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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Easter Paint Party Friday

Original Acrylic Orange Easter pup
My daughter's on a blitz raising money for a charity right now. It's the upside to what was a very emotionally tough March for her! Something she keeps well hidden from others as  she plows through, best she can, wearing a smile, looking for the upside to life!! I am so proud of how she handles things she just can't change! Goodness knows that can be quite a feat  for anyone!
Instead of retail therapy she has this wonderful cause which takes underprivileged  and sick children on a one day trip to Disneyland. Providing them  with a new outfit, a small camera and other things beyond their realm.

Cupcake is just a small pea in the pod that is this charity, however she has set a goal to personally raise enough to send at least one child  on the trip herself. 

I think she's pretty  surprised  how very generous people are at donating goods for  raffles. Well  known for her constant generosity, coupled with her passion for helping women and children it's not surprising they trust her! 
 I see the sparkle in my daughters eyes and know she is happiest when she is giving. My mother was the same, such a humanitarian! As a child I was always walking over a casserole, soup or a small pie for the elderly lady next door. Every single thing given of pure love  without expectation.. Over the years I have done the same yet not to the degree my daughter has. However I must say it probably fills us up just as much as the recipient....if not more!!
The original Pink Pooch in Acrylics
I had a few very lean years where I was unable to give with the same generosity I was accustomed to. I was given so much, and felt such gratitude!  At the time I did what I could within my means, but it wasn't much! So the last few years I have been trying to be more the giver again, because my heart feels it's pay back time! 

 What is the last unexpected thing you gave or received that made you feel really good?

The other day Cupcake spied an Easter donut from our local Tim Horton's.... by the time she got through the line the  one Easter donut  was gone. Disappointed, she craved it from that day on!

 Yesterday, ten days later, a customer brought  in a large box of donuts for the employees where Beardo works!  The Chief in charge asked Beardo to remove the  box  from his sight since he is fighting type two diabetes and would love nothing more than to chow down on one of those melt in your mouth yummy to the tummy, cellulite enhancers!! 
Credit  this  Easter Doughnut and the next photo to Cupcake
The  donuts were sent to the downstairs crew who munched on all but four.    A female employee went to  grab the one pretty Easter donut, but Beardo laid claim to it! So she grabbed one of the three remaining instead.  
This is our Easter Buddy and these are the shenanigans that go on in our house! For the record that is a pristine beard, groomed daily with scents made by Cupcake.

Beardo toted  the huge box with only three doughnuts home on the bus for Cupcake! Delayed gratification prevailed..... she was so excited about the pretty  Easter donut. After several bites, she handed if off to Beardo! All that beautiful goo wasn't as tasty as it looked!  Sure glad it was a freebee! She was still thankful that it made such a pretty instagram photo.

Have you ever delayed gratification only to  be  disappointed in the end?
My favorite Magnolia tree taken a few days ago!!
I was surprised at how the only thing Cupcake wanted this week came to her in such an unusual,  cool way! How a stranger bought it, how it got passed off by the chief,  almost eaten by the girl, rode around on a bus in a big box and still manged to get into her hands! Only for her to figure out; one, it appeared better than it was, two; maybe not being available the  first time was a sign that it wasn't really meant to be! 

Be careful what you wish for!

For those who celebrate Easter I hope you have a glorious celebration full of love and laughter!! Enjoy the little things!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Purging negative Energy Paint Party Friday

 Paint Party Friday

A card made for Faery Goddesses Birthday, she had open heart surgery before Christmas!
When Cupcake hears  a young coworker complaining about life, she'll ask them to tell her three good things about their day.... If they're perplexed about her query, she'll ask a gamut of questions! Whether they had a good sleep  in a cozy bed,  a nice breakfast, if they have a roof over their head?  Whatever their  answers,  she jovially reminds them how fortunate they are. Once they absorb what she's said, they smile! She lets them know if they can find a few things in their day to be grateful for they're doing well. Once their train of thought changes, they perk up, and seem happier.
A few weeks back we spent time cleaning and purging for an appraisal on our home. One morning we recycled a few old electronics, some small appliances, and our bottles.  All that old stuff was holding negative energy in our garage! Cupcake got nine dollars for our bottles then tootled off to work.
Stopping at Shoppers she saved 20 dollars  in coupon items. Her first hour of work  a customer stopped by handing her a mall gift certificate for another 20 dollars! For no reason, except that she'd listened to the woman the previous Monday while she was going through such difficulty. Upon return the lady expressed how Cupcake really made a difference in her life. The woman having spoken with two physicians, all of her friends and her partner had not found resolve until she spoke with  Cupcake. Unfortunately Cupcake only remembers  that she listened to the woman, but doesn't recall how she responded! Two hours into her day Cupcake was up 49 dollars and had so much positive energy in her realm! Her secret.....she is always grateful for even the smallest things!  To be honest she was born that way.....even when she was little  she would sincerely thank me at the most random times!! 
Another day was spent intensely focused on a room that needed some real love and attention.  My room!! It's difficult to do in on my own now and I was thrilled to have a couple of helpers ! The next day on her way to work Cupcake found her favorite discontinued perfume for a huge discount, as well as much needed  high end makeup brushes for only a few dollars. Plus her favorite  converse runners were finally back in stock. Turquoise too!
Beardo had done the bulk of the heavy work around the house, sore back and all! The next day a fella  from another store called to say he was  sending him a surprise but he'd have to wait a few days. It turned out to be an obsolete revered amplifier that needed a few repairs. Beardo was beyond thrilled just to see it, let alone own it. In another persons world it would be trash,  but to Beardo it's a huge treasure! Another very grateful soul!

Our whole week continued with lovely little  surprises suited to our lifestyle...  container tubes Cupcake had been waiting for arrived so she could make own lipsol,  since she is so allergic to the over the counter ones. 
Credit to Jodi Ohl at Sweet Repeats!
Even though  I couldn't do as much as I'd  have liked to. My intentions were good and I helped where I could. Soon after I found I  won  that wonderful Jodi Ohl print... It's so pretty!
There was a stint where every single time my daughter cleaned her closet she was sent on a free trip.... I used to remind her to put it all back together because she'd be  sent somewhere very soon after! Sure enough without fail they either won a trip or she was sent on business venture!
We also purged several bags for charity....so with all the energy draining items out of our home we are open to positive energy coming in! Plus we found a few misplaced items during the cleanup and got a pride of ownership comment tacked on to the appraisal!

 Have you ever noticed when you give things away, or donate items, even better things appear in your life? What negative draining items are you hanging onto?.....I hope it's not a spouse!

Friday, April 04, 2014

Do you waste your love? Paint Party Friday

It`s been a rough week emotionally and creatively. This little face was done two weeks ago as a decoration on a child's gift. My artwork is horrible right now. Bare with me,  I`m afraid it`s all about color this week.
 Have you ever watched a friend or family memeber invest their love in the wrong people? When I was young I had many friendships that were one sided. I probably had a different love language than those I befriended. Repeatedly I have witnessed those I care about truly bruised and used by family members and friends who take advantage of their loving nature! I must say it's very difficult to watch!
I want to scream from the top of my lungs...."INVEST IN THOSE WHO ARE WORTHY OF YOUR LOVE"!!! I want to say,"don't waste your time and  love on those who don't appreciate and respect your kind heart!  Don't let  callous people keep hurting you!
But I don`t, because I know that Love is often the answer. Keeping a loving heart usually works. Unless people are addicted or mentally ill! Then  it becomes a co-dependent relationship of loving them in a toxic way by constantly excusing their bad behavior! Those tend to be the people  who need our love the most yet take such advantage of it!
Boundaries are such a necessity when others hold our love for ransom....expecting us to do things against our nature, to get a fair, loving response. When do we pull back our love? How do we deal with those  one sided extended relationships we're bound to by marriage or blood?
I'm not the woman I used to be.  I can't give what I used to. I  share my wisdom, my heart, but physically I don't have the energy of my past. I'm  not the friend I used to be either. Long hours spent on the phone with fair weather friends hashing out their weekly problems......is gone.  The baking and cooking I did for others.....gone. Quaint dinner parties, almost non existence.  The adventures are very few....because that's all I have to give. I am pretty spent as far as drama goes too.

I tend to stick  with  family now.... and those without judgement.  I have narrowed my circle of friends and I like it that way! I love deeply my dear long time friends and keep them close. For those near and dear I'd open the drama door, because they never abuse it!  Each moment spent with them is precious, each phone call and email treasured!  I spend a lot of creative time alone and I like that too! I spend my love on those who truly appreciate my wisdom,  my time and me!  How about you.....is your love often wasted on the wrong  people? Do you think it's possible to  waste our love on the wrong people? This is a question I ask myself, because I believe  love is always the answer!
 Gorgeous Jodi Ohl prints
I always like to end on a happy note! This week  I received a beautiful Jodi Ohl print that I won!! I love it so much and  can`t wait to frame it!!  It has all the color and whimsy that makes my heart sing!! Thank you so much Jodi, I LOVE your artwork!! You can find Jodi here!

Last but not least the winner of my Quotes to ponder book and tote bag is Annabelle!
Congratulations Annabelle and please send me an email with your  home address so I can pop it in the mail!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Contest, Happy 8 years blogging! Paint Party Friday!

 It's a Celebration!!!

When I started blogging  eight years ago Sunday it was an exercise of dedication to writing and very little about art! It was more about leaving a legacy for my family!

Many changes have transpired over the years.

My blog has made almost as big a transition as my dear 
son-in-law  Beardo who was only twenty in this photo!

At twenty eight he's a full grown Beardo talented man full of confidence and love, just like my blog! None of us the same,  we have all grown and changed along the way. Unfortunately I have grown a little wider in my chair too!!
For the record Cupcake doesn't like this face...... that's okay because
 even though she is quite a serious lass, I like her gypsish way!
During that first year I turned fifty, wrote a fair amount of poetry, and tried my hand at digital art! I visited  blogs and recorded a bit about my life for my family. 
As I trudged along, I saw the world through new eyes and  discovered my artist self!
Instead of posting photos like the above mosaic hand,  my favorite  piece done by an unknown artists,  (note my old magenta walls).....I now post photos of my art journey. 

Dear Happy Tiler 

Your name evolved
from my love of scrabble tiles
together the last eight years
we've walked so many miles

On my  creative journey
I've met those who touched my soul
I discovered the authentic me
the one that makes me whole
You my blog have held my hand
as I expressed sentiments galore
About my creative process,
about love, grief and more!

 I've learned my style of writing
is serious, yet fun at times
As I enjoy life lessons
with wisdom, heart and rhymes
My love of color is more evident
as it shows up upon the page
My soul sings a joyful tune
when black lines set the stage

Many quirky characters
appear in my art
a symbol of the frolic
that lives within my heart
 Dear blog I thank you most
for  artist friends  I've met
The like minded souls
People I'll not forget!
My message is one of passion
It's never too late to begin
celebrating  the beauty of your soul
and the uniqueness within!
Love Giggles

Tell me one thing unique about you!

 For a chance to win my 40 page "Quotes to ponder" shoe book, and a tote,  just say "I'm in" on the comments!  Next Friday, April 4th,  I'll use a random number generator to pick a winner!
 I adore  every visitor and appreciate all the wonderful connections I have made over the years! Thank you so much  for all your love and support it's has been an amazing ride!
Quotes to ponder and a
 a tote bag with my " Burst of Joy" artwork!

Friday, March 21, 2014

"Powerful Tike" Paint Party Friday

Spring Angel
Kids in tow, a mom  headed to visit Grandma during Spring break. Pleading  with facebook friends to  pray for her as she headed to board the plane! Motoring towards the gates pushing a stroller, when her wiggly three year old purposely flips out of the stroller  running to the other side where the ropes are lined with  Border officers.

Bird Whisperer
 Frantic, the mom drops her stuff with her other child and bolts after her Wiggler, dodging through the crowds of people over and under ropes in the customs area, yelling stop!!! Eventually she captures her Wiggly child!  Joining her patient  seven year old, still waiting at the stroller.

Now dragging the kids and luggage through customs, it was no surprise why she was asked to produce a letter of consent from hubby, allowing her to travel out of the country alone with her children! Once through customs they hit a straight stretch.
This time Wiggly one runs down the isle  yelling," "Stop it you Poopie head, stop it!! Eventually  Super Mom distracts her child with a promise of breakfast, since the snacks she'd packed hadn't sufficed!

While in line for breakfast she notes  the Wiggly ones back arching in her stroller, a sure sign she was preparing to bolt again. Refusing to wait in a twenty minute line Super mother grabs a bag of popcorn for her children's breakfast and heads to the window to watch the planes at the gate. Which finally calmed the Wiggler down enough to board the plane.
Thank goodness for Super Moms Ipad since there was no TV on board!  The mom whipped out a sticker book from her emergency kit. Rescuing herself and the other passengers from more Wiggler drama. Who after an hour of stickering,  had  another small melt down before falling asleep for thirty minutes!

They all arrived in one piece, it was hot and the  Super Mom needed a drink! The Wiggler got to Grandmas and slept another three hours! I exhaled when I heard this story....after laughing and feeling grateful my child is all growed up! 

What is the funniest, craziest, most vulnerable situation you've been in with your child or children?
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