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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Call me what you want! Paint Party Friday

Kenzie Face # 10
Forty odd years ago when I first got married my mother expected my new husband to call her mom. He refused.  I understood. He already had a mother and felt loyal to that. The truth was he never felt comfortable calling his mother in law, mom. My mother was very good to him, she stayed pretty neutral instead she would  criticize us as a couple. She was never satisfied he was good enough for me, and  he knew it!

Nerd Girls Mother Carmel  dancing face #11

We managed a pretty decent marriage for several years, in comparison to others!  We were fiscally secure and enjoyed many hours of conversation. No one stays with a person close to twenty five years if there weren't some good moments!  But Mom was right.... he was never for me.  Eventually the marriage died as many do. Because of my precious daughter I'd not change one ugly moment, without that marriage there would be no Cupcake. Without Cupcake, there would be no Beardo who I adore like a son.
 Nerd Boys Dad Jack face #12 I think he has a secret regarding lipstick!

Truth be told, I'm not sure if Beardo refers to me as mom, as Cupcakes mom, or his monster mother in law when speaking of me with  clients or work mates.  However, I have never expected him to call me mom.  Pretty sure he refers to me by name which I asked him to call me thirteen years ago when we first met! I could care less what he calls me, as long as he doesn't call me late for dinner!! Sorry bad old joke....
Hayes #16
 Mother  was so hurt at my exes refusal to call her mom. It left such a bitter taste in my mouth that she made it such a big deal!  A person has one mom!  Beardo's mom has ten children, they all adore her. We are different in every way imaginable, but she's a woman  I admire so much! One things for sure, we love our children immeasurably, yet differently. My daughter feels comfortable referring to her as mom  and she loves her to bits! I am proud that she loves her other mom so deeply! I've never felt threatened by such a lovely woman! She has earned the name after raising ten amazing children!

Kaydee Face #13

I always thought it was so petty to worry what someone calls you, unless of course they get your name wrong, shorten it to something odd or saddle you with a nick name you detest!  As sweet as my son in law is his name is spelt with a Y, even when I spell it out for people, nine out of ten times they get it wrong.  It's just a pet peeve of his that never gets rectified and it frustrates him!
Blain Face #14
My son in law treats me better than ANY man has ever treated me in my life. He's always loving, considerate, kind, respectful and generous with me, as I am with him! We are really good friends too!! How someone treats you should be way more important than what they call you! Upon reflection  I still wonder why it was such a big deal that mom needed  to be called mom. Maybe it was because my cousins spouses endearingly called my aunt /her sister mom...I don't know.

Zaya Face # 15
Mom  wanted with me, what I have with my kids now, yet she went about everything so wrong.  Cupcakes dad wasn't comfortable calling her mom, truthfully his own mom didn't exactly rate top notch status either...  Still I gave her the respect of calling her mom because that's how I was brought up.... 
I think I just answered my own question....oh for the power of blogging eh?
Face #17
I always say you measure a man by his character!
 My son in law Beardo laughs at my jokes, worries and looks after my needs, cares what I think and feel. He does things for me daily, cares deeply for my daughter and treats her the same! He is always kind, generous, helpful and sweet to everyone! Not once have I ever felt judged by him, even though there is a LOT to judge!
He supports my creativity and at times cleans up after me!!  Blush.
 We can talk for hours, or not talk at all!
 We can tease each other and giggle all evening long about it!
He is always comfortable to be around! 
Really at this point it's irrelevant what he calls me ......
 because I know he loves me, 
I love him and  FEEL like his mom!

What has someone said to annoy you  that you realized later was irrelevant or unreasonable on your part? Are you particular about how people address you?

I am caught up on my faces but a few of them I really hate...so I am replacing them!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Making Time!! Paint Party Friday

Nerd Girl  Face #5
Do you complain you haven't enough time to create?  Of course life's demands come first, but second should be YOU time, and then if there is anything left, you share it. If for no other reason to keep balance, with a healthy mind and happy heart!! You have to make time!
Cole face #9

So many woman and some men are constantly doing for others with little time to hear those little whispers from god. The ones pointing you in the right direction! Whether you love to walk, garden, create, cook, or visit with friends to get recharged you need to schedule time to do those things with joy and ease!
Nerd Boy #6 Nerds make time for themselves!
I have one friend who prides herself on getting ready, shower and all, in ten minutes...she likes to challenge that time too!  With a beautiful bathroom room, she rarely, if ever, enjoys her gorgeous tub!
Digital color edits

Whereas I honour my time having a quiet bath. There, my muse will quietly whisper ideas. My whole life I have made time to create things. Whether it was redecorating a room with colourful paint, crocheting, or sewing, I was always making something because I like beauty around me and because I love and NEED to create!
Nadine  Face #7
Over time my tastes have changed, my need for color and whimsy trump my need for beauty.  What's beautiful in my eye completely differs from others! I have always walked a bit on the wild side when it comes to color but everyone seems to enjoy it when they visit!

When men ooh and aah then mention they like your decor you know it's brave and different. If you're conservative beige person the colors could be irritating and ridiculous. All my friends are super creative and it's was only after years of connection that we realized just how creative we all are!  I think when you're young you can take that for granted! 
Neara face #8
Scheduling "YOU" time as though it were a doctors appointment is so important. It teaches others to honour your time. Friends, family and children start to respect the block of time you use to write or create. Eventually they understand how much you value your "ME"  time. 

 It is so true that we teach people how to treat us! If we take abuse even once it is carte blanche for  that behavior to continue! The  oxymoron "Boundaries set you Free" is my motto! It took years to  shake the mentality as a child of an alcoholic who often infringed on boundaries. Now I understand the importance of them and time for Self!  
Are you making time for YOU? Do you ever feel guilty for taking that time?
 Do others understand how important that time is to you?

Thursday, September 04, 2014

29 Faces in Sept

Face # 2 Karma

  I'm sad!  While taking a quick peak on facebook there was a news feed repeating an atrocity performed on an overseas news reporter. Tears washed my face as I viewed the photo, which repeated several times as I  scrolled  down the feed. 
Original, Face #1 Lina
My heart hurts so much for a world of this nature where humans can be so devalued.
I refuse to give  voice to  the details of such a gross violation on a human being. As much as I love social media and the chance to share beauty and thoughts openly there is a dark side to everything wonderful. 

 A side I wish children were never exposed to. Where everything sacred and private is exposed willy nilly....and I mean that literally too! What kind of world will future generations know?
Face #3 Savene

I'm  extremely  liberal, open to the realities of life. I am also very protective of what I expose myself to. Plugging my ears during  news casts where they recant the ugly details of child or animal abuse. My head knows these things happen but my heart breaks every time it does.

 I am not desensitized like I suspect some of the newer generation is.  I despise violence.    Does it happen....absolutely.
Children need to be protected as much as possible. But they aren't!  They should be surrounded with laughter, wisdom and fun!  Of course many children are exposed to horrible things in their homes.
One only has to watch the the  series "Shameless"  to understand how so many children are victims of their circumstances!!  It all makes my heart ache. That series is not for the faint of heart, it depicts a reality many children face, broadening  our understanding of why so many people live on the dark side!
Face #4 Sophie I don't know why this didn't compute well!
Just when I  most needed to hear some happy News, Joan Rivers dies.....May she rest in peace. It feels like an era is ending... The older I get the more vulnerable I feel!  Although I'm a realist wanting to be current and aware there are  some things so difficult to absorb.

Do you have anything heavy on your mind this week and what  
makes you feel vulnerable?
  I can never leave on a sad note  so check out this awesome public artwork covering these Vancover Silos....I just LOVE IT!! There is an interesting video at this link where the guys explain how it was created!
Photo is Credited to Roaming the Planet on Vancity Buzz
 And if you need a really good Giggle!! Check out this hilarious dogs sitting on cats  
Video  it's a good  laugh! So cute.  I could watch it over and over!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Paint Party Friday "Dream Goddess"

A card made for Dream goddesses Birthday!

When I was very young I made slightly higher wages than my husband but we pooled our money.  Although other men balked at my making more, hubby  was glad I did! 

 Yet, when I  proudly paraded a new outfit  for him, instead of admiring it as I prayed he might,  he demanded to know the cost. Disappointed, I wished  just once he'd say the new attire looked lovely. Twenty five years, it never happened. When other men nudged him to say " pretty wife," he felt proud. Even though I was complimented by others, it was his adulation I sought!
Once Cupcake was born, I could buy anything and everything for her without a negative reaction! Thankfully not  once did he ask the prices! He paid little to  no attention to  what I spent on her! Which was such a relief. It was the eighties and I enjoyed buying our little princess pretty things!  It wasn't unusual to see me dive  to the bottom of a bin in search of   the perfect shoes to match her outfits!  I was frugal about some things, yet not about others and it was ALWAYS about the COLOUR!!
This is my example of a card gone wrong. It was so cool until I overworked it!
Twenty odd years later Cupcake/Princess  falls asleep on the couch.  Beardo  straightening up before bed asked if  I'd seen the new sweater Cupcake purchased. Proudly holding  up a plain black cardigan with gold buttons, explaining how adorable it is on her, long and hugging her body just perfectly!
Sadly it's pretty ugly in any color!

 My heart swelled with joy at how proud this man is of his wife, the sweet little girl I've adored from the moment she was born. Somehow this man can make a plain black Costco sweater seem so fabulous as his eyes twinkle with pride! That my friends is what brings me the most joy!! That my Cupcake has a man that truly knows and understands what she needs. He supports her choices and truly thinks she's as wonderful as I do! 
What simple little  things in life make your heart swell with joy?
The Dream Goddess
Tired of wasting so much dried up acrylic I slapped  what was at the bottom of my palette onto a piece of heavy cardboard.  It made an incredible texture...the photo doesn't do it justice! It was a mush of varied colors so I painted it all black. It was an intuitive experiment that was so enjoyable to create.
Once I found the face I built it up  with modge podge and tissue paper. It was so fun to do that  I plan on doing a series of these Goddesses. Depending on what appears in the acrylic. I will of course have to wait to again  build a mess of paint like this on my palette, possibly a few weeks.

 Cupcake who never holds back her critique studied the plaque closely and said it looked like a really good piece of art!! The  Dream Goddess plaque does appear much better in person with the glittery modge podge and varied texture!!  I hope to eventually mount it on something more substantial! For now I will enjoy that it's on some cardboard sent all the way from Australia!
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