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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The colour Blue

Paint Party Friday

  My mother loved blue, I didn't! Growing up Mom 
had floral blue couches, a floral blue bedspread, 
 turquoise  shag rugs. I used to wish the turquoise
 kitchen which was often  refreshed to mask their
 cigarette smoke would be painted a new colour! 
As a girl I loved orange and once painted
 metal bed and dresser orange and yellow!! 
It's not a colour I can wear with my skin tone
 but I still love it!
After photo of the repainted stool!
The metaphor for my relationship with mom was that
 I was a green person and she was a blue one.
Arguments and misunderstandings galore,
  because I could accept that she loved blue,
 but she could never accept that I loved green!
This is the before photo of the stool....
Sixty years later here I am surrounded, and loving blue! 
Only certain shades though.... with lots of green undertones!
Recently I repainted a stool to match our bathroom. 
Who knew one  could change so completely 
over the years!! 
This sweet white shelf has been painted five different colours over 45 years!
My friend bought me the two bottom pieces as a gift!
I'm sharing a poem I wrote in 2006....about the 
colour blue......I guess it's no longer completely true!

Revamped box that stores my soap.
Mothers Blue
Blue, blue, the essence of you
The clothes, the rooms, in every hue
A color that was never me
It caused us both to disagree
Orange, green, purple, red
Other colors, I loved instead

Blue, blue, the essence of you
Acted out, in every hue
Melancholy permeated
All the rooms decorated
Slit wrists, closed fist
Vital bonds sadly missed

Blue, blue, was all about you
Not a thing, a child could do
Your rules, your way
Opposing views and I’d pay
Suppressed by you, I’d submit
Differences you’d not permit

Blue, blue, the essence of you
Your house, your view
Wasn’t long and I was gone
Arguments, continued on
Opposing tastes, opposing plights

 Now free to explore my rights

  Blue, blue, who knew?
My child would love every hue
Been a while since you passed
The inherent love for blue is cast
As my daughter adorns her space
What ever she loves, I’ll embrace

 Never under estimate the ability to change!!!

Have you ever made a change that you 
never thought possible?

Friday, March 09, 2018

Celebrating my Daughter Again!

This completed canvas finally sits above 
my bath tub! The wall  shade is much
prettier in person and the painting
can be quite meditative even with the
bright colours!

 Even though I've been writing about my daughter 
and son in law often recently I still wanted to
honor my daughter  for International Womens Day!
 Cupcakes given name Is Pepper! 
Named after Dr. Pepper  Schwartz
who in the Eighties touted full support
for women's dreams!  Whether that  
be working full time or choosing to 
be   a stay at home mom.  I enjoyed 
her wisdom and loved her name!
I wanted my daughter to know as 
a woman she had the power to be 
who and what she wanted to be!
This card I made for Cupcakes Birthday she really didn't like! But oh well!
I wanted my child to know and value her 
individuality and uniqueness! To
be proud of who she is! I told her
daily that she was beautiful so
she would believe it,  put it
  on the back burner and get on 
with learning!
This little canvas was made for her too because she adores Llamas...she didn't like him either!!
  Even though her father cautioned 
against saying she was beautiful my 
strategy worked! I wanted beauty to be
a non issue...and you know what, it
has been. Never one to primp like
 her mother, she could be ready in ten
 minutes and still  look good!
She enjoys makeup but doesn't 
over do. Never gets caught up in the latest 
trends, although she enjoys fashionable outfits! 
More to her tastes rather than what's in style!
She has worn these red fluevog boots
  for close to twelve years now!
That's all superficial though....and she is more
than appearances! She is and always has
been about doing what's right for herself
and others! She has the best boundaries
of anyone I know! 
It's so interesting to observe your child as
an adult taking on causes  you too were 
once passionate about. She consumes
non fiction articles as fervently as I once did!
 Makes for some great mother daughter
  conversation, since we often  share
different ones the other may miss!
A large canvas in progress.... layer number two!!
 She's strong and independent, yet'
lets herself depend on her spouse
in ways I never did or would! She
relies daily on her intuition  in everything
she does,  it's never steered her wrong!
Sneak peak at my new canvases, with Beardo wearing my sunglasses from the 70's
She's her mothers daughter, blunt to a
  fault at times! I expect one day it may 
land her in a bit of hot water. At which
time she'll make some good tea!
Beardo grew  his hair to donate it to wigs for kids!!
She's a pretty terrific woman, way more than
 I   ever expected my  child to be! At three
she asked me not to swear, so I stopped.
 At twelve she directed and reprimanded
 a truck load of  moving men who mishandled
some of our belongings! Took on the male 
truck owner who tried to demean her! Then
 later watched me tear a verbal strip off 
him for mistreating his employees, my
  good furniture, and my precious daughter 
while our new neighbours, the moving men,
my friends, and the realtor looked on!
Beardo looking sharp all trimmed up...and Pepper with some fresh colour!
 I listened as my fifteen year old
didn't excuse, but excepted her
 fathers faults for what they were.
Then  safely compartmentalized 
them and set strong boundaries
knowing he was the only dad
 she had!
 In her early twenties I  watched her
jump to my defense by taking on 
  on her uncle when he was goading
me into an argument I was  refusing
  to engage in. That was no easy
task which left me speechless and proud!
Look up in the sky/tree and see......
 She's asked men and women pivotal
  life altering questions which steered them
onto completely new paths! She's
 helped many young women and
children during difficult times too!! 
She never walks by a homeless person
without acknowledging them in some
way...whether it's buying them a coffee,
a hotdog, or sharing a piece of pizza!
She's given them gloves, a scarf
and a nod that says, " I see you!"
There are so many amazing things about my
daughter that make me so proud! The way
she takes care of me daily is beyond measure!
How she thoughtfully buys me art supplies even
when I don't ask for them! Her heart is so
kind, tender and loving! Yet she is so brave,
strong, protective, and ethical too!
When she was little I used to ask her
to be good a girl because I was taking a risk
doing things different than other parents!
I was lenient, unconventional, and never
spanked her!
Truth be told I didn't need to ask her
  that because she always made good
choices. Every teacher told me what a
 great leader she was right from day one!
Best homemade Dads Cookies Cupcake made!
She lives up to her unique name!
It has served her well and continues
to do so! Today I celebrate  the
  amazing, funny, inspirational, generous,
 thoughtful, loving Woman I raised! 
I love who you are dear daughter and I'm
sincerely not one bit hurt you don't like my 
funny Llama art!! lol!  I'm just so happy you can 
always be totally honest with me!!

What woman in your life inspires you?
Happy Seventh Birthday to Paint Party Friday 
where a wonderful group of inspiring artists share 
their work!! Thank you to our hosts Kristen and Eva
and all the participating artists for their tenacious 
dedication to keeping PPF alive seven whole years!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

10th Anniversary

  Valentines day, Feb 14th 2018 my daughter
 celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary! It's
shocking to think she'd been married a whole 
decade. Where did that time go?
 They hadn't anything too special planned 
 for Valentines since they had a few 
concerts to attend on the  weekend!
  But with a stroke of natures luck
  it started to snow  a few hours
 before midnight on the 13th!
photo credit cupcake
One of their biggest joys is walking in  the snow!
So for their tenth anniversary nature gifted them
snow! They were out well after midnight and 
made a sweet video that was scooped up by 
our local  news feed  and shared online!

Teaching children to find joy in simple pleasures
is a great gift to pass on! Unlike some parts of
Canada we don't often get much snow. So when
we do it's a real treat! That midnight walk in the
snow will not soon be forgotten! It marks their
special day in a magical way! 

Earlier that evening Beardo was contacted
that he won a free date package. It included
  a heart shaped tin of their  favourite chocolates
  movie passes, pizza, and box of balloons! 

What was to be an uneventful day for this
sweet couple turned into a lot of joy!
Sometimes having a positive attitude 
and letting the universe take over 
works better than if you planned it 

These two  take good care of each
 other, laughing and chatting   daily!
Instead of putting huge expectations
 on each other,  they live simply, with
 kindness and respect for each other! 
Even though they have loads in common,
  which I always believed to be the thread
  that binds long relationships. They have 
their own interests, but  always put each
other first!  I'm glad I've been able to
 experience my child in such a beautiful
marriage, to such  a kind,  loving man! 

With my blessing these two eloped
in Vegas and agree they'd do it 
all over again the exact same way!
 Fifteen years together they
 do things with practicality and
 great thought!

Even though it's a little late
 I'm wishing this old fashioned 
couple so many more years of
 love, laughter, and music!
 These two are winners in 
every way! Starting from the
first year of marriage when 
they won an all expenses
paid trip to Mexico!
From one thing to another they  
have had so much provided to them
in a winning way! They both have
faith, tons of generosity, empathy
and positive attitudes.
Life has fed these two some difficult 
moments and yet they shine through it!
How you handle  difficulties really
tests your character....they
CHOOSE to see the positive as 
much as possible! 
They accept that life is often very
imperfectly perfect as long as 
they have each other!!

Have you ever asked yourself what 
your expectations are for love?

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Birthday dedicated to my daughter!

Dedicated to my daughter!

Happy Birthday Cupcake!
No words can express just
how much I love you and how
much you have taught me
over your thirty two years of life!
A patient sweet child who stood 
beside me at five while my mom 
was dying. Kindly visiting another
lonely old woman in the adjacent bed!
You have been such a treasure over 
the years! One I over indulged while
growing up, but has repaid my 
love and kindness ten fold since!
The hearts were digitally created out of my acrylic painting!
 You have given me true unconditional
 love over the years. Which I cherish
 more than you will every know! I hope
 you never feel underappreciated for
  all that you are and  do!
I love how much you appreciate a simple
day, a walk, preparing a good meal, 
 planting a few flowers,a giggle, taking a
 photo and watching a good flick!
 You enjoy simple beauty with such gratitude!
It's a blessing to observe!
photo credit Cupcake
I love how you value a dollar and can
stretch it into ten with your couponing 
skills! Your gratitude towards anything
you've won or been given since you 
were two goes beyond measure!
It seems you were born thankful!
I love this arty photo Cupcake took when she received a complimentary lipstick!
We are different in so many ways,
yet the same too!  You've been such
 a gift to my life. Helping me to see 
the world just a little differently! 
You've made me a better person!

The big surprise is what a homebody
you have become over the years!
From a teen who had no desire to 
cook, to a woman who creates new
innovative meals! One who sews,
paints up old furniture, and
 takes photos daily!
You have truly grown into a woman
of substance with a humanitarian heart!
Loving, beyond words! You have so much
compassion for others yet great 
boundaries for the energy vampires!
All the above hearts were created from the following paintings!
It amazes me how all the people you
 befriended as a child have became 
amazing adults! Your childhood
 intuition for surrounding yourself
with exemplary people went 
above and  beyond! A lesson that 
personally took me years!! 

The best part of my day is when I
hear you and Beardo giggling!
 I love it when you send me photos
like the one above to make smile!
Original acrylic painting!
Silly fun things excite you! Like watching
 cartoons in bed. Drinking out of a plastic
 troll cup! Playing a  game of mario,
 getting something free in the mail,
 running in a patch of sunflowers, or
 saying hello to  a Llama!!! Even though
 you had to grow up sooner than
 normal, thankfully you managed to
 keep the child inside alive! Something 
we have in common even though
 I don't like cartoons!!
In all the right moments you are
a wise and serious adult! You 
see beyond the flaws to the 
the heart of people! You don't
excuse bad behavior, or even
surround yourself with it!
However you do try to 
understand it! Your
compassion is beyond most!
 I love you so much darling daughter,
and feel so blessed by our close friendship.
There are no words to Thank you  enough,
for all that you do for me daily! How caring,
loving and thoughtful you are with me!
You deserve amazing things in your
 life everyday! I'm wishing you all
your hearts desires, a life filled 
with joy and love everyday!
Happy Thirty second Birthday Darling!

What are some of your quirky guilty pleasures?
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