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Thursday, January 11, 2018


Discombobulated is what I have felt going into this New Year! It didn't help that I held onto a very nasty virus for the last sixteen or so days!!

Last year I didn't use a word to start off my year. It made 2017 a bit  too scattered for me! My children accomplished a lot on my behalf...but looking back I feel my art suffered a bit. It was an odd year, but I came out a winner with a newly painted room and bedroom suite... which I spend far to much time in lately!!
Even though I am surrounded by so much love and kindness I have so many mixed emotions around the state of the world these days! The declining  ethics really disturbs me!  I feel like there is a huge magnifying glass over all of society, still so many aren't getting the picture!!

 I have been creative behind the scenes but had a few weeks where I just put colour to the page in a first layer!  I'm sharing a few pages today!! I also covered up my old lap desk because it was so full of paint!!  Some of the old lines are  still showing through!!
As I am starting to recover from my virus....last night being my best night sleep in weeks. I am pondering what direction I need to go for this year.... I am sort of leaning towards the word " Compile". 
Last year I didn't have a word to start my year! I think the word " FOCUS"  was my best word of the year in the past!   Even with no word I think  I found my canvas style last year, which I have yet to share. It's all about abstract colour!! I was all over the place though!  This year I need to compile some of my better writing and art together for a full  body of work! I also need to write down some of these deep seeded feelings that are festering in the wings!! 
For now I will be around to catch up on your blogs! Just know even though I didn't know what to say or share in the last few weeks  I have missed you all. I will answer the neglected emails too!! Thanks for your support and Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you haven't started off as discombobulated as I have!!

What are your big plans this year?
Anything fun or interesting creatively or otherwise?
Tell me!!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Making Christmas Light!

Wishing you all a season filled with Joy!
 The aroma of Ginger Molasses cookies fill the air,
it's  shortly after six and Beardo is expected home
from work soon! When he arrives I'll yell, " Hellur"
   in Medea fashion with a giggle! He sweetly
answers back in his sing song voice!! It's not
hard to tell he's always excited to be home.
A place that greets him with scent of home cooking
and love! Not many guys would appreciate Seeing
 their Mother in law everyday but he doesn't seem 
to mind at all!!
One of my oldest decorations bought in 1973!
As Cupcake bustles around finishing off 
  homemade roasted potato, cauliflower,
  and cheese soup  Beardo  changes into
  his Cozy clothes! As I sit typing at the 
computer. I often hear him  under his 
breath whisper... mmmmmm......as he takes 
in the beautiful food aromas of the house. 
Cupcake on the way to her nieces wedding!!
These are simple perfect moments for me!
Even though all seems perfect in the moment! Poor
Cupcake picked up another  virus at a wedding
 on the weekend! As we all know Holidays come and go,
 not without a few unexpected glitches. Every year I try 
to remind people it's only one or two days. It doesn't 
always go as planned! People get sick, some are grieving, 
divorced, alone. Others are in dire  straights in one
 way or another! 
Forgot about that little face on this tree, a decoration I made last year!
It's important to remember to treat yourself well 
during this time. Do something you wouldn't normally
do. For twenty odd years I did beautiful Christmases.
After divorce things weren't the same so we reinvented
our holidays. Making new traditions! One was to go to dinner,
then a Christmas movie in the theatre!! Later driving 
around to look at pretty lights with Christmas music
blaring in the car!
 Make new traditions for each situation. I've found that 
the easiest way to get through though tough spots!
Divert yourself from your normal traditions. Watch 
funny movies. I always get a kick out of Tyler Perry 
movies!! Binge watch a series on Netflix!  Buy yourself 
a new cozy outfit, new perfume, eat something
decadent. Have a candlelit bath, with a drink, and a 
good book.....keep adding hot water until you prune up!!
Be your own best friend. Ask yourself what you
 would like! Remember it's only a day! Buy 
yourself a present or two! Something you've been
longing for but didn't dare spend the money on!
 Life can change drastically from year to year
so I always like to reiterate these little  thoughts
that helped me so much during some of the
worst moments in my life!! 
A great way to divert yourself is to invite someone 
to join you...or volunteer to help others! Enjoy a
children's Christmas concert, or join a Christmas
eve Church service. During the season 
there are many events that can be enjoyed 
alone...or with a friend. Buy yourself a 
beautiful gratitude journal write all you
are grateful for then splash it with paint,
and add doodles!
On their way to a white wedding!!
Many people have obligations they truly 
abhor during the holidays! Keep the 
conversation light. Set boundaries and
leave early if you need to! 

 Try not to put too many expectations onyourself or others!! It's just one day!!
Find some joy in the small moments!!

Wishing you a Day filled with Love!
If you would like to enjoy some of my traditional holiday baking recipes go here

Merry Christmas
How do you spend Christmas? 
Do you have any unique traditions?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Peace and Love

I was honouring the peace in my life as I bathed. A spiritual
place where my best thoughts are often born. Maybe it's
the place where I hear what Oprah calls, ``gods whispers!!``

 Christmas really is the season to love those who
need it most! Those who may have made a bad
choice along the way! Those less fortunate too!
 I have so many blessings in my daily life!  My 
needs are met plus more! So many don't have 
that luxury!
These two are so easy to love and give so much!!

 Some people make it difficult to love
  them....those are the ones who truly
need it most!
I was so worried about raising a child that
was privileged and felt entitled. With several
twists and turns in my life I was fortunate
that didn't happen. Cupcakes seen both
affluent and lean times! A great lesson for 
all children!
 It's not just that she gives generously.... which can
be difficult when you're an only child. She actually
sees those in need. Many people walk by oblivious.
Thankfully not my girl.    
Cupcake has taught me so much. I must admit
over the years I've sometimes been judgemental
of those making bad choices. Let's face it
none of us are immune from making a
bad choice or two. Some are just worse
than others!!
Even though our city is extremely multi cultural there are Christmas lights everywhere!

My daughter knows there is always
  a story behind each person who 
takes a wrong path!
It doesn't stop her from offering a  lonely guy
sitting by the pharmacy door a few pieces
of her pizza! Or buying him a coffee!
Potters Christmas tree photo credit Cupcake
So many people need a bit of a hand up!
  Or maybe just a bit of acknowledgement!
 Whether it be pride of whatever they won't 
ask for help.
So many fun lights in our city!! Photo Credit Cupcake
Do you know anyone who may need a 
little love and encouragement to get 
through the holiday season?
After a caroling party the kids looked at lights! Photo Credit Cupcake

I feel so grateful for the harmony and peace
in my life. I wish all those less fortunate,
those feeling lonely, or without, some
love this season! I hope someone
"Sees you" truly "Sees YOU"
and your needs!!
I know this girl sure sees my needs.
Somehow manages to meet them
without me having to ask! I am truly 
Christmas lights in our city! I always love to see the house where people live!
Wishing you Love and Peace this Holiday!

Friday, December 08, 2017

Cookies, Christmas, and Colour

Just a few of the cookies we decorated together.
Sometimes your artistic endeavors overflow
into other aspects of your world! This week
Cupcake and I did some Christmas baking
 together! We even invented a new cookie 
recipe.  Completely egg-less.. and oh so good!!
It was fun but very time consuming!! 
Definitely  free style and many abstract too!!
We made a white chocolate royal icing 
for the top!  I  put together the turquoise and a 
kelly green icing! Cupcake mixed the rest!!
Seed doesn't fall far from the tree colour wise!  
Beardo joined in the fun and decorated a 
few too!!
Cupcakes fun creations! Love the colours!!
As you can see life is far from perfect in my world.
 That boat sailed years ago...thankfully! Honestly
once you let that need for perfection go life is 
a lot more enjoyable. It  frees you  to create
what the soul wants!! For me it's letting out
the colour!!

Even when things are old I change them up. That old rocking
chair in the following photo was my 1985 Christmas gift...
You can read about it here and see the before photo! 
Those white wall units were originally dark brown stain
 in the 80's. There are two more I painted black for 
the dining room.

Sometimes all you need is a little paint to 
spruce things up! Make things a little more current!
However in a perfect world there would be 
a new leather couch in the room!! But it's
still cozy just the way we like it!! 
That should be cookie monster staring down at the cookies... I'm sure he's on that tree!!
We made my Nanas shortbread recipe, a yearly tradition!
 It's a little  different than most! The secret is to
 knead the dough for at least  20 minutes. You can find
Only three ingredients too... making them ahead is best
so you leave them time to shorten up!!
As you can see I have most colours in my world.
Void of browns except for one old piece
of furniture I inherited!! I have vowed to  do 
a canvas in the New year with a slightly different
 palette than usual!  In an effort to purge some 
old paint I will attempt to use up my browns, rusts
and creams. It will be a definite challenge!! 
As you can see colour is my world. Even 
as a teen I painted my furniture and bed
 frame orange and yellow!!
Family room...coffee table needs a touch up in the new year!

 We are all so different in our tastes.
That's what makes art  and life so darn interesting!
If it weren't for the internet we'd never
have exposure to all the new and wonderful
artist out in the world! People like myself
who never painted anything more than
  furniture until almost fifty years old
may not have dared to put brush to canvas!
Imagine the fun I'd have missed!!

What colours do you shy away from?
How old were you when you painted 
your first canvas?

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Snow People

 A very  hypnotic process to once again   
create a  series of  snowmen on pieces
 of scrap cardstock. Takes my mind off 
the nastiness in todays News feeds!

 I have waited  literally decades for certain topics
to be broached in media. Finally in my peaceful 
years they seem to be relevant. Oh why oh why 
did it take so long I wonder! In bed alone, my 
thoughts write pages and pages of words
 needing to be purged. Yet  I'm still not 
 ready to  share them!

I shall bide my time a little longer. Maybe 
in the  New Year I will have a say!
For now, my colour filled brush will
  swoop across the page, sedating a
 resurgence of old thoughts.
The kids on a trek out of the city to see a tree lighting ceremony!

I will enjoy the intricate colours of the season!
Listening to music, and watching Christmas movies.
A wonderful way to encapsulate peace during a
frenetic time!! I can honestly say the Christmas
feeling has hit hard this year! It truly is about
the love and beauty that surrounds me daily!
And all those amazing giggles we have teasing
each other!
Decorations were handled completely without my help this year and it was such a blessing!
The joy of having your decor done early 
affords you the  ability to really savour 
 the holiday moments blissfully!

There is so much pressure on women to
strive for perfection. Now with instagram
I'm sure it's even worse! Thankfully I'm
past all that. I think I've taught my 
Cupcake not to overdo! 

These two in hysterics trying to make a fun pose as I look on.
After 15 years  together, married ten years in
 February, these two still know how to play
 and laugh together daily!
After many attempts I finally got a few photos of  them in their onesies!
 Even though my kids don't exchange gifts they 
do buy a few novelty Christmas items to celebrate
the season. Unfortunately these fun onesies tickled 
someones sensitive bits so they're going back.
These adorable jammas have to be returned, bad fit!
Of course I had to sneak a few photos 
before they did. I'm not a good photographer.
 Any of the good photos have been taken 
by Cupcake!

The kids enjoyed slowly taking in
gorgeous decor at the Potters
Garden center! A plethora
of inspiration for any artist!
That ninja turtle Christmas sweater pretty much defines 
his era growing up!!

So glad Cupcake takes lots of photos for me to enjoy!
 What Christmas Sweater would define your era?

Mine would be Pink Panther....I loved the character
but not the movies with Jacques Clouseau.
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