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Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Cat Painting

Card Made for my dear friends Birthday!
 The heat is not my friend and we're in a bit 
of a heat wave at the moment! I can be found 
wearing a cold towel around my neck all day!
Recently Cupcake and I canned two dozen
large jars of garlic dill pickles in a very hot
 kitchen. We were both exhausted the next day,
 but it was so worth it.
Pickle girls
We canned even more last year and only
 have a few jars left! I had never 
considered canning  pickles until Cupcake
suggested it last year. My mom always made
them, and I enjoy carrying on the tradition
with my girl!  So rewarding!
Pickles made August 16th 2016
We found so much joy in these two cute little cukes joined together!  

A labour of love for my dear friends Birthday!
I have been working on this Tortie cat for 
a while now. I am a more intuitive whimsical
painter. This was way more literal than I'm
used to painting. It was an idea rather
than a true likeness! However I really enjoyed
creating this for my friend since a  painting I did of
her dog still holds a place of honour in her home!

I was so happy she liked it because I know how subjective
art can be! Truly I'd never be insulted if someone didn't like
a piece of my art ! "Art is like a pair of shoes, we all like
 different styles"
Digital colour edit!
 Sometimes it's very difficult to please people. I 
am reminded of that as I hear about a couple
trying to plan their wedding with disgruntled 
family members. No matter what they suggest
it's poo-pooed! They are beyond frustrated!
Sometime you need to just throw up your hands
and do what pleases you! It's impossible to please
everyone all of the time! I have found that the less
someone likes you  the harder it is to please them!
So it becomes pointless to try!
 Just maybe weddings are meant to teach a couple
they need to stand strong  as a unit, to have
a good foundation for an enduring future together!
Digital colour edit

Although there may be some initial anger at
the bride and grooms personal choices,
 eventually it will  be forgiven or forgotten!

 At first people were mad at my kids for secretly
eloping! They've been married coming up to nine 
years Valentines day! No one cares now!
 It's only one day! It's all about the bride 
and groom no one else!
There is a fifty percent divorce rate in North America. 
Apparently it's a little less in Canada at 41 percent!
My practical side feels there should be less
emphasis on big elaborate bride syndrome weddings!
With more focus on being frugal, starting a marriage
without huge debts!
Have you ever compromised in a big way to
please others at your own expense?

Were you ever bullied into changing 
your plans to suit others?
One day before the full "Corn Moon" Photo Credit Pepperpf

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Quirky Angels!
After my dad died, many moons ago, my mom felt her
relationship with his sister was a bit off!! She felt
it just wasn't the same. They'd been so close
over the long years of their marriage! Spending
  long weekends and holidays together playing
cards and visiting until the wee hours of the
Happy gals
I loved when my aunt and uncle would visit. I enjoyed taking
 the two hour ferry ride to visit them too! My aunt Betty often 
rescued me from having  to do dishes for every meal
of their visit! She never came empty handed, usually a large
candy bar in hand for us kids! She  bought me some
 of my favorite Christmas and Birthday gifts too!
Watching the show!
 In many ways I felt closer to her than I did my moms sister!
In retrospect I realize I really did take after that aunt more
than my moms sister, who at times was too naive
 and judgemental for my liking.
No doubt aunt Betty was devastated with the passing of my dad.
However being the older sister with mobility issues she was 
winding down too! I can see now she probably lacked
the energy to entertain the way she had in the past!
Ladies in hats!
Mom being vulnerable was more sensitive than 
normal! Being much younger it might have  been
difficult to comprehend the aging changes Betty
was experiencing! She probably, was different.
 I understand full well, since I am notably different 
too than I was a decade ago! Betty was winding
 down  and her priorities had changed!
One of the artsy outdoor pianos situated in Downtown Vancouver!
photo credit pepperpf
Even though she lived almost twenty years longer
than dad, they weren't exactly quality years!! 
She had many struggles she  never spoke of!
Street piano in Vancouver photo credit pepperpf
   My namesake, moms younger best friend 
has outlived her by over twenty five years now.
 Suffering dementia, her younger self would 
be mortified to see how her clothing and
 hair is kept now! It's absolutely
 heartbreaking to see! 

Outdoor Piano Vancouver Photo Credit Pepperpf
There really is no semblance of the intelligent,
 attractive, adorable, meticulous, stylish
 small woman, of yesteryear. 
 I grieve the beautiful personable woman she was!
Outdoor Vancouver piano Photo credit Pepperpf
Sometimes our memories of how people 
were are the best to hang onto! All the 
laughs, the good advice they gave you!
The fun you had together! 
Instead of who they've  become!
Outdoor public piano photo credit Pepperpf
That's what I try to do, I hope one day
people give me that same respect!
Photo credit Pepperpf
Who in your life have you seen drastically
change over the years, and how did
it affect you?

Friday, August 05, 2016

Happy Birthday Beardo!

It's August so time for a new banner and Beardo's Birthday!
Since his Birthday falls on a Paint Party Friday 
this year I decided  to acknowledge him here!
 While on holidays the kids decided to paint the family room
last minute. Only because I can't decided on a colour
for my bedroom after six years of thinking about it!
Beardo many moons before  a beard!
The family room is my painting palace, 
 coffee table, bins, and rolling cart
jammed with art supplies. So I only have
access to digital art this week while everything
is pushed to the center of the room and out 
of my reach!
Beardo at 10
Thirty years ago wondered how a mother 
with six kids handled a teething baby,
as I rocked my whimpering three
 month old in the darkest of night!
 That pivotal moment stuck in my mind.
Meanwhile the little dude below, a  nine month old 
at the time, seventh child slept in his crib not
 twenty minutes away!
Always a sweetheart
Back then I couldn't have imagined  loving any 
child as much as I loved my own! I  never
 imagined my stomach dropping or lump in 
my throat as  I felt the aches and pains 
for another child the way I do for my own!
 Some how this sweet face has changed my life, 
my love and my perspective
No one ever tells you how much you will
Fall in love with your child’s partner!
How over time they may become another
of your children, a part of your heart!
How each of their hurts become yours too!
How much their happiness means to you!
How dear their dreams are to your heart!
How you own each of their sorrows
Right along with them!
 Today as I celebrate another Birthday with
this precious soul who I feel so fortunate to love!
I can honestly say I have never known a nicer
person. Beardo you are a true example
 of kindness and love  in every way!  Over
  time I have watched you develop confidence
and a rich character full of peace and love!

Not only are you hilarious and fun, the unique spin 
you bring to my life keeps me smiling daily!
We are all blessed who know you! You are joy
and a blessing every single day! 
Thanks for being a guy who will pick berries on a whim!
Beardo with his twin nephews that adore him!
Make banana bread when your wife is too tired!
 Thank you for putting " Family First" even though you 
don't have a tattoo that says so!
Thank you for all that you do for our family daily 
without resentment! For being the knowledge nerd,
  fixer dude, music man, laughter king, gratitude master, 
forgiveness Joe, server Sam, witty Walley,
 Amazing human being that you are!  You never
 cease to amaze me in all that you do, 
and all that you are!! There are no words
to express how grateful I am for you in our life!
Happy Birthday Bryan! 
I truly love you with all my heart dear man!  
Click  on image for full impact of this card!

 Have you ever loved an in-law like you do your own blood? 
If so were you surprised?

Thursday, July 28, 2016

More Characters, an anniversary!

Day 25 The Inventor #icad 55
Partnered with someone twenty five years is a long time. Married 
for twenty three years in a less than satisfying relationship is
 hard work.  To have little eyes observing the dysfunction is 
even worse! Providing substantially, as a team, and biting
your lip to maintain peace is not enough! Especially when 
daily nuances of disdain and frustration trickle in, eating 
away at your soul! Eventually it may not be
  healthy or worth all the heartache!
Fashionista Day 28 #icad 58
  I always worried I was teaching my daughter 
how to live in an toxic marriage. The thought of
observing her in a similar relationship to mine
kept me up nights! Wondering daily how long I could 
tolerate my situation. The logistics always gave me
 pause as I worried life would be worse on my own!
 Day 23The Acrobat #53
Which it was at times. Some friends envied my 
freedom. I reminded them everything was a trade off.
The first few years were unforeseen and  so difficult! 
 Eventually the situation mellowed, life became more
 peaceful! Still there were many hardships but we 
made do! 
Day 24 Yoga Instructor #icad 54
Having such a lovely network of friends
and an empathetic brother,
got me through the worst of times!
  Even at ten with all the turmoil she
suffered Cupcake knew not to repeat my

Thankfully history would not repeat with
her relationship! Instead she found a kind,
talented jack of all trades with the same
good nature as my father, the grandpa
she never knew! 
Love this photo of Cupcake and Beardo at the Martin Short, Steve Martin show!
They are able to dance through life enjoying
each other as best friends! Supporting each
 other through tough situations, and holding
 each other up with kindness! 

Ballerina day 22 Icad 52
Sunday July 31st   will be the twenty year
anniversary of one of the worst days of my life,
that lead to hundreds of the best days of my life!
The Banker day 26 #icad 56
Have you ever had to make a trade off that 
turned out better or worse than expected?
Day 27 Treasure Hunter  #icad 57
Since that ugly day two decades ago 
I have found my ability to create art
in ways I never thought possible!
Purchased and hung onto a very
nice comfy home for eighteen years.
Day 30 The Artist Icad 60
Best of all I raised a kind, loving, humanitarian!
A gifted strong woman who I can trust and  laugh with!
Cupcake  sent me this photo of shoes she saw  at Winners
I apologize if anyone likes these dolce and gabbana shoes. 
I find them hideously clumpy with the crocheted gold tips 
and gramma old timey jewelry! That's not the worst part!
 On sale they are almost a thousand dollars with tax....INSANE!!
Who would pay regular price of  almost fourteen hundred dollars!! 
 You could buy a couch on sale for that!!
We both laughed so hard. They may be comfortable and 
sturdy, and the colour  is okay...but my goodness 
these are a show stopper ugly for sure!!
  seen at Nordstoms
Also a thousand dollars a pair....Cupcake was pretty sure there
were a few pairs of these lovely shoes in our Halloween box
in the back of the closet. Shoes I wore back in the day!
 Of course they don't share the same label or price!! 
For now I'll stick with my wedgies!!

What's the most you ever spent on a pair
 of shoes or boots?
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