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Thursday, February 23, 2017


Reworked this guy Brody in my art Journal....I love him!!
Having great people in your life is such a blessing! So I 
have a rather positive outlook on humanity! It doesn't
mean I'm a fool and don't take precaution. I do!
For the most part I'm always hoping people will do
what's right and kind, with compassion!
Not sure if you've seen these characters before, I reworked them in my art journal!
So when I read an article  and feel immediate compassion,
I'm shocked when I read the comments where the majority,
hiding behind screens, speak  with such venom.
Completely void of empathy! 
It's so disappointing! I feel somewhat disillusioned. 
Even though I'm surrounded with so much kindness
it's alarming to see the turn the world is taking!
Much like a virus it seems rather contagious!
When people speak ill of each other it tends
to give others carte blanche to do the same!
Especially if they're protected behind a screen.
Surprisingly some don't even care if you know
who they are! They feel vindicated to be mean
because they have a pack behind them!
Brody is cute in every colour...so quirky and love his teeth!
Pardon me if I never get used to that mentality!
I am from the land of "Sorry" and I  try to have
compassion even when I know it might not
be warranted!! I'd rather give someone the
benefit of the doubt!
 These lessons are learned from past mistakes.
Making judgements  before knowing a persons
 entire story is inconsiderate. We never fully know 
the extent of a persons struggles! Private 
people don't often share them!  
Besides who wants to live in a world of doom
and gloom? Carrying baggage is hard enough
without unpacking it every time you meet someone
new! Sometimes you just want to put it in a back
closet and  forget it's there! However it does form
who you are, how you act, and react with the

Still I will never get used to the long range of 
comments so vile and negative towards a 
person, or group of people. While writing 
this post I stopped again to read something
related to current event and again a whole
slew of nasty people commented. It's 
not what they say so much as how they say it! 
Brody makes me happy! Why is it some characters speak to you more than others?
For every one person that makes a really 
sensible comment ten or fifteen comments
are degrading, nasty and full of spite!
Often completely off point. I can handle
truth telling, different points of view,
and articulate differences. It's the mean
sarcastic, threatening, ugly spewing
of venom that infuriates me!
Cupcake mixed several silvers together to find the perfect colour for her shoes!
Wednesday was anti Bullying day in Canada.  
Everyone wears pink shirts to support 
anti Bullying.... however until adults
from all realms of society set a good 
example it's almost a fruitless cause.
Or maybe it will take the children to 
teach the adults to be kinder! I have
no solution, but something needs to
be done! We NEED a kinder world
filled with more compassion!

 Shame on the adults who can't understand this!!
Then she painted a cotton tote bag to match the shoes she had originally searched high and low for!
It's wonderful to have such a kind group of
blogging friends who leave polite kind comments!
So grateful for all of you! Thankful you all put
out such beauty and goodness in your part of the world!  
 Do you bother to comment on things you are
passionate about even when the trolls
are evident?

Ready for Spring Cupcakes new Silver ensemble makes me happy!

What's something that  made you feel happy this week?

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Celebrating love

Randy Wiener has been celebrating Love!
 Married 3288 Days Still in love!!
My kids Celebrated  their 9th wedding on Valentines day!
Nothing ostentatious for them, just a Dairy Queen 
ice-cream cake/#cakefail with terrible writing!
These two celebrate their love daily with respect, 
care, and laughter! That ugly  cake made us all
 laugh! A cozy home cooked meal, a few special 
 snacks while cuddled up  binge watching  Netflix was 
all they needed to truly  feel the love! They look
forward to a few future concerts on the horizon!
Outside of  some yellow tulips it was a very 
simple day of joy! 
Jimmy is a new page in one of the journals I'm trying to complete!
To my surprise, several new night shirts recently ordered
  which I practically live in    made in heart fabric,
  showed up on valentines day! Which made my 
day!  Hard to find many shirts more like dresses
 without paint on them in this house, so it's always a 
treat to get new ones!!  I tend to protect them for several
Do you have paint on your clothes or stick to one outfit? 
My colourful snow owls!!
I wanted to challenge myself, so I  painted several small
 pieces to fit into a snow globe. Then used them to make
 a digital collage that I used for my new banner! 
 Working small is not my thing, I'm not good at it but I 
like  how it turned out! Cupcake complained they were
wearing Christmas hats. I begged to differ saying they
were snow hats!! 
I created this digital piece a while back after upsetting news
from a dear friend. Sometime you have to grab onto
hope and faith a little tighter than normal!
Digital colour alterations! I think Jimmy might be part chameleon!
  I created a wonderful digital piece a week or so back,
but it was lost when my computer froze! I was pretty 
choked! So I created the one below instead!!
  Note to self," frequently save things as you go!"
 Even at my least creative,  we always live a
  creative life! 
Cupcake  made  curtains from the ikea fabric she bought a few years ago!
I realize now, most of my life I was trying to live a completely
creative life but other demands often got in my way! Just like
good nutrition, it's a commitment to live the creative life!
 Thankfully I found my way!
Another adorable fun quilt Cupcake made...the fabric she picks often mirrors my artwork!
Hope my daughter finds the full capacity of her creativity a 
lot sooner than I did. She certainly on that path now!!

Wish I had heard this quote years ago!
"Dont let people that don't matter too much, matter too much!!" Wes Moore!

I hope you always remember to make time for yourself!! 

Have you been able to commit to your 
creativity  in the capacity that you want? 
If not how can you make that happen?

Friday, February 10, 2017

Focusing on the love!

Goodness knows bathing in  love at this juncture
 would make a discernible difference to our world!
Never have I felt the need to grow more love than I do now! 
Focusing on love so  fear doesn't penetrate our
 souls eating away at us like a cancer, seems imperative!

Black History Month! Canada is blessed to be so diverse!
There is such a need to make sure our words are more 
loving than not!  Even if we disagree there's a big 
need to focus on being kind, speaking kind, doing 
kind deeds! If ever there needed
to be an example of LOVE...Now is the time!

New digital characters emerging with a slightly different style!
 Especially when so many are feeling disheartened 
and disillusioned!  When others speak hate we need
to wipe it out with love. We can't let our souls and our
children's souls keep hearing negative buzz words!

Using a new style and colours I avoid!
I don't want to be defined by this mean spirited era.
 Fighting mean with mean has never worked! Sadly 
sometimes speaking the truth can look mean, 
feel mean and seem mean. Naming it with humour
and kindness is often the only way to alleviate
the hate that seems to be consuming us!
These are very small pieces of painted art collaged digitally to make this fun piece!!
More than every we have been watching Netflix and enjoying
any kind of humour that takes us away to an alternate reality!!

  Each new day I needs to read several positive
 stories to wipe out the negative ones!!    
How are you coping?
Recently I watched the Warren Buffet documentary movie
 ...it was nothing of what I expected and very very good.
 I loved it!  It's proof that we all have different gifts! 
Finding and using them can be so powerful, even 
the richest in certain skills  can be woefully  
lacking in other areas!!
   Cupcake got the snow she was wanting for her birthday!
Loads and loads of it! Both of us thank you for all the 
lovely Birthday wishes they were all so kind! 

 After binge watching Netflix all friday night they went 
for a morning stroll at 6:30 am, then went to bed!
There are literally thousands of snow photos
and I just don't know which ones to share! 

 After some sleep they walked to do 
some produce shopping in one direction, then groceries
in another! You can see by the joy on her face is was a
very happy day!  This girl truly knows how to find joy
in small things!!
This is one of my favourites and I have no idea why!
It snowed for several days off and on until the snow
was to their knees! It was a lot of work for some
people shoveling out! 
 With a couple of days of rain we are down to a small
layer now! It was beautiful while it lasted! It's 
rare for us to have  several snow storms in the winter, 
so it was welcome change!   
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