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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Not Alone

Icad 21 Radiant art blossoms positively
Personally this has been a rough week. I had a bit of an urgent dental procedure on Friday.  I was so grateful to all those who made it happen so smoothly. Everything was rolling along beautifully until a few days later  when the marriage between the  medication  and my tummy was at odds.
Icad 20 Pause for a natural adventure
 The friction between the two was beyond repair!  To the point where tummy was feeling very abused! But because I am not someone to poo kiss and tell.... I will spare you the nasty nasty details! Let just say after a few days of   marital discord I divorced the medication for a new one!!  
icad 19  Establish a good home
 It took the new med in town a few days  to become adjusted. As the old one left too much baggage so to speak!! Needless to say what started out as an urgent dental procedure was now an in house bathroom emergency every few hours. Sure could have used some of Denthes pretty bathroom walls to keep me company those few days!
Icad 18 Create a family dream
Thankfully Nurse Cupcake was there for support and cleanup doody...duty! Just kidding.
I did my own clean up..most of the time....but lets just say Cupcake has a brand new
obsession relationship with Scrubbing Bubbles!! 
Icad 17 create a dream world
Nurse Cupcake  made sure I was well taken care of
catering to my every need. She watched my face age
a decade....and heard some unnatural  sounds that made us giggle!
There was a definite need for privacy this week that's for sure!
I missed seeing a friend from out of town for a planned cup of tea.
I was so grateful to finally get a four hour chunk of sleep which
hadn't happened the last few days!
It's been about ten hours with no action....not sure
the last meds are finally evacuated. If they're not gone
soon, I may consider a restraining order! 
Icad 24 Encourage creative folk!
Hopefully  the new ones can settle in nicely
now, and  I can enjoy the  ride to recovery!
My creativity was a saving grace and 
wonderful diversion while my tummy
recovered from each episode!!
Imagine Artistic Possibilities
As I have been so vulnerable this week I am extra
grateful for the warmth and love of my home. My sweet
kids who have been there to help me every step of 
the way with only gestures of love and concern! 
Along with a little finger wagging to make sure
I was hydrated and taking medication on time!
Original Icad 21
It's these times I have even more concern for 
all the less fortunate. All the refugees,
displaced souls and elderly without love of
 friends, family, a home, a tub, a washer and dryer
clean water and soap hope! I can't imagine having gone
 through this week alone!

icad 22 Challenge your vision!
I leave you with this star filled updated rendition 
of " What the world need now"

Who is the person in this world that treats you with the
most kindness and understanding?
Icad 23 Age just a number be fabulous!

This is kind of how I feel at times... it's a quicky but fun!
What if animals were round?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gentle Soul

  Daisy Yellow Icad Challenge 
No Words
What a sad week this has been so much
senseless heartache in the world!
  I cried  off and on all day Sunday! I was so
 glad the kids were out so I could really
 let go! Sometimes there are no words...
we just have to cry and create!
Icad 15 Show much more love!
My father was a gentle soul. A loving man who embraced all people in a kind way. At fifteen, he along with an older and young brother put their abusive dad out of the house. His memories of his father were negative and  varied quite a bit from his older sisters recollection. As family members we tend to each have our own personal experience with a parent, it  can vary quite a bit from our siblings.
Icad 8 Decide your own pure style!
As I see all the judgement and hate in the world I feel even more fortunate to have been raised by such a loving dad. I had a special bond with my dad, one my brother never experienced. Maybe because dad and I were more alike!  Most likely because I was his little girl, his firstborn!

icad 9 Flourish Stronger
 It really helped that despite his menial job dad was sage beyond most. I'm not sure if my parents, both raised by single moms, figured it out together. Or if it was their unique life experience that made them fairly wise. Or could it have been innate?
 Icad 10 Weave art and soul
 My mother may have orchestrated our family life, but my dad was always so appreciative of it. He loved her implicitly, flaws and all!  At times he was naughty, but he knew he had a good woman and he clung to that.

Icad 11 Experience Freedom
Cupcake recently experienced some nasty religious rhetoric meant to incite disagreement or friction.  She locked eyes with the most educated person in room, a questioning theologian. Both opted not to comment on the unkind words that opposed their views. The speaker was old, set in his ways, a non demonstrative authoritarian father. 
Icad 14 Be less intense
 When I heard what transpired I was grateful to have been raised by an all accepting good man. One who loved his family wholeheartedly and knew how to be verbally intimate with his children!  Despite not having a great example for a father himself!

Icad 13 Question Why?
Every word I write is the sum of everyone I've ever encountered, every experience I've ever had,  every book I've ever read, amalgamated with my parents life experiences, and their teachings! Thankfully the good trumps the bad! Even more now than ever  I am trying to see the positive and feel gratitude through the many tears of sadness!

 Icad 12 Host Charm
 Happy Fathers Day to all those Dads that truly make the effort. The ones who are devoted to their children and what makes them tick! Happy Fathers day to the men who step beyond their comfort zone to be demonstrative and loving despite their upbringing. 
Happy Fathers Day to the stand in Fathers who care for another mans children with honesty, integrity and love! Happy Fathers Day to the men who provide a wonderful healthy lifestyle for their Children across all fiscal boundaries! Happy Fathers Day to the guys who have raised amazing children despite their own flaws! Happy Fathers Day to all Dads who Love their kids dearly! 

 “The true measure of a man is how he provides for his children” 
Sidney Poitier
 Icad 16 More Mom Zen
What did you learn from your Dad?
 I learned that I was fortunate to be born in Canada and 
to be kind and excepting of others!
 I learned how to ballroom dance, hit a baseball, golf and 
drive a car! How about you?

On a side note the kids just brought this cake home for me!
I laughed so hard! Thanks sweethearts! I love you too!
Cupcake is always thinking! This is for all the single mom's who
 play a dual role!

Thursday, June 09, 2016

I just don't wanna!

Digital The silly Singers
Abstract flowers
I was thinking the other day of all the expectations women, in particular many of my friends, have  had over the years. All the obligations of being a parent , spouse, employee.. It's truly daunting at times and never ending.
Especially if you  have a slew of kids or are a single parent. Even if you only  have one, that too can be worrisome since it's your only one  and you  especially don't want to screw that up! If you have elderly parents that adds to the pressure with even more demands!
Icad 3
I was thinking of all the things women have done over the years, because we had to. With   never a question whether we  wanted to or not....we just did it. Putting crazy things on our plate that we never questioned. We plugged along doing all the  things we thought would benefit   our loved ones! Never once questioning  if it would  be good for us, or if we really wanted to do it!

Icad 4
Many times watching what our kids loved on television because it made them happy...we ate kid food because it made them happy and prevented any bickering or whining..During supervised school trips we went camping in the rain in unheated cabins we wouldn't normally be caught dead in 
Icad 5
We drove to swimming, and skating, and soccer, and volunteered at the school, not because we particularly wanted to. It was to be with our children, to support them, to show  our love! 
Let's face it, if you didn't have children it's the last thing you'd probably ever want or think of doing! Was it fun? Yes many times it was really fun...but it was never something you truly wanted to do.
Icad 6
It just happened, like hosting Christmas dinners when you were dead tired  from working insane hours the weeks before, or cleaning the floor every night before bed because the kids tracked grass in off the trampoline all day long and you didn't want it  tracked through the house! Most days you were on insane automatic pilot!
So many many things women do everyday for years out of obligation. Then all of a sudden you're sitting at a social function thinking, "why am I here?"....I'm not even having fun. From that day on you question....am I having fun?
Why am I playing this sport with my hubby when I've never liked it?  Why am I making a dish for a party when everyone just buys it? Why am I trying so hard when others don't?  Why do I remember to bring everything to the party except the booze I was looking so forward to enjoying!
The day you start questioning yourself is the day you begin to set yourself free... the more you question....the more you  feel free to say " NO I don't wanna"   If you have aches and pains and don't want to struggle through some function with a smile on your face.... you think," NO, I don't wanna"

 When someone asks you to do them a favour you think, " Naw....I don't wanna" When someone tells you how to live, you think " Naw I don't wanna....It's when you don't feel guilty about making that statement that  you truly set yourself free!! 

Are still running around on automatic pilot
 If so, say No, I don't wanna!!

 A little side note to this post. Cupcake usually reads my blog once it's posted. However last week we were talking and I read her this one I had in draft. Ever since she has been saying...." Naw, I don't wanna!" Every single time she says it  I laugh so hard!! I may have created a monster!!  I wonder what would happen  if  women started saying " No I don't wanna!" earlier in life and more often.... Nothing would get done....lol

Oh and I have no doubt there are many good men who feel the exact same way!!

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Good things

This new June  banner was such a joy to create and I love it!
 Where has the week gone? I had an absolutely delightful Birthday.
Filled with flowers, love, laughter, a requested cinnamon bun 
instead of cake, even a few wonderful treasures. 
Things I love, but didn't expect, or even know I wanted until
 I received them. Art supplies topping the list!
Thank you for all the wonderful Birthday wishes and 
lovely comments last week....I am truly blessed! 
My dear friend Dreamer created this adorable card. I let out
a huge giggle at the  excellent caricature of me!! She even
left off all the face fat, and made me look 35 again!   I just 
love it! As you can see I am known for laughing 
in the Joy house!! Love the little door that opens too!
Add caption  

I have had lovely phone calls and a few visits from friends 
I haven't seen in a long while. It was wonderful catching up!  
I still have a few pending  visits happening in the near future 
that I will look forward to. Many friends have had huge life 
altering  changes this year. Stories that contribute 
to my ever growing and changing  perspectives!
I had so much fun doodling the first one I decided to do a second one...it was so enjoyable!
 With mobility issues I haven't been the greatest, Mother, 
friend, sister or aunt for that matter in the last few years!  
It seems I have banked enough good karma and love 
from the past to get me through
these less physically ambitious years. 
I love this whimsical bag Cupcake picked out for me, it was filled with art supplies too!!
It's so difficult for an  extremely independent person to  
admit needing help...and I do! Thankfully my children help
 without resentment! I feel that's such a gift in itself. I try not 
to be demanding. They both witness my bad days and offer 
so much assistance that I rarely have to ask for much. 
They have so much compassion, yet treat me with dignity!
 Below is a wonderful post Beardo put on his instagram
to commemorate my Birthday! 
Beardo posted this painting I created eight years ago with the following sentiments on his instagram!
 Every morning, @pepperpf and i are greeted by a painting
 done by an incredible artist. She has littered our lives 
with colour, love, cheer, and laughter. She has been there 
to impart a life's worth of wisdom and shared her secrets to
 a great life. She has truly been a great source of inspiration.
 A very happy birthday to my incredible mother-in-law! 
 We love you!
It teamed rain on my Birthday, which is so rare...Knowing peonies are
my favourite flowers  Cupcake got me two sets  the week of my Birthday!

 How lucky am I to have a son in law so special! In a million years
 I couldn't have imagined my life like this! With all the difficulties 
there are tons of amazing gestures of love daily! This may seem
 too mushy and good to be true but for now it's a wonderful life 
in spite of the my difficulties! Focusing on the best parts
staves off the rough bits!! It really does!! 
My New Favorite caramels a limited addition put out by Purdys for Fathers Day!
My friend of over three decades is a week apart in age.
It's also not her favorite Birthday year! She was born on my 
predicted due date 60 years ago!  Besties for a better part of
 the 1980's we have so many wild and crazy memories together!
 When we connect annually to celebrate our Birthdays it's as 
though no time has passed! 
And the beat goes on...I couldn't stop making them....they just need to come out I guess!
The morning of our luncheon I wrote her a letter to let her know
how much I treasure all our glorious memories! How a few words 
of support so long ago set me on a path to the  peace I enjoy
 today! I reminded her that she too deserves wonderful things
 in her life! We both decided it was best if she read the
letter alone in the comfort of her own home!

  Known for wearing the same colours by accident, buying 
the same shoes for a party, and even saying the same 
things over the years I still was not prepared for what 
she said to me before she read my letter!
Icad day one "Experience something fun daily!"
Also a thinker, she reminded me of a time I encouraged 
her to make a big change. She mentioned that pivotal 
moment when I held the phone to a call that 
changed her life forever! She said she wouldn't have 
the life she has today, if it wasn't for me.... 
I was speechless....which is rare.
Icad day two "A sharp girl is of great value"
It was a great reminder of how we both affected each other
in such a pivotal way over the years! Although we live
completely different lifestyles now, I will always
treasure those memories and our long term friendship! 
Can you remember something  pivotal 
anyone  said to change the path of
 your life in a positive way? 
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