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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Watch your words!

 I've always warned my family to be careful what they
post on Social media! Never post  when angry, or
 anything that can be used against you!  Writing your
  anger into a draft to revisit once the anger subsides
clears your perspective. You may consider asking   
yourself if that's the energy your want to convey '
  to the world.
 There are passionate people who post  issues near
and dear to their values which they may need to 
defend alone one day! That's commendable,
however over time perspectives and ideals
can change. Especially when you're young! 
There are the angry ones who rant and rave about 
nonsensical things, it makes them seem small and petty!
Truly magnifying their character!
The Dee Dees
There are those who tell too much about their children
in embarrassing ways. Things that may one day affect
the child's future!
There are parents who post their children incessantly
until the marriage absolves. Then switch to
 posting a new partner as their main focus! 
Eventually the  children will be able to pinpoint
the  exact moment they became the second feature! 
 There are the chronic whiners. Who find fault
with everything and make sure the world knows!
  An employer peeping in on them might be 
reluctant to hire someone knowing they
are a chronic complainer. 
You have shit disturbers rebel-rousers who rebel  
about anything and everything. They believe in
every conspiracy theory written without
doing their research!
There is the animal rights activists posting
  a barrage of suffering and abused animals.
  Over and over they spam you with these heartbreaking
  images that never wash from your brain/soul!
Even though you are sympathetic to animal causes
it builds resentment towards the person sharing.

People often turn to cute animal videos to alleviate
their stress. Being forced to ingest these horrific images 
for even a few seconds is akin to harassment!  
 That would be a  Click, Block from me!
There are those who explain every detail of their
ailments for all the world to read! One day that 
too could be a butt biter!! At times that works
if you're genuinely seeking resolve. However over
sharing could one day have a huge cost!

Some post photos as though life is a constant party! There
is rarely a hand void of alcohol whether alone or in
a group setting! It doesn't take a rocket scientist
  to figure out how important that is to them! 
Over sharing your treasures is a such a security risk.
 So is counting down the days publicly before 
each holiday! Yet people do it daily!
Some  have no filter what so ever!
They can be enjoyable to read, however
they leave no mystery. Their private life is
there for everyone to disseminate!
The Stumples
What you share online becomes part of who you 
are!  It's rare for  anyone to ask  themselves how
they will feel about these same issues in ten years!
There is a pattern to how people act online.
You see it everyday! The fighters, the rebels,
the caring, the thoughtful, the sage, the passionate,
the arrogant, the oblivious, the naive, the messenger,
 the drinker, the educated and uneducated!
I wonder how many people ever go through their 
social media and have regrets! I wonder if they 
looked at it with a different perspective if they
would be pleased with what they said!
As for my blog, outside of spam there has
  only ever been one comment that I held back 
from posting  because I thought the person
  may have regrets. It wasn't a personal dig,
 but a rather a less flattering passionate rant.
Sure enough I received an email to please 
delete their comment as they had a lapse in 
judgement! I assured them I knew it was just a 
bad moment that I  held it back  and
 considered deleting it!
There are so many good people out there.
Most have really really good intentions!
Maybe they don't realize what they are saying 
could affect them down the road! Many of 
the older ones are more cautious! It's the
young ones I really worry about!

How about you, have you ever had regrets about something you put on social media?

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Before and after art play

Happy 6th Birthday!
Paint Party Friday
"Smitten!" Another completed page in my art journal!
 On a  mission to complete several art
 journals I've been revisiting old pages filled
with colour. I managed to lift this couple
using charcoal pencil from  background
  lines within the paint! Visiting an old page
after a long break can help you see things
with new vision! 
Intuitive sketch as these two emerge from the paint!
The creative well is ever expanding! Digital creativity
opens up the spectrum to so many new avenues 
artistically! A few weeks ago I enjoyed taking bits and 
pieces from former work and piecing it together 
to make patterns!
Before photo of an old painted shoe.....
I have always loved making patterns, but don't do it enough.
Originally I was just  making a bunch of background pages,
when my  imagination  took me down a different road!
After digital finagling into a new pattern
What a surprise when I made this pattern from a piece of
an old shoe painting and mixed bright background! Using
old work to make something new opens the spectrum
to even more unique pieces!  After I created this piece
I just happened to be on the Anthropology website and
saw a couch with a similar pattern in a different colours!
Of course it wasn't my style of couch because I prefer
plainer  couches to pair with vibrant art!
Then I  digitally cut bits from this former painting to  get
a new pattern! What fun I had! Just playing with patterns!
After I  took bits from the above painting! Resizing and distributing!
As you can see by the below pattern not everything turns out
well! Some bits are best  left with the original artwork!!
Not liking this pattern....however the experimenting is fun!!
The following gals were created with inktense 
 colour blocks used with a brush and water!

Then I cut them out digitally
  and placed them on a digitally
 coloured background!
Each character was so fun to make 
as I stretch my creative wings! 
I originally had the faces full of lines,
to make the women seem older, however'
Cupcake insisted lines on the lady below
 were too  much like a goatee! So I tried to
digitally fix them!
Lines are still there but a bit fainter!! All these
characters are just play, with me going a 
bit out of my box!
Notice they are all wearing red!

I added some digital font to celebrate International Womans Day!
Using part of a Lyric from my era when woman rose up for
issues they continue to fight for today! 
Still playing with these fun images! I copied them to make it seem 
like a crowd! I have often used old paintings and bits from others as 
a starting point for a digital card.  Marrying painted art and digital 
skills leaves no limits to what the imagination can muster!
Do you ever use bits and pieces of your old 
art to make new creations?

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Foot in the bath syndrome!

When my daughter was little I had a huge oval bathtub.
 I would relish any moment I got to spend alone in that
tub. I'd sneak out of the room while Cupcake was 
  engrossed in a television program. She always 
  managed to find me a few moments later.
I have so many art journals I am trying to finish up!
 She would beg to come in the tub with me. Most times
the answer would be yes. On the off time I said no
she'd take one sock off and dangle her foot off the
edge of the tub..... a few moments later she would
take another sock off and dangle the other foot.
My alone time was now defunct as she chattered
away feet dangling in the tub.
Before I knew it she had all her clothes off and
 popped into my bath. She's always known how
to get what she wants!!  This was a constant 
 almost laughable scenario. Until she
 turned about eight and decided SHE
 needed more privacy! Thank goodness. 
  However I was never truly alone in there,
since my two dogs, the hubby and her would
descend on me for some much needed
conversation they felt just couldn't wait!
 What started as baby and me bathing to
save time, turned into a lifetime of bath
Irma relaxing on the couch! A drawing I did ages ago and  just added paint to it!
 To this day I cherish each quiet moment 
of bath time  with such gratitude!
There was quite a stint when  Cupcake
phoned me  without fail, just as my
 butt  hit the water! Of course it was always 
something important! I started taking the phone 
with me during my bath.I swear that girl had
  Tubby time radar just as she did when she was a kid!
  She still does at times!!
I've had more uninterrupted tub  time 
in recent years. However now it's my reading
and writing time that gets interrupted!!
We can spend days together, yet alone
in separate parts of the house doing our
own thing! 

It's probably the only way
 an adult child  could tolerate living with 
a parent. Definitely the only way I could
handle it. I revere my alone time 
and have since early childhood!
Don't get me wrong I am a social
being, but unlike some, I enjoy time
alone to read, think and create!
 Lately Cupcake has had " Foot in the Bath"
syndrome. Every single time I am half way
through reading something on a video,
or  writing a blog post, or doing a digital piece
  Cupcake interrupts me!  It's becoming a 
comedy! I can be  doing something totally 
nonsensical and there is no sigh of her! 
The moment I hanker down to create something 
specific ....oops there she is!
Consequently I have a lot of half finished projects
incomplete writings, and dissipated ideas!
My attempt to fill up four different incomplete art journals!!
Although this is not my best work
as I am furiously trying to complete
about four different sized art journals
and a few blog posts! 
I thought you might enjoy a small
peek in my creative world
where "Foot in Bath syndrome"
has been frequently sabotaging 
 my creative mojo of late!!
  On a side note, Cupcake giggling,
wants me to reiterate how she 
never comes upstairs empty handed,
  usually bringing me a drink or snack
  before asking me to rub a sore
  muscle on the back of her leg!   
 What are some of the craziest interruptions 
you've had sabotaging  your creative time?

To be fair Apparently I have "tell a story when I'm in the bathroom
and can't hear you" syndrome!!  See a pattern here Payback!!  
Insert big loud roaring laughs!
Just preparing her for children!!   
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