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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Layers with A Burst of Joy paint party friday

Paint Party Friday

" A Burst of Joy" finally finished!
Inspired by one of my favorite older paintings here!

I have a large ugly upright piano that's been with me 50 years. I  have always wanted to paint  it! Beardo insists that I don't touch the beloved rosewood melody maker he has now claimed. Instead he brought me this tiny piano to revamp for Charity. Beardo has been complimenting me daily on my paint job! He tells me he loves it!
It's being included in an  auction  for the  music therapy program at Childrens Hospital  that he's facilitating at work! 
Before version of the Tiny working "Shelf Piano" for a charity auction!
I was so nervous to do this project. Especially with such a  high gloss finish to cover up! I fought with it, as paint  chipped off the pre sanded and gessoed piano. So many intricate bits to tape and avoid. I am so grateful for the many many coats of varnish that made  the colour pop and protected the paint ! It is exciting  to be part of the lineup doing these pianos  Hopefully I can blog about the whole display in the next week or so!  
I have made the first bid on my piano!

I'm envious of artists who create thin layered paintings perfectly in one try. But that's not me! I tend to create thick bulky layers! I love searching the strokes of paint for images too. Since I was a child I'd searched patterns in wallpaper, on towels, or sheets, in the clouds, or on a floor, for any different form than was presented!  My eye would study blankly searching for images other than what immediately appeared. Maybe why I was called a daydreamer by many a teacher! Today it's called meditating. Of course school wasn't exactly the best place to zone out practice it! 

   I love the intricate layers of humans in all their frailties, their joy and sorrow.  The layers of experience  that forms how they think and what they believe in!  I like to know the essence of their soul!   It's all so very interesting to me! I have always been one to search beyond what is presented by  human beings too!  
 As the pendulum swings from happiness to grief the holidays can be difficult for those suffering loss or illness! What's worked best for me is a diversion from the normal routine. Change it up. Keep the past as a sacred memory, but don't be afraid to change the way you do things!

 When  first divorced I tried painfully to keep things the same so Cupcake  would feel  secure.  Leaving photos as they were, and sticking to a normal routine the best I could until she adjusted. However during the holidays I had to change a few things! While navigating the  emotional chaos of divorce there were a few seasons void of spirit so we focused on giving to others.  It  brought us such joy diverting our own sorrows, while replanting the spirit and filling us up. It has carried on through the years.
The back of the tiny piano
Even when we didn't have  the fiscal means to give monetarily, there were so many other ways to give. Asking others for charitable donation in a non monetary way for a homeless shelter, donating crocheted hats, socks, scarves and time. Gathering up unused coats for the homeless. Baking for a busy single mom or dear friend. Helping a single mom wrap Christmas gifts or minding her children while she shops alone. Finding people who may need a little extra and sharing it. Introducing a shut in to their own creativity.  Putting together little baskets for those single moms struggling through the season, the elderly and those who would never ask for help.
People seem more willing to give if you initiate the action. Met with disdain as she shopped for coupon items, the moment Cupcake  mentioned the items were being donated to a woman's shelter the cashiers  demeanor would abruptly change as they too offered up help!  Giving is contagious and once people hear what you're doing they want to join in, even customers waiting in line behind her seemed less impatient! With social media it's been easier to spot people in our midst that could use a hand up, so that's what we do now!
When life is tough, holidays can be rough. I say treat yourself like your own best friend.
Spoil yourself a bit, do something different that you have always wanted to try!
Create new layers!!
What will you change up this holiday season so you can cope or help someone else cope?

As a Canadian we Celebrate Thanksgiving in October so I would like to take this time to say Happy Thanksgiving to my beautiful American friends, I hope you celebrate with love!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sneak Peek Paint Party Friday

A sneak peek at the Charity piano I'm working on. It's a lot more work
 than expected but I am really enjoying it and there are still lots of mistakes to fix.! I'm on a bit of a time crunch so it's all I've had time for this week. Here are a couple of sides, 
and a few digital colour edits just for fun!
When Cupcake was little I hate to admit Christmas was overly abundant. 
Let's face it, my kid got WAY too much!! I was able to keep Santa a secret 
for several years! However Santa only gave her one unwrapped
 gift and a stocking!
 Working a full time, shopping after work, baking and wrapping presents until the wee hours is quite a feat for any woman! No way should Santa take the credit for all that!!  I wanted my child to appreciate where things came from. A jolly fictitious character was no measure for
all that mom did!
  I  worried less fortunate children would feel inferior if my child was
 gifted more from Santa than they were! I figured one gift 
was a safe bet.
One year I fooled Cupcake by duplicating a gift in her stocking and wrapping the other
for under the tree.  Then I told her that Santa and I got our wires 
crossed!! I hid her gifts in plain sight, places she walked past daily.
 I told her the gifts were stored at a friends house!
 Not once did she find them early.
I don' believe in lying to children, and promised her I'd only tell fibs 
 during the holidays so I could surprise her! To this day she hates 
surprises, but it's not because of those wonderful Christmases 
we enjoyed when she was a child.
Together every October we'd purged her bedroom 
donating to charity, making space for new things. 
Last night we went through a lot of my old nick knacks
and donated them to charity today! Funny how the tables turn!
One year Cupcake wanted a crawling doll for Christmas, she got it from Santa
but was so disappointed at how hard the doll was. After that
she inspected all the toys at the store  before any purchases were made!
And an advertizing skeptic was born!
Cupcake remembers those 
Christmases with such fondness as do I!
If I had it to do all over again I'd have bought way less!
Now as an adult Cupcake makes sure to buy well 
thought out really special things for her nieces and 
nephews as well as less fortunate children of single moms! 
Some of my favorite memories were attending Christmas eve church services.
Watching children's Christmas concerts, singing Christmas Carols
in our old neighbourhood and baking for friends!
I also loved having our dear friends over for Christmas eve card 
games and seasonal visits with friends. 
Christmases are different now but enjoyable just the same!
What are some of your favorite holiday memories?
A few weeks back my blogger friend Sharon emailed this Character she made
for me!! I love it! Thank you Sharon for your lovely friendship! 
You can find Sharon's blog at Sharon Art Inspiration.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Card Reject Paint Party Friday!

Art is subjective and we all have different tastes! I have never professed to be good at drawing or painting. I have always been about the colour. Big bold beautiful colour that I just can't live without! If you asked me why I couldn't answer you. I just know it's like a drug for me and I'm addicted. Surprisingly I mostly wear black!
Unfinished reject
 So when Cupcake said she HATED my Santa I laughed. Her disdain was funny as she repeated Hate, Hate Hate over and over which is a swear word in our house!! I knew all along she would. I was experimenting with this years Christmas cards... who knew it would be met with such rejection!! I'm still giggling....
 Well I must confess, I knew all along she would hate it!! So I didn't even bother to finish the Bad Santa. I giggled as I showed it to Beardo who also started laughing. He would never use the word hate, but his reaction was fun none the less and as he commented that it looks like Liza Minelli...I could barely contain myself I was laughing so hard!
Cupcake hates his smile and eyes, and his hat IS disproportionate and he is too feminine!
My idea was to start with a big friendly smile. If I can get a bit of comedy in my Christmas cards I'm happy!! However my transgender  "Bad Santa" didn't make the mark this year!!
Back to the drawing board for me!!
 I agree with Cupcake..but the smile still makes me giggle and let's face it, Santa really is Mama!!
Of course Cupcake was apologizing that she didn't like it, and I just laughed even harder! Instead I thanked her for her honesty!   I love that they are both so honest. We don't all like the same things, that is the bottom line! Life would be so boring if we did!!
This is another card reject because I am owled out! Actually it's not enough fun, but Cupcake liked it and I don't!
I am never insulted if someone doesn't like my creativity!! I am so picky about what I surround myself with that I would be the last person to subject someone to my tastes!! So many great styles of artwork to love and dislike! If I can produce a smile, or a giggle with my images that's good enough for me!!
Thankfully we can all laugh together about our crazy antics and creative boo boos!
I love to laugh and nothing brings me more joy than a real good giggle!! 

Who in your life do you love like to share your mistakes with the most, other than no one?

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Joy thief, Paint Party Friday

Paint Party Friday

It hasn't been a very productive week creatively, life got in the way,  so I am sharing things I did  a while back. Beardo brought home a little functioning piano that he wants me to paint to auction off for Childrens hospital! I'll be working on that it this week!

There was a group on facebook " You know your from North Van if" I would lurk the pages reading all the shared memories of the city I was born in. It gave me a sense of great joy to see photos of old haunts I frequented in my youth. Appreciating the wise young man who snapped  so many  mundane pictures back in the day!
With such a magnitude of change over the years we  can now all enjoy those historical photos with new eyes! Memories can now be easily shared and discussed online! 
People would chat about the old roller rink  that I practically lived in  as a teen. Stories about the rec center, theatres and  a quaint cafe built in the 1930's was shared there.  Anyone could read the great bits of history on that  page.
I can't tell you the thrill it was to  anonymously peek in from time to time  to see if there were any new photos, or conversations of historical  interest for me. I learned so much I never knew as a child. 
Some people  have aged better than others, many successful, many very creative. Some I only  knew as acquaintances. I now realize I hung with mostly arty types even in high school.
I left the vicinity early, before I was twenty. I was raised there and have  such fond memories of the neighbourhood I passionately trekked through for years!  I love to read as others reminisce about  the people and the city!

Autumn changes are  late this year. I took this today when the sun shone for a moment during a very stormy day!
Recently, during a moment of nostalgia I went back to that page but it had been locked down. 
Digital color change on autumn trees!
You have to join the page now! Someone,  decided to control it. All  the lovely photos of my childhood are blocked from sight!  I can no longer anonymously enjoy the page.

 I can't send Cupcake over to look at the cool photos from  my past. To see anything one must now join the page! Ho hum.... so I was wondering what makes some people so controlling over simple things!

Not once did I see an inappropriate conversation. Rarely was anything too personal!  I did observe  an administrator complaining about one fellow  posting too many photos...but seriously this guy documented many parts of the city in different eras  just as I remember it! 

I was so thrilled those photos were preserved depicting the city as it used to be! Photos I used to find boring,  are now wonderfully documented pieces of history that could never be replaced! I loved viewing them from an adult  perspective!
My brother stayed in the area a lot longer and loves bumping into old cronies. 
I'm much more private, hate small talk and prefer a more simple life!
So I won't likely join, besides it would only sabotage my creative time....
it was so fun lurking on occasion while it lasted!

Have you ever come up against a control freak who put a thorn in your side, 
stealing a little joy from your life?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween Paint Party Friday

Not all monsters are in costume! They can be integrated in our midst. Warm, friendly, full of smiles! Veiled in goodness, or so it would appear! They are trusted, kind and full of life! They can be successful, intelligent, and generous. They can be dear friends, pillars of society, coaches, volunteers  or our spouses! We support them in their everyday choices, love their perspectives and enjoy their company! Should anyone dispute who they are we defend them!

Behind closed doors  their insidious personality is revealed....doing  untoward things. Leaving victims in their wake!  Victims terrified of confronting them or revealing their nefarious  behavior to anyone, let alone authorities! Freeing  the cocky monster to arrogantly flaunt his daily disguise. None being the wiser!
 Victims of all ages hide behind their shame. Deathly afraid no one will believe them.The monster stays the victor! Hiding behind all his good deeds and flawlessly honed facade! After all who wouldn't believe a monster dressed in a harmless jesters suit?   A jester who has built a reputation of success and honor.
Victims feel  helpless, afraid of more ridicule, intimidation and abuse. They stay silent. Carry the baggage of their marring experience, knowing the truth revealed  could  be held  to the light of scrutiny by men, women, friends, family and community. The monster counts on that. He has the power, content victims will never tell! Arrogantly he hides behind their fear and shame
Should the secret be revealed, landing in the courts, only one percent 
doubt needs to be presented for the monster to be set free!
 Women and Children are too often victims of abuse they never speak about. Without proper language to describe their degrading experiences they stay silent. Many families are cloaked in secrets  never told. Many of those stories lay dormant behind excess pounds and addiction until victims decide  to find recovery.
Often a large majority are so willing to stand behind the  monster in his charming  confidence!
Leaving victims to stand alone in their less attractive, shame, fear, and addiction! 

 One thing we aren't likely to  know about our friends, family and neighbors are their carnal habits and desires!  You NEVER know what goes on in the bedroom of your neighbors home!
Have you ever kept a secret you wish you hadn't?

 Happy Halloween!!  I hope it's spook-tacular!

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