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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hope you Giggle too!

Paint Party Friday

Mara Belle is quite private and refuses to tell me about herself.
Cupcake: Mara Belle said," I have a wedgie!!"

 I have missed two weeks in a row blogging.Pretty sure it's the 
first time in eleven years!!  Both Cupcake and I have been
  fighting  viruses. She managed to  pick up another at the tail
  end of the first one. At least that's what the doctor said!
 I was  worried she had pneumonia. She's resting
to curb the coughing. She managed to celebrate Fathers
 day with her in-laws, but only stayed a few hours as Beardo 
saw her fading! Apparently her sister in law has had it for
 two months now!  I am on the mend, save my ears slowly
 unplugging each day! I'm catching up on sleep now
 for all the days of coughing. So so grateful to be
feeling better! I did create intermittently while sick,
and hope to visit and catch up on all your blogs
as soon as possible!
Winny admits to being a nerd who loves polka-dots!
Cupcake: Winny said, " I like to eat ketchup out of the jar!"

I'm sharing more of my Happy Tiler peeps with a twist this time!
I let Cupcake look at their pictures and say the first thing that came
to mind,  without reading what I said first!! We managed
to have a few giggles, hope you do too!!
Jerry is  a divorced meat cutter single for several decades!
Cupcake: Jerry said,"I try to be cool, but I'm not!
I still sleep with my teddy bear!!"
Life has been a bit depressing with all the nastiness in the
world of late! Being sick makes you feel even more vulnerable.
While the kids did grocery shopping, I managed to have a
private  melt down with lots of tears for all those affected
the last four weeks!! Sometimes it gets so bottled up and
feels refreshing to let it all out without holding back!!
After dressing my peeps in digital Canada day attire for July 1st!
I didn't even change my banner this month until just 
this week! Took me a few hours to digitally dress my 
Happy tiler peeps in their Canada Day attire!!
 Cupcake giggled quite a bit when she 
 saw them all decked out in red and white! 
Brandon is a teacher who needs a brewsky on the days his kids are  too rambunctious!
Cupcake: Brandon said," I like to boogie all night long"

If I can make one person smile or giggle at the quirkiness
of my odd shaped peeps with the weird over coloured
facess and odd attire,  then I'm happy!!
Sues need for perfectionism is often quite debilitating!!
Cupcake: Sue said "I'm having an affair with your husband!"

If you like to people watch the way I have over the years
you see how unique human bodies, faces and 
mannerism truly are!
 That's what makes it so interesting!!
Henry is a pleasant guy who likes to "skip  the light fandango."
Cupcake: Henry said " I'm really nice despite my appearance!"

From childhood I tended to like unique features! that
  weren't perfect! Who knew it was probably the
 artist within that found them so attractive!!
Cass is a Peace, Love and Harmony kinda a gal!
Cupcake: Cass said, "I'm really insecure and 
that's why I dress like this!!"

I sometimes see beauty where others may not! I often 
wonder, is it because I choose to look for the beauty
 first! Or is it because beauty in all it's glory tends to
trump what others may see as ugly or
not so perfect!
Linny is a quirky bird with an attitude! She's usually the instigator to family problems!
Cupcake: Linny said,"Do you think I can get free drinks with this dress?"

I tend to be attracted to all things unique!! I have never been
mainstream. Of course as a child it really makes you feel
like an oddball. Once you understand that no one is the 
same, the the ability to enjoy the oddities in life
are a gift, you accept it!

Sophie loves sunday school and purple tights!
Cupcake: Sophie said," I have to go to the bathroom"

For some reason I always wanted to be different than 
the others. Sadly it took half a century to figure out why!
Pretty sure it's the artist within. Who really knows!!

How about you do you like to fit in with all the others?
Or do you like to march to your own drummer and find
yourself a little outside the mainstream?

Thursday, June 01, 2017


Sometimes you gotta speak out!!

Last Sunday was my Birthday but unfortunately I was still under the 
weather so I wanted to keep things really simple. The kids made 
me an  amazing meal. We had a few really really hot days and
 I suggested the kids get me a  long john instead of a cake this 
year!!  When Cupcake told  the girl  at the grocer  it was 
for my Birthday she got excited and asked if she could  
write Happy Birthday on it!! I was thrilled, as was  
my daughter!!
 2017 Birthday doughnut paired with marathon Netflix!
We were still enjoying the flowers from Mothers day but Cupcake
 still wanted to get me  peonies knowing they're my favourites!  She 
found none but planned to get us flowers a few days later.
Beardo took this photo through the window.....his mom brought it by for my birthday!
I told her to keep it simple and  get carnations, I love how long they
  last and how pretty they are!!  The  day we tossed  the mothers day flowers
my bestie left carnations and a Beautiful Birthday bag of goodies
at my door!! She knows me so well!! Cupcake has expressed how
much she is enjoying them too!!
 Recently my daughter observed a photographer she follows on instagram taking professional engagement  photos on the beach! The photographer was wearing sweat pants and a dirty shirt. Cupcake felt it was  so unprofessional.
Norma prefers comfort over being proper!
Having followed the woman for a few years now, she noticed the quality of her photos  deteriorating. Then to see her on the beach so disheveled was a bit shocking. Especially when showing up for a photo shoot! 
Karen is a yoga pant kinda gal!!

You may think how you appear to the public doesn't matter...but truly it can say a lot about who you are as a person! Possibly a busy mom whose washing machine broke down and left her with  nothing to wear except sweatpants and a dirty shirt? Or was she depressed because of a family crisis and ran thoughtlessly out the door? Could it have been she is just a slob there for a quick cash grab, resentfully taking photos? 
Oma loves patterns on all her clothes!!

Or maybe her craft is failing   because her heart is no longer in it? Recently her photos are too far away, leaving it  impossible to see details on the subjects faces!  Has she taken too many photography classes and lost confidence in her own original beautiful style of art? So many questions. 
Rosey is quirky and often says and wears inappropriate things!!
However when you show up for a job of any type you should be dressed appropriately and professionally! Maybe she just came from a gardening job... either way she should have represented herself a lot better to her client! No one wants a slovenly dressed person standing on the sidelines of their expensive wedding taking photos! I would think if she could miss big details about her own clothes she  may just miss the important details when taking proper photos!
Underneath this character is a hand  written prayer for people in my life!!
 I might be inclined to  think she'd procrastinate when editing, delaying the timeline of when I receive  my photos!    How you appear in your professional life has ramifications! My daughter would never consider, or recommend her  for a photo shoot now. Especially since it seems she's on the decline!  How you appear matters more than you think!
Another hand written prayer underneath this one!
I always try my best with what I have. Being heavy can make that difficult!! However my clothes and shoes are clean.

 Does appearance matter to you?

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Everything Moira does is so creative!
Some weeks are  better than others! 
Cupcake was sick several days and 
then I came down with it! Needless to
say there is a lot of barking involved 
and we don't have a dog! It's taken
hold on all of us and stopped everything
in it's tracks!!  Seems like our rock,
 Beardo, is right behind us as of today!!
Jacque  likes to play shuffleboard with the boys
Social media makes it quite fascinating being 
able to follow the life of kids you knew when your
 child was in kindergarten! To have seen them interact as 
wee ones and now have children of their own! My child
 always seemed to know exactly who the good souls
 were, as young as five!
Dobson is an arrogant artist that annoys people
A few of the girls have become amazing young women
one a nurse and fabulous mother!  The other, single
 and a world traveler with her own cyber business!!
Horigon loves fashion, even his casual wear is fun!
It's interesting to also see the kids who she
shied away from. Usually the  more athletic types!
A popular mother of three who she always 
avoided  posts photos of her seemingly
  perfectly fit  body and lifestyle! During 
Halloween this mom posted a video of her lone 
baby in shopping cart sweetly waiting as she comes 
around the corner and spooks him while wearing 
a very  scary mask. The child was crying and
 shaking in fear while she laughed in hysterics.
It was painful to watch  and sickened me!
 Several months later , during a layover,
she was caught in a terrifying situation,  her 
children in tow!  Pretty sure how she felt during
that scary incident  paralleled how her little one
 felt months before!
Duncan  was pretty proud that he caught a few fish his first time out!
I was surprised to see how well one young man
adapted despite being raise by a  self involved,
primadonna bipolar single mom with a revolving door 
of husbands. One incident his mother went on an 
unreasonable tirade for no reason  when  her son had
 dinner at my home with a small group of friends! There 
was no reasoning with her.  Sad for the boy,
at an inconvenience to me I drove him home!
Apparently this was common place with her, his
brother lived with their dad! He has since eked out
 a simple life with a very overweight young woman,
and a dog. He is an amazing wildlife photographer
 who lives and works far from his mother!
Harley enjoys boating fishing is just one of the perks!
Some of the kids who were raised in the higher
echelon have really good work ethics and have
become quite successful. Yet some of them have
taken on the worst traits of their parents!! Children
do learn what they live! However some choose
not to follow in the footsteps of the dysfunction. 
While others step right into the quicksand of
 their flawed circumstances!

Friends hangin Happy tiler peeps
It's also interesting to see the groups of kids
who've melded since kindergarten! Still friends,
a few married. A few with learning disabilities have
done so well...which is never surprising to me.
Some of the smartest ones tended to take their 
 intellect for granted! While the others adjusted
to their struggles and  superseded them!
Nanette loves to sing!
I truly find  humans and all their unique
antics so interesting!  Some how they 
always seem to amuse me!! We can
learn so much from how we act and react 
to life situations!! 
Singers Happy Tiler peeps
Have you learned anything from 
the young people in 
your life?

Wilson sings all day long...he is such a happy soul!!
My happytiler peeps have been put on hold as I work
on my canvases. I have so many done ahead it gave me
good leeway to be sick and still work on my 
canvases! Some peeps I have decided not to share
because I despise them!! Duncan should have
 also been one of them!!
Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting!!

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Digital Mothers
When a child is born most mothers elevate them 
high above their heads, dropping down a notch 
or two themselves. Putting children before most 
everything else, moms usually take seconds.
Fortunately when kids grow up  some will 
give their moms the accolades they deserve.
Sadly some  never do! 
Marta loves cooking for her church but she's also a scholar.
  I lovingly relinquish  all special occasions to my daughters
 in-laws, because I see the kids  daily, which seems fair
to me! I love that my daughter is part of a huge
 family of in-laws! Never too many people loving 
your children.
Ruby wears green boots with everything
Mothers day this year I felt melancholy, not for myself,
I feel loved and treasured. I felt sad for all the others
 not acknowledge. I felt sad for the barrage of Mothers
 Day advertisements woman must endure the month
 previous! I felt for the newer exhausted moms
  awoken by children demanding they make
breakfast while thoughtless daddies slept.
Minny is a church secretary. Happy tiler peeps!
 I felt heartsick for Mothers wearing disappointed 
faces, unacknowledged by their partners for the
daily hard work that goes into being a good mom!
Church Ladies Happy Tiler peeps
Behind computer screens are children without mothers,
childless woman, Mothers who have lost children, mothers
 who's children are miles away or sick!  All the Mothers
 Day hoopla is just a sad reminder of what is missing. 
My empathy was with them this year!
Athena is a serious editor
Of course social media doesn't help either 
with all the comparisons everyone does!
Just another pin prick for women to endure as
they hear about all the joy in the lives of others!.
Rhonda is a cat lady artist!
If only I could remind young woman
 life is a lot more complex and we 
should never compare ourselves to 
others!! Often things aren't as they
Mickey is a Reporter
Yes women should be acknowledged!
More than once a year too! Not just for 
Mothers day but everyday! My daughter 
felt the air of discontent among  the young
women who weren't acknowledged! Instead
of being a happy day, it was one of more hard
work. A sad reminder of being taken for granted!
Ladies with flowers Happy Tiler peeps!

 Too often mothers say don't waste your
  money on me. I don't need anything! 
 Truly all we want is our children to be happy!!
Still it's important to teach children how to treat
you, so they love and respect future partners!
I often fought with my own mother about that,
as she let my brother off the hook so easily!
Anita enjoys spending time with her mother and daughter
When I was young  my expectations were at times
unrealistically high, and special occasions had 
way more meaning. Now it's just another beautiful day, 
and everything else is a wonderful bonus!
Three generations of cat ladies
There comes a time when  a woman needs  to buy 
her own flowers and chocolates! Do what she
loves, and treat herself to something a bit
  extravagant. Even if others don't acknowledge
 shes worth it, she should never stop believing she is!!
Our Mothers Day bouquet we all enjoy!!
I usually send Happy Mothers Day greetings
 to everyone.This year I held back for those
mothers that feel left out!! Just because
 some Mothers aren't acknowledged with
  reverence doesn't mean they don't
  deserve the very best!!
 Rose picks flower from her garden
 Do you take charge of your life when
 expectations aren't met?
Helga is a financial advisor
  So last week my internet went down, albeit  
an adjustment we took a few days to replace
our router! The break in routine  changed
my computer habits for the better I think!
Angela adores her cat

I've been working on two large canvases
for my bedroom and they are still a work 
in progress.  In the meantime I am 
sharing the many left over Happy Tiler 
peeps again this week!! 
Molly buys herself flowers once a week
A fun thing about these characters is 
how their names promptly appear when
they do! I tried to change a few 
but it was a no go!!  It's kind of eerie 
how that works!! Many of the names
chosen I'd never pick in a million years.
One insisted  her favourite colour is green!
  Can you guess who that is?
Convention ladies Happy Tiler peeps

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Luckiest Mom

  Paint Party Friday

 This is how my children make me feel!!
Oh what a week this has been! To my surprise, for Mothers Day and
 my upcoming birthday the kids decided to paint my bedroom and
  all the furniture! Imagine the excitement and upheaval that caused!!
I was amazed at how after seven years of the kids nagging me 
to choose a colour. This blog post orchestrated  a conclusion 
and a solid choice was made!  My version of a neutral, dark teal,
already painted throughout my loft and hallway!
Afraid I may change my mind the kids rushed to get the
room started!! Giving me the respect of changing my 
mind waited until  preparations were done before grabbing
 the paint! I assured them Adriatic Sea was the colour, 
still they asked several times!  I'm truly impassioned 
about colour so a final decision never comes lightly! 
Digital card with  bits of my older paintings used for my nieces card!!
 Very particular when making decisions. I always start with my 
favourite colours in the moment! In this case every choice seemed
 to have some sort of deterrent! First it must  withstand the test of 
time since I no longer have the capacity to paint my own walls.
The work needs to be done by others. So many deciding factors,
 yet it was in front my nose the whole time! The colour
that I stare at daily! It was too obvious to acknowledge!!
The mirror has been removed so Beardo can mount my tv in this dresser!
As my room was being painted it forced me to reevaluate what to 
keep and toss!! A few emotional moments occurred while reading
  through several old bits of writing! I'm being very selective about
 what stays and what goes into my renewed space!
Now loving my old highboy dresser!!
The majority of the walls upstairs in the loft and hallways 
all match my room with Benjamin Moore  Adriatic sea
  paint! What a glorious surprise the first morning sun shone 
in my room elevating the colour to a new daytime beauty!
With different lighting it changes to a rich jewel tone!
Where as the loft stays darker receiving light in a 
different way! It's been such a thrill to enjoy the new
walls even with the room incomplete.

This old Highboy dresser has gone from eyesore to cutie patootie!!
 I'm going completely out of my box to have crispy
 white curtains not yet purchased!! Totally unusual for 
me.  I have always veered far away from beige
or white in decorating, except  for appliances
and bathroom fixtures! However  I have a revered 
white pitcher for flowers  that is a favourite!
Plain appliances are the only way to go since
 the harvest gold debacle of the seventies!
Which took me only a year or two to regret!!
Now the thought of white, suggested by Cupcake,
excites me!! Even though some apple green ones 
tried to naughtily entice me!! White is my new 
joy and will enhance the room and my spirit!
  Just a sneak peek Benjamin Moore Adriatic sea colour! 
Here is a sneak peek at the colour, which in actuality  is  
prettier  and brighter in person. Cupcake tried her best to 
capture the  shade to share with you!  My kingsize bed 
is in the midst of being painted!!  Cupcakes extreme
 allergy outbreak during sanding is making for a slower
 completion than predicted! However it's amazing to wake
  up in a new room! Admittedly I am spending more
time than normal there  because I'm so in awe of the
 I can't even express how grateful
I feel to have such amazing kids!!  
Last week these two  enjoyed their
Christmas and birthday gift concerts!
Three in a row all in the same week,
and still made time to paint too!
The kids met a punk Legend Chi Pig at  Me First and the gimme gimmes concert!
I love "Me first and the gimme gimmes"...they take songs of 
old and make them New and fun!! Interesting how this old guy
has never deflected from what he loves even when so many
outgrow certain music tastes! Not hard to see he's an artist too!
So glad my kids have such eclectic artistic tastes!! It keeps 
me current and open to all things new! 
Cupcakes favourite  exercise as a child and still is!!

I am truly blessed to have a daughter who treats me with
such love and respect! A woman who cherishes the value 
of a dollar, knows how to appreciate what she has, and 
enhance it! A woman who knows how to find joy in 
simple silly moments like getting a photo taken on a
huge costco chair!!

  I was so blessed the day she brought Beardo 
home to join our life! He has  treated me 
with love and respect from the beginning and 
continues to do so daily! By all accounts  
he is my child too!! Having this wonderful 
couple in my life, making sure I'm comfortable
and well taken care of makes me the 
Luckiest mom ever!! These two bring
me love, joy and laughter daily, as 
my two best friends!! Thanks guys 
for all the amazing things you do for me!
I love you both more than you will ever know!
I LOVE my new room too!! 
I hope you have a blast at Mumford &  Sons, and  U2 this week!

What is right in your face that you need to 
change but haven't in way too long?

Would people recognize that you're an
artist by the way you present yourself 
to the world?

Thanks for all the amazing meaty comments last week! Every word
is revered and often sparks new posts! Happy Mothers day to 
all women who make a difference in the world as caregivers to all!
Whether you're a mother to children, parents, friends or animals you 
are to be loved and respected for your dedicated effort and  sacrifice!! 
Appreciate the beauty that is you!! 
Do something wonderful and special for yourself, you deserve it!!
Love Sherrie 
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