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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Never ask!

Paint Party Friday

Mr. Inquisitive!

Seriously my creative mojo has left the building. Ever since
several boring  birds have been coming out, or should I  say
presenting themselves!!! I am in a wondering
mood these days.
I've been wondering!!!
 Why the  photographer often gets left out of celebratory photos!!
  I was sad to see a slew of joyous Christmas photos, 
taken by a relative,  not one included  the young mom 
and her family! It could well be one of their most memorable
holidays at a snowy cabin without a photo of mom in it!
  Look around and make sure all family members are included. 
You just never know how important that one photo might be to the
 family one day! I can't stress the importance of that enough.  
It's one of my life regrets. Not enough good photos of my parents.
I've been wondering!!!
Why some family members don't  dig in more? 
 There always seem to be people who do it all and the
 ones who do nothing!!  I used to be the first to hop up and
 help, and now Cupcake is!! I am unable to help like I used to  
and it took a lot of talking to  myself to alleviate the guilt of that! 
  I still don't understand how  able bodied young people can 
walk out of a persons house in the late evening,  with every 
counter top layered in dishes  expecting one woman 
 in her late sixties  to do it all before bed!
Harpie Original!
  When someone is  kind enough to host a huge family
 affair, shouldn't others at least help with the clean up?  
Especially when the woman is preparing the 
 dinner for thirty  the following day too?
  Never ask an older person if they need help, just dig in!
Be a willing helper! You just never know when you may need
help yourself one day!!  I can attest to that! 
I never forced my daughter to do a lot of chores as a 
child because I was  inundated with so many myself! 
I wanted her to focus on school, and fun. Which she did.
She worked at a young age too! Willingly she
pitched in and helped, never worrying about praise!
Thankfully children learn what they live!! She saw me as 
a willing helper and became one herself!

 Cupcake feels frustrated with her own generation
as they expect everyone to do so much for them,
without reciprocity!
There is a time to pass the torch to the younger
generation. I wonder how many will take it when
they realize what it entails!  

 For the most part I have always been surrounded
 by wonderful kind helpers. It always made life
  easier and pleasant to have company! I don't
think anyone has ever come to my house empty 
handed or without helping hands! I feel blessed
by that!  

Are you surrounded by helpers? 
Does it frustrate you to see others
 taken advantage of?

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Make Room for New things!

 Missed my last yearly post due to illness!! Although Christmas 
dinner was a bit of a bust because Cupcake was under the 
weather too, the rest of the season was  full of festive delight. We
 all enjoyed it immensely and felt truly blessed. Not exchanging
 gifts took the pressure off  so we could appreciate the
 true glory of the season!
 Painted trees and snowman on a digital background!
Several friends blessed us with little surprises.
 Cupcake as per usual, being the winner that she is
 managed to win very expensive Hockey Tickets,
  and a hundred dollar gift certificate to a mall!
Cupcake looks so much like my mom in this photo I can't even believe it!!
No matter how much we give away or put into the universe 
seems to make it's way back to us ten fold, just like mom
 always said it would! Cupcake even found these very 
pricy brand new Doc Marten shoes  for five bucks!  
They look smaller in person!!
Here is the secret. If you're feeling a little fiscally tight
after an expensive holiday season start purging! 
Give things away without expectation! We give at 
least one or two bags to charity monthly on top of
any food,or monetary donations to others! It 
actually makes room for beautiful things you
 may need or have a secret desire for, 
 to enter your life!!
The kids built this the last day of 2016!
Way before Christmas my friend gave us a very 
generous gift certificate to start off our season!
  The very next day while at the beach walking 
 on the pier a local radio station handed her
  the very same gift certificate as a promotional
 give-away! She was flabbergasted at the unusual
  circumstances, yet not completely surprised!  

Jan 1, 2017 These two Celebrated 15 years officially dating!! Married almost 9 years!
Another secret to attracting what you need
is to keep your entrance way clear. It works
well for us! January is always a great month 
to clear the clutter to start anew! 
Ask yourself,
1, Do I need it?
2. Does it serve a purpose?
3, Do I love it?
4. Would I buy this today????
If not, consider letting it go!
Any old art supplies can go to local schools.
We have loads of snow, icy roads and more snow on the way! Cupcake took all the photos!!
 I also heard some good advice for making changes with
your diet... Do everything in ten percent intervals!!

Eat ten percent less sugar
Eat at restaurants ten percent less
Put ten percent less on your plate
Eat ten percent less meat
Eat ten percent more vegetables
Drink ten percent more water
Move ten percent more
I thought these were all sensible
changes to make it you don't
want to disrupt your life too much! 

What else could you apply the
ten percent rule to make subtle
changes in your life?

Ten percent more time for art?
Ten percent less time for facebook?
First day of the year a cotton candy sky....photo credit Cupcake!
Not much was accomplished creatively the last few weeks!
A few unfinished posts, unanswered emails, and
a lot of rest was required! Lets hope this
lull in creativity moves on quickly! 
In the meantime I am going to format and
revamp some of my art and poetry while
making a creative plan for the year ahead!!    
A digital card I made for my friend who is a huge hockey fan!!
I really enjoy combining my acrylic paint work with some 
digital work!
Beardo and Cupcake on New Years eve!
Happy New Year to all of you!
Wishing you love, peace and
creative abundance in the
 year ahead!

So sorry to those I owe email to....I'll get back to 
you hopefully sooner than later!! 
Any new creative plans for the year ahead?
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