! It's when she  hands you  a bag  to pick up
the apples off the ground surrounding your tree  so they
don't rot. 
These glasses my mom used for more years than I can count...we treasure them!
It's a  frugal  Mother buying good quality shoes at an annual 
shoe sale, having them last way longer than you want them to! 
Being excited about finding beautiful gold plated drinking
glasses  that would otherwise cost a fortune at Scotties discount!
Using and enjoying them religiously  when having a special drink!
Having weekly grocery sales decide what will be for dinner 
that week! Shopping the outer rim of the grocery store for 
fresh goods only! Planting and caring for a garden to eat
  vegetables from all summer long. Canning pickles, apple
  sauce, peaches,  freezing apples and pies to use
 all winter!  Only buying processed foods during holidays or
special occasions as a treat!  Sadly  it's  also forcing
 you to wear your cousins hand me downs that you hated!

It's showing you  how to enjoy life with little money!
Playing cards with family  or friends during weekend visits! 
Teaching and playing cards and board games with us kids from
 a very early age! Gathering with family for celebrations,  
sharing stories, laughing, dancing to the music in the basement 
during celebrations! Kicking a ball with kids, or teaching them how 
to ride a bike and hold a baseball bat!  It's taking a picnic dinner 
 to the beach after work on summer evenings,so the kids could have 
a swim! Talking intimately at the table about anything and everything! 
Roy face  #17
 It's examples of empathy toward others. Knowing your dad eats
 lunch at a table with a gay man, because none of the other 
coworkers will! Knowing he is listening with compassion about
the mans personal woes. Later educating us about some of the 
sadness the man faces daily! Teaching us to have understanding,
be nonjudgmental and accepting!
Edith face #16
  Good messages come from a mom who sends you to clean the
 home of a lady with Cancer. A mom who teaches you restraint 
by not buying things frivolously. A mom who saves money on a
 meager income, delays gratification by doing without an
waiting for sales   It's teaching kids to contribute to the family
home by doing chores without pay or complaint!  It's watching
 all the adult women contribute to a meal, then do the  dishes 
as a team so one poor women isn't stuck with the full load! 
It's hugging and loving each other just because!
Martha Face 18
A father who cuddles your new puppy while quietly reminding
 everyone, (even though you're an adult,) that it's just a new 
baby and must be treated like one. Parents who welcome 
the camper friendly once lame bird  that lands on their shoulder, 
letting it feed off left overs instead of shooing it away!
A father who never once used one swear word in your
presence even though there were many times that
gave him cause!  

Harvest moon face!!#21
Even though I have listed all the overt good messages
children learn and take to adulthood. There are equally 
bad ones they can learn too. Such as violence, abuse,
verbal and otherwise, intolerance, judgement, addiction, 
bullying, narcissism, entitlement and overspending!
Simone Face #20
I'm always surprised at what kids absorb
from their parents overt visual messages!
Often more than what they say!
Dezzy Face #19
It's all what we do with those messages. 
I know I have turned some of the bad messages
around doing the opposite. However many of 
the really good ones I have kept and proudly 
 witness them going forward  in a third generation! 

What did you learn, that you lived?
Good or bad, what visual message
did you get as a child?

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Knowing Young

 These fun characters were inspired by one
of my many favourite Paint Party Friday 
bloggers  Sal Scheibe 
who was emulating Joe Sorren's art
My piece isn't as lovely or clean looking as
Sal's but it was fun to create non the less! 
Happy Helpers
 You  glaum  with creative types as a child. Usually the  odd 
ones out.   Types drawn to music, art, maybe less athletically
 inclined.  Quirky types that make you laugh Serious, isn't high 
on your agenda the way it is with left brained kids! You get 
 caught daydreaming, horsing around, heckling and making
 others laugh in class! You're all so unique, still you
 have no idea the extent of your creative ability!
Eddie Face 12 needs some white strips for his teeth!
So you ride bikes, play sports, for fun only, nothing organized! You join choir because you love to sing.... you play piano because your mother saw potential when you played sweetly and  didn't bang away making a terrible racket like other kids. You daydream in math and socials and NEVER understand what your science teacher is saying!  After all he's speaking a  foreign language in your world. Years later you still dream about those terrible classes and wake up in a hot sweat. It was never for you, it never would be! 
Even now you zone out when something too scientific is discussed!
Margie-May Face 7
The only time you need  math  is when counting your  money  ...the rest is useless until you're sewing, buying a canvas or counting crochet stitches. First you hunt for your treasured imperial measuring tape so you can  translate inches into feet or yards because even though your country changed to metric fourty years ago you never bothered to learn it. After all, imperial was already too much math for you to comprehend in your lifetime!!
Gayla Face 9

Eventually you've adapted to speed limits and temperature out of mere necessity. You hoard your imperial cook books! Incredibly grateful your  American neighbours across the border  have english recipes  imperial friendly on google so you don't have to translate a pile of measurements just to make a new cookie.
Funny how as children we hang with kids like us, yet we haven't connected all the creative dots yet! Like minded spirits match up without knowing how to requisition their talent. Instead they horse around together for years....long after they part ways they find 
just how creative they all are! Whether it's in music, sewing, carpentry, cooking, doing hair, decorating, comedy, or as  an artist and writer. Somehow as children we have that key to unlock our creative secrets, yet it often takes so long to open that precious door! 
Face 8 Carol
If you see me bawling while watching a talented young person on
 tv or youtube it's because I am beyond thrilled they've  
discovered their talent early,  honing it and holding 
it dear! It's often the most wonderful gift we own 
and the least resourced early in life!
It was a long bout of  deep greif over a dear loss,
  more weight gain, many sleepless nights, 
 countless hours deep in thought,
 that  brought me to my true artistic self!
 Until then, I  thought I was as my mother labeled me  
"an odd ball"
Face 11 Eddies Mom "Flo|....definitely need some whitening toothpaste in that house!
Kudos to her for calling me an excellent homemaker....
which I was, while working full time and holding down the fort
However mom was very artistic her whole life   yet she 
barely recognized it in me. If she did she never voiced it!
 I didn't dress to her satisfaction, I didn't paint my house
 the right colours, I was too analytical....
which she called critical....
Still somehow the little girl in me was always creating something...
 learning to sew, cook, crochet really really young!! I loved to 
write too! I was either playing the piano, singing or listening 
to music over and over...I was never bored and always looking 
for creative things to do. Anything, but, painting or drawing... 
it  never occurred to me it was possible. I would alter 
my clothes or furniture to be different and more in 
style. My first pay checks were spent on unique shoes
 that were a little over budget and usually  criticized. 
 Face 14  Lou-Anne
I always made money, and always had money. I was independent 
and needed to be with creative types...possibly what drew me 
to church groups where there was always singing and arts projects!
 As a wee girl I  even tried to decorate my own bike for a parade
which was a failure that left me carrying the
 attachment home alone! 
Face 15 Joy
I was out of my family home very young.... a few years later 
I had trendy big hair, fun clothes and a flashy car all in the name 
of creativity...yet I still didn't know it!! Oh what a joy if we
 tapped into that energy at a young age and let it grow and
flourish with us! I envy those types that just know. It stops 
the search in the quick... Funny how our young self  
 knows, yet is deafened by labels others put upon us. 
 Hipster, emo, punk, oddball, goofball, nerd. When the
 label should probably be artist or creative spirit! 
Face 10 A pencil Sketch of my Dad as a young man!
Another artist , with low self esteem,
never truly developed to full capacity
he sang, danced, and played an instrument 
by ear!
    Were you fortunate enough to 
know you were an artist early
 in life, or did you feel
like a misfit?
Flash back Friday 25 years ago Cupcakes first day of Kindergarten!
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