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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Embracing the NEW

I am only sharing digital art again this week because my painting mojo is horrendous on hiatus right now! I think I am more in a writing digital creative stint since I've been sick!
A big thank you to Sheila who suggested " getting a grip on the new" as a subject I tackle!

The world has changed  drastically from a place I once knew. Not all in a bad way either. Somethings are very exciting. In my day, colour TV,  microwaves, a walkman, video cameras and renting movies/video games was a big deal. Something my parents never enjoyed to the extent I did!! Now social media has opened up a whole new world to everyone, young and old! A place where the  advanced style blog went viral, became a book, then a documentary. It's a place where advertisers thread together adorable youtube videos to make fun television commercials. It's where artists are found and licensed! It's a place where anyone and anything can go viral and change your life forever!!

 Some people are still out of the loop. It's a big scary change if you don't completely understand it. The world is faster now, news is captured instantly, broadcast via internet and outdated by the time it hits the television or newspapers. Tangible magazines are almost obsolete. In fact a big majority of the younger generation don't have cable. They select and watch shows on their  home computers, tablets and phones! They get news feeds and know seconds after something happens.
When I first started blogging a few friends warned that anything I posted could never be published. In  the 70's my dad said fifty thousand was too much to pay for a house!! I'm thankful I always took my own road! Houses are now several hundreds of dollars and authors are expected to have a blog or website.
Several people have changed their blog names over the year, starting new! . Which is fine if you don't care about your google credibility. One artist  had a blog for years, then let it lapse, even when you do a google image search barely any of her images are there!  You may not realize how much will show up on a google search, but a lot of your work is there!! I've  made it a habit to take my name when any new social media appears! That way I am assured to have Happytiler..... which if you don't know already...is to  honour my first love, playing scrabble.... so I am a happy tiler!! It may not suit the course I'm on now, but I've had it so long I'd not want to relinquish all I've built with that name!
A television program featured a few Canadian artists a month back, after the show I   I google searched them... disappointed I was only able to find one...I'm sure there were other interested viewers  who may have considered purchasing their work, but there was no way to locate what they do.... it's was a wasted opportunity!!

Another lbusiness owner has their instagram set to private, when she was traveling she had her photo taken with a celebrity, who then put the photo on their instagram. That  photo could have sent so many new  followers to the business owners instagram which in turn could have been some great support  and new opportunities  for her business. 
The other day I heard of a fellow with a "man bun" went viral, and is now in commercials and acting. You just never know what might click!  We saw a young singer several years ago at the local fair, she worked the local circuit over ten years  and wasn't discovered until she was seen on youtube..She's very popular now!. Guess who that is? You may want to call her, Maybe!!
Now if you want to jump ahead in life you have to play the numbers game... Instagram and twitter seem to be the rage... Facebook is completely bombarded with advertisements, half the time you don't get your friend updates! In almost any industry to do with the arts they will ask you how many followers you have before they invest in you! Sadly this is the way of the future...it can be exciting too, because that means ANYONE can have an opportunity if they work at it, or want it bad enough!
Cupcake has a very casual instagram posting her life, still she gets offered products to try because she is an influencer! Several of her photos  have landed in local news articles and the newpaper giving her credit.  Last week one of her tweets got her free tickets to Lion King production which she had wanted to attend really bad, but having seen it twice already she couldn't justify purchasing tickets once again!
A young female employee Cupcake had, has  built a very lucrative business with her instagram. She's had many stumbles and falls along the way but now she is a very successful cosmetic tattoo artist with a four to five month waiting list, she's an eyeglass model, Fashion blogger sent hundreds of dollars of products to test and review,  she is  very involved in the fashion world, just bought her first house! When she started on instagram, I'm sure she had no idea how far things would go.This week she hit fifty thousand followers!! It's a very powerful medium to get your work out there! You just never know who might be scrolling through your work!! For some of the newer artists on instagram, don't forget to use Hashtags, which is this symbol # in front of a word. More about Hashtags here!
So many new opportunities out there!! It can be a very exciting time for people, depending on how they look at it!

How are you finding navigating the new world of social media?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

No Party for me!

 I've been sick so not much was accomplished
this week. Not really in a party mood!!
Spring Sunset Credit Pepperpf
 I look  like a shar pei
its not a pretty look for me.
I won't be taking any selfies 
anytime soon. Not that I ever do.
I am more of an ussie girl.
 Flower in Spring Photo Credit Pepperpf
 I have nothing smart to say today. Just sharing how
 spring looks around here,
courtesy of Cupcakes photos on her new phone!
 My car got scratched by an elderly guy as he 
attempted to back out of his parking spot!
Hopefully we can have it polished out. At least the guy
left  a note with his number.
Spring Flowers photo Credits Pepperpf
  Cupcake and Beardo have been taking great care of me!

That's all....gotta go take another horse pill!!

How about you, do you have anyone who takes 
care of you when you're under the weather?

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Certain paint tones, Paint Party Friday

First off I want to thank each and everyone of you for all the wonderful comments on my 9th blogversary last week... all your comments were beautiful and endearing. I appreciate them so much!! I feel blessed to have connected with such a supportive group of creative souls!!
Click the images for better impact!

Except for the yellow and orange I decided to play with  a few tones of colour I detest! Once completed I felt desperate to try a few colour edits hoping  better tones would appear! 
Sure enough this one came close to acceptable for my  art taste, except for her green pants! Wrong, wrong, just all kinds of wrong for my liking. Haven't seen that colour tone since the flea market where little old ladies attempt to sell perfectly crocheted quilts in vintage tones of old wool found hidden in cupboards from years past! Don't get me wrong nothing excites me more than the many tones of green that appear on trees and shrubbery in  Spring. Plus many young people are all over those vintage coloured quilts. For me the wrong tones in my art makes my eyes hurt almost as much as orange against my skin can! And I LOVE orange,  I'm even considering ordering some orange dishes this week. I just can't wear it! Eww I don't like the background or the pants on the following image either!!
 Some colour tones clash, yet I can really enjoy these same colours in other artists work or in some home decor. It just doesn't represent my soul which is full of many versions of vibrant pinks, purples, orange, greens and blacks! When I figure out why I'm so in love with vibrant colours I'd let you know...Maybe I'm just a  tacky character with a quirky sense of the world...lol Oops here comes that green again...ugh

I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter. Good Friday we spent at Cupcakes in-laws. Six toddlers including a set of twins and a whole whack of all ages  grandchildren were like busy bees buzzing everywhere!  One family seems noisier than all the others put together! The little ones were so fun to watch...but  I noticed the colour drain right out of the face of one middle  aged mother, whose quiet preteen daughter didn't leave her side!  I could only imagine my own face. I had a great time and  adore seeing all the adult children  with their offspring, but I was pretty tired the following two days, in fact all week.

I have always loved making digital art by just squiggling a line or two and seeing what transpires from that. The two above images appeared  from that process, along with a thought! 
This one and the  following  four were created several years ago. They took a lot longer from  conception and aren't quite as crazy but oh so fun to create! I always admire those who feel confident in their  own style! My  latest characters were done quicker with more freedom.
 It's all of part of my process to finding my own unique style!  
I hear people have ideas that come to them in dreams, in the shower or in a vision during meditation. Often artist have an idea of what they will paint long before they lay brush to canvas! Although I often have that with a poem or words, the only time I have a fore thought of what to create is when it's for a charity event, a birthday, or for a seasonal occasion, such as Easter or Christmas.
Other than that I either lay paint or squiggle lines to find an image on the page. I have tried copying images  from photos, but I am rarely satisfied.  I get frustrated when I try to draw by hand it just doesn't seem to be my thing. Sometimes I feel I'm going backwards with this art thing!!
Do you feel confident with where your creativity is going?
How do you decide what to create? Where is your 
starting point?
Do you prefer my older contrived digital pieces
or the new  looser quick quirky ones?

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Happy Easter Nine Years, Nine things!!

Digital art...click to enlarge for full impact!

March 30th marked nine years of blogging!!
It no longer feels as significant...it's just a lifestyle. I used to blog daily 
and now it's weekly.
Some weeks are harder to get it together than others! This week I managed to get a few 
ideas into draft so I can elaborate later. I even had a blogger friend suggest a 
great subject!! If anyone out there is interested is throwing a idea my way
just shoot me an email....
 I am always open to new ideas or subject matter 
as well as good questions!
So I thought this would be the perfect week to explore 
9 positive and negative sides to blogging!

The negative side of blogging for nine years!!
1, Some of my art and blog posts from the beginning are terrible and should be deleted! 
2, Some of my really great posts from the beginning have never been read!
3, It's a long time to blog so at times it's difficult to remember back whether your idea has already been addressed!
4, Blogging can feel a bit narcissistic at times! "I" can really get sick of myself at times.... especially when "I" use the word "I" too much!!
5,The  original reason I started  blogging has changed immensely over time, taking a different road as my legacy! There are less photos and more artwork!

6, Sometimes you're not sure why you blog....yet there's an  internal pressure to keep it going!! That's when the content quality lacks!!
7, There are times I really regret some of the artwork I've put out there!!
8, At times I feel internal pressure to be better than I am artistically..... especially lately since I started going through instagram. The saving grace is that I know I am a one of a kind!!
9, It's difficult not to throw age into the equation of my experience and still see things through current eyes!!

 The positive Side of Blogging for Nine Years!

1, I love blogging because like minded people gather to share thoughts and ideas!
2, It's a way to express myself where people are willing to listen and comment thoughtfully!
3,It has been such a good lesson of self exploration, I have learned so much 
 about myself and the evolution of my creativity!
4, It helps  me stay disciplined and on  track creating.

5,In planning posts beautiful positive energy fills my brain  where negative thoughts could take root!
6, It's a place to purge a quandary, or new ideas and get great feedback!
7, It's a way to preserve the history of thought and creativity, not to mention events!
8, It's a place to grow and flourish, with art, words and wonderful new friends!
9, Lastly  it's a  place to express some of what I have learned over a lifetime!

Nine Things I have Learned while blogging Nine Years!!

1, It's very important to read other blogs, to generate a kinship, get new ideas and be inspired!!
2 While focusing on blog ideas you look at the world in a new way. Things to create and new things to say....it revs the creative juices!!
3 Blogging feeds a creative hunger that could otherwise lead  to unhappiness, depression and searching for the trivial things to fill a void!
4 All forms of creative expression are good!! You never need to copy anyone since we all have our own personal style that needs an outlet!! There is no other you!!

5 One hundred people can draw the exact same thing and all one hundred pieces of art can be interesting and fun to explore!
6 No matter who negates what you do you must continue to do what you are passionate about until it no longer fuels your fire!! Social media has become a way of life. We must all learn about it to stay current!

7 Blogging can eat up a lot of your time.  I have learned  many things can take precedence over blogging so you need to schedule time for it, and teach others the importance of your blog and creative time!!
8 Blogging can divert you from stressful everyday issues, it can also be  a wonderful stage to purge thoughts and  ideas you may feel alone with! Not to mention comments often inspire new thought!!
9 I have learned that I think about and really care for those in  blogland, pray for them when they are ill or have issues, worry about their well being, and truly wish them well! I am excited when they succeed or have triumphs, I'm happy for anything good that happens in their life!  I am grateful for each and everyone I have ever had an interaction with. Thank you a million thank yous for sticking with me over the years!! I have met some truly beautiful creative peaceful souls!! 

What is the most significant thing you have learned from blogging?

Happy Easter to all who celebrate!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Creative Blip, Paint Party Friday

Sinister Bunny click to enlarge!
Some people create with intention, I create with wild abandon. I've seen a young university student create art pieces to provoke.  Being self taught I tend to create willy nilly. From a young age I have always needed to release my creative energy.
Click to enlarge for a better perspective!

Every quiet moment  alone seemed to conjure up some kind of creative project whether it was crocheting, designing a dress I couldn't find in the stores, or designing my own style diaper bag with a fold out blanket to change baby on.  Everything in my midst needed a coat of paint to match things, poems needed to be written during hard times, and my life always needed colour!!  Sometimes a pretty tchotcheke  inspired a bathroom or bedroom makeover!!  At that time I had no idea I was on a creative mission. I was just decorating and doing,  out of creative necessity!!

As a teen a long red corduroy button up dress was worn as a coat, while I  crocheted a red and white  star hat to match. I baked and cleaned a lot,  always trying to use up that creative energy. So this week when my creative mojo took a rest, I was not a happy camper... I started five new paintings in my art journal and not one has turned out. It's either half done, too contrived or overly work to an ugly stage. 

Now that I am trying to post on instagram with regularity I feel pressure to create at a regular pace. I am posting old work peppered with new pieces. However this week I had nothing acceptable to share to Paint Party Friday.  So I resorted to my loft PC to squiggle  some digital lines in hopes of producing something digital. Thankfully that's a method that works for me and thankfully  these few pieces came to light!

One showed up after a conversation with Cupcake as she has worked 13 days in a row many days eleven hours as she  cautiously searches  for new reliable employees. The Sinister bunny came secondary! Cupcake hates with a passion the face...those smiles that appear are like the ugly clowns we both despise! Seriously these pieces show up without much thought, from squiggly lines. I feel my words are my only true contribution. They are what they are, whether they are liked or not is irrelevant I guess. I have yet to fully understand the creative process...I just know it needs to rear it's ugly head at times or you feel you might go crazy...it's like that itch you can't scratch...it just has to be!!  

Over the years friends and family have said I should design cards...more for the inner writing than the outer artwork. However I never seem to stay focused long enough on one 
subject matter. I do however admire those  like Tascha  who manages to stay on track with   adorable characters. 
How about you, do you have creative chaos in your life? 
Do you have your fingers in many creative pies, or do 
you have a rigid plan you stick to? I resort to digital art when 
at a loss of where to go, what do you resort to?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Going Back Paint Party Friday

Seventeen years later my former dream home that I enjoyed for nine years is again for sale! I had a jaunt through the photos. Reminiscing the wonderful times spent there raising my daughter.  A time I strove for perfection! A time when life was very social and full of excitement. Not always in a good way either!

Life has changed, I have changed, big time! Sadly there were a few changes to the house too! Not quite enough, and not in a good way! Viewing the photos I felt like walking into a time warp! Plush pink carpets in some of the main rooms! The wrong colours blended....although they are light colours it was an artists version of finger nails against a chalkboard! 
Cupcake and I  knew we could never go back. Feeling grateful for where we are even though my former dream home is worth twice what my place is now! Sometimes there is just way more value in having less that is more suited to your lifestyle. Sometimes it's better to be grateful for what is, rather than what isn't!
We need many upgrades to this place, even so, it still has more comfort to offer than our old place! Both physically and mentally!
I love my place, but I dream of winning the lottery home and having a suite so the kids
can have there own space with a large back yard for their children to run in. Yet where we live everything is so incredibly convenient, within walking distance and very affordable!
Sometimes the dream changes and that's okay.
 It's good to realize several dreams in your lifetime!

Do you love where you live? Do you wish you could go back to another place in time????
 What are your new dreams??
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