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Thursday, August 27, 2015

When it's Complicated! Paint Party Friday

Decorated envelope instead of wrapping paper, acrylic and washi tape!
 Have you ever noticed how sometimes life is complicated?
Often too complicated to explain yourself. Anytime
one has a crisis, does a home renovation,  has an illness, 
a divorce, are grieving, or just plain worn out, life can get 
Digital Colour  Change
 Usually when this happens you are functioning on empty
so when anyone asks anything of you it's hard to comply!
Please be sure to forgive yourself when you say no!
Sometimes you have to say no! Sometimes it hurts others,
but for your own sanity you have to do it! 
I'm telling you that's okay! 
Give yourself permission to say NO!
Other side of the envelope! So fun to create!
When you live with an illness, or grief, or a crisis,
you are enmeshed in the mess of it all day long.
You don't necessarily feel like sharing all the gritty
details or explaining yourself....sometimes
you just want a reprieve  to do your own thing!
So do it!!
Image created for a card
 There is a possibility there will be judgement or hurt feelings.
Again if a person knows you and truly understands your
character they won't take it personally! Hopefully
they will give you the space, and the  benefit of doubt
 that you may need a bit of silence to finish a project,
grieve peacefully, heal,unscramble a crisis or adapt 
to a new way of life!

 Sadly that is not always the case and relationships
can be put in peril. I have a rule with friendship. 
Always know your friends have the best intentions! 
So when you have hurt feelings you can resort to the
 thought that your dear friend would never intentionally 
hurt you! If they're caring souls and always treat others
well, you know they don't want to hurt you 
in any way! Therefore the misunderstanding
is probably somethings they are wrestling with...  
Let them, and love them anyway!
 However if someone has an addiction it's 
feasible there are those who will 
refuse to witness the disintegration of 
a person into  a mere ash of their
true self!  They may just be sick
and tired of toxic worry that hangs
 out with drama!
 Rightfully so!
Love them from afar! 
Either way sometimes life is complicated and we
just have to leave it at that and know eventually
things will straighten out into your semblance 
of normal!
It's pickle time!! Cupcake and I both wanted to do
up pickles this year. So this week I have been a 
pickle lady. It's always way more fun doing it with 
a friend. A couple of jars didn't seal, so the three of us
 ate a whole jar of pickles in one sitting they're delicious! 
I can only imagine how good they'll be in two months!!  
In the meantime Cupcake went out and bought thirty more 
pounds of pickling cukes! So guess what I'm doing tonight?

I was so excited that I found my moms recipe in her
hand writing. When I bit into that first homemade
pickle it brought back so many childhood memories, 
 of my mom and of cheddar cheese
and pickle sandwiches for lunch day after day!
Now I know why I loved them!

Moms Dill Pickles

16 cups of water
4 cups of vinegar
1 cup of pickling salt
fresh dill and dill seeds or
 (dill weed instead of the seeds)
Two cloves of garlic for each jar
we use more!

We oven sealed them 
instead of the water bath!
Many friends have done 
that over the years!

We soaked them in ice water
too!! Nice and crunchy!

 The last month Beardo has spent his holidays 
and pretty much every day off building a wrap
around desk for our loft! It's 75 percent done.
The desk is in the living room along with 
many pieces of cupboards and drawers as he 
layers it with paint! The house is a wonderful
creative schmozzle right now!

Isn't this a terrible combination of colour! Some colours just aren't right together!

 While we were pickling Cupcake said," The creative muse is here,
she seems to  like a messy house"...and I piped up
" Well I don't," we all laughed so happy to at least
be making things!

Two random interesting gals I saw in a photo, couldn't help but sketch them!
 They are a work in progress as I await my 
derwent inktense colour blocks! Susi was my inspiration as 
she sketched a face last week and always has new fun ideas!
 This is what is happening to the trees around here! The drought like
hot weather has them sadly turning way too early! Amazing how they 
adapt! Tomorrow the rain starts and I am so looking forward to 
the long awaited rainfall! Let's hope it happens!

 Does your life get complicated at times to the point you just don't want to have to explain yourself?

Friday, August 21, 2015

The gratitude feeling

I created a few cute pieces last week but I can't share them yet!
Instead I'm sharing a few journal pages I touched up and 
garden tags made for Cupcake.
 I have always said my  child is my greatest teacher. But
 I had to be willing to see it!  Cupcake was born grateful for
everything I gave and did for her from a very
 young age. Several times a day she would randomly t
thank me for things completely
 out of the blue. It was always surprising, but made it 
so easy to indulge her. Nothing sweeter
 than a sincerely grateful  child.
What you toss out does it come back?
Sure I taught Cupcake manners...but there is a big difference 
from using manners of thanks and actually feeling gratitude! 
I drove one child to school daily. She repeatedly thanked
me out of habit, afraid of the wrath of her strict parents.
Garden tags before painting them...forgot to take photos...
Another little  girl a few years older than Cupcake  used to
hop in the car and hop out without a word said. 
No matter how I tried to engage she would ignore  me.  
Thankfully her  brother chatted!! Eventually I stopped 
driving her. She has a little one now, I wonder if she 
will teach her children manners or gratitude!
First coat of paint....mounted on my ugly paint stained lap desk...I have two..
 Anyone can habitually thank you because it's  the polite proper 
thing to do. Feeling grateful is what makes you rich.  
Manners matter, but true gratitude is so much
 bigger than courtesy!

Although I've felt grateful the majority of my life there have 
been a few times when I've been thankful but lacking
 appreciation.Thanks paired with appreciation 
goes beyond etiquette to 
the glorious feeling of gratitude. 
Cupcake was so grateful for these painted garden tags to mark her herbs!
I've always been incredibly grateful for my living
 conditions, and the rich country I was fortunate enough 
to be born into! For a long time I never realized my constant practice of gratitude brought
 so much unexpected wonder into my life!

I always felt very fortunate even during toughest times!
 I'd just look around me, past the broken fridge,
the dead dishwasher, the unreliable car, and bills 
to the beauty of colour, things I'd accumulated
 my healthy child, roof over my head, food in 
the cupboard and feel  so blessed!

I'm so glad I live with a gratitude junkie rather than
a doom and gloomer. Cupcake  attracts so many nice
 things things and experiences! Oh sure there are
struggles but it's so much easier to get through
 them when you appreciate everything else.
 Do you appreciate, your skills, your home, your
  comforts, your life, despite your struggles?
Let me take this time to thank everyone who visits my blog
weekly. Whether to spy my art, or read my thoughts I appreciate
all of you so much! A sincere thank you for the amazing comments
you come up with! Those comments, more than not, are the 
inspiration for new posts!! So thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Parents are just Human Paint Party Friday

A gift I gave myself is teaching my child at a very young age
that I too have feelings, that I'm  only human! Admitting I don't
know everything, don't always have a solution, and may not always
 have the answers! It's way harder to fall off a pedestal if you're
 never on it!  I preferred being seen as a mother who loves 
her implicitly,  will protect her at all costs, stands by  to support 
her physically and emotionally. Rather than lording over her,
 all I think, believe and know!!
A very old painting I redid.... exactly how I've felt a few days this week!
My child has  a realistic view of who I am as I age!
She can appreciate my situation with compassion. 
 Not as the mom constantly doing, but as the mom that also
 got tired of doing it all!  Interestingly she still asks for my opinion.
 I rarely asked my mothers views, she volunteered  them
 whether I wanted them or not!

   I observe middle aged parents, and grandparents with a different eye!
 I see when they are tired and need the help, yet  their children
 are often oblivious, piling more work and expectations on them!
  I've seen an older parent works through the pain with a 
slight  sharpness of tone as they mask their suffering! Just
 grateful to have their children and grandchildren present,hiding
 their exhaustion, knowing the  alternative would 
mean  less visits! 
 There comes a time when children in their late thirties
early forties needs to step up to the plate and do
the bulk of the work. Taking the pressure off their elder
parents. Doing it with compassion so their parents 
still feel worthy. Bringing more prepared food to a family function.
 Paying their own way, making more effort. Understanding why 
a mother hasn't kept up the yard because she was so
 exhausted  babysitting toddlers everyday!
Another ICAD,,,,I made it up to  72 but I am so done with them now!!

Understanding that just because an elder persons 
memory isn't perfect, doesn't mean they have dementia. 
 Requisitioning answers to things might be on the back burner
or take more time as they struggle with the aches and pains
of aging. Answers may be  lost in the jumble
of many years of information trapped in their mind,
along with pending expectations!

 As I observe my children taking over the bulk of the work, planning
things they want in the garden, completely different than anything
I'd have thought of planting I see just how much responsibility I 
had on my own for many years! It's kind of surreal to observe all
 that I did, and all that doesn't get done now. I really was 
a super woman for way too many years!
Also my pink haired girl was inspired by this collage piece and this video done by Katherinejeannewood
My Inspiration is Claire who  does beautiful girls with colored hair!
There comes a time when you absolutely need to pass the torch.
If your children aren't getting it, you need to explain how it's their
turn! I've watched an aging father continue to  pay for his adult child's
cell phones as they feel entitled.  I've seen retired parents let their
 adult sons live rent free, and continue to bring friends around
to  raid the fridge like teenagers while they smoke in the front yard! 
Too many times adult children are too involved in their own life to 
realize their parents might be struggling too!
Icad Possible glowing star!

I am so proud of my Cupcake who offers up her seat on the train
for anyone she notes in pain! Or runs to assist  with a bottle of
water for an older male who is seemingly bent  over in 
distress on a hot day! She's aware, helpful, thoughtful and kind
 because she has empathy, and she sees me struggle
 as a human being.
I'm proud that my daughter always brings enough
where ever she goes. That she stands beside her mother
in law like a daughter and helps. That she digs in whenever
she can. That she actually sees the injustice of one older
women doing the lions share of work while everyone else
enjoys themselves on her time and dime!
I remember the day I looked at my dad and realized
he was aging. His arms had lost the muscle.
  Although I had no expectations from my parents
since the age of seventeen, it wasn't until they were 
gone that I realized they were just regular human beings
with possible weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  I think I 
always saw them as having power over me. Everything they 
said mattered more than it really should have.  For some reason  
we sometimes see parents  more, as icons, and consummate
nurturers!  Rather than people having a human experience!

Do you ever feel taken advantage of! Is there more on your plate
than should be at this time in your life? Do you need to express
yourself more and set boundaries?

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Focus Paint Party Friday

Click to enlarge

I recently wrote a tribute post to my son in law Beardo,
it's long drawn out, repetitive, super mushy with piles 
of photos! If you're interested in reading more about
this special young man and wish him a Happy
Birthday go here!
Otherwise I will carry on with Paint party Friday

 I have recently been working on a 
  digital line and although they may not be 
for everyone I am enjoying creating
them more than anything I've done before!

The creativity flows and even the words are
born of the lines! It's fun and cathartic.
Creativity should always feel this good!

Click to enlarge and enjoy the humor!

We all have flaws but focusing on them just 
grows them into big ugly bits! Instead we
need to vigilantly focus on our good bits!
Concentrate on enhancing the wonderful 
things about ourselves and ignoring the flaws

Oh sure we can cover them up, or improve on
them. However to draw attention to them
is just plain silly! How often have we looked
at someone and thought wow they are beautiful
until they mention their nasty cankles, or 
a big old ugly toe. All of a sudden instead of 
looking at the whole beautiful picture we hone
in on the big ugly toe. The toe gets gnarlier
and uglier and soon we have forgotten how
beautiful the whole picture is.
Digital colour edit
I have noticed that with artists. They post a 
beautiful painting and then start picking it apart.
Until they mention it, I never really notice it!
I am having a full experience of that piece of 
art! Enjoying the lines, the colour, the movement
 texture and expression when all of a sudden I am now
focused on that one wonky eye, or unbalanced eyebrow
that I never noticed until they brought it to my attention!

Click to enlarge
 Life is so much happier and more beautiful if we try not to
hone in on the ugly flaws and focus on what we love
or like! Oh sure we all complain to our friends about 
this and that in an intimate conversation. It's basically our
own purge to get new perspective from a trusted friend.
But if we spend ninety percent focusing on the good about
our bodies, our life, our children and our paintings
 then we can shed that load of negativity, guilt, and 
worry we carry around and move on to better things!
Digital Colour edit
 Trust me, it makes your life experience so much lighter
and it even draws new and beautiful things to you!
When you carry around bad energy in your pocket
it seems to weigh you down and choke out the positive!
 When you carry good thoughts in your heart 
and soul they multiply, feel lighter and 
leave space for good things to occur!
Digital colour edits
Surround yourself with those who lift you up, 
see your beauty despite your flaws, and understand
your wonderful loving  positive intentions!

Do you focus on your flaws, or maybe cover them up?

For Beardo Happy Birthday 30 for 30

I have known you  thirteen glorious years and
I know why Cupcake loves you!
You truly are the kindest soul I have ever met!!!
My beautiful son in law, you were a Beardo long before it 
became the fashion!  I love you like my own child!
You're comical, witty and LOVE  to have fun!
 You are so multi talented, adore your lovely mother, can dress up
 or down, love  to build and create things, travel, and  wear
 quirky outfits  just for fun! The middle photo, taken yesterday, 
is your last  night being 29, doing what you love!
Building a wrap around desk you designed for Cupcake
 and I to share!  Who's birthday is it again?
Brotherly love!
You love life implicitly and never fail  to say so all the time! 
Life hasn't always been easy for you, but you managed
 to find the best in life and appreciate every moment of it!
As one of ten children you know  how to share everything
 with heart!  When I see you with your siblings I know there
 is such a special bond there!  You are all so beautiful together!
Brothers and sisters!
Family fun!
You know how to find joy in giving with your very
generous and charitable heart! Facilitating a charity
  to support  the children's music therapy  program 
at Children's hospital seems to bring you so much
 joy!  I love that you requisition  artist to donate 
their time to decorate new and used instruments
to be auctioned off! It takes a lot of work and follow 
up, but you're always up to the task for this 
cause near  and dear to your heart! 
Top Photo credit Pepper pf middle photo credit Kevin Hill
The fact that you  participated the underwear affair with 
such glee, and  support  Cupcake in all her  charity
 endeavors by helping her too, makes me so proud!
Epic haircut number one! 
I remember how special it was when you had 
your very long  hair cut for charity several years
back! I always loved that hair!
Even though you  are a bit  timid holding newborns
I know how much you  admire and  appreciate being
able to watch  all your nieces and nephews grow up.

Over the years you have  brought so much joy to our life!
With your kindness, wit and dependability! Your love of
  music, ability to play many instruments even though you've
 never had a lesson and can't read a note is so commendable!
Such a wonderful wordsmith and musician your compositions
always leave me in awe! Your unique lyrics and sounds are a
delight.  It's a joy to watch you revel in culture. Loving   
Concerts, festivals, musicals and band shirts!
The way you enjoy all seasons is evident by the  beautiful
sincere smile on your face taking in the surroundings.
 Living in the moment  you truly know  how to soak  
up every bit of joy life has to offer!
I love that we share a love of  hotdogs. Me the ones to eat. 
You the  ones who dress  like hot dogs, well I kind of love that 
one too! We all know you are a big wiener dog lover  and
 can be found oohing and awing over them, even cuddling
 them at times!
Quite a Leo the lion with your beautiful mop of hair. You
managed to upset the  masses when you had your
second epic haircut without giving coworkers
 and clients previous notice! Don't you look young
with barely any facial hair?
But that's okay because even though I've always loved your long
 hair. I loved it short too!  No matter how you dress  or wear your
hair you always look cool and I am always so proud to see you
 at my daughter side!! 

We also share a love of red! And as much  I love green 
you love Kelly green more than I do! Thankfully you don't love 
those colours  together! Or that might be my nightmare! 
Since I don't do red and green together, not even at Christmas!
I love that you are such a proud Canadian but love your 
dutch heritage as well! I love how you enjoy Christmas with so 
much charity and spirit, that you love  Cardigans and
 barbequing in any season!
We share a love of coffee, and you love tea, the arts, and me! 
But more than anything, you love your wife, my
precious daughter Cupcake with all your heart . 
I am blessed to witness how you  never fail  to
let her know,  by all the wonderful 
things you say and do for her daily!
Cupcake and Beardo laugh together daily
I have had the pleasure of watching a young teen blossom into an
phenomenal, skilled, confident man! For your thirtieth Birthday today
I am listing thirty things about you  I want to preserve on my blog!
So you  can look back at  all the cool things about yourself!
And know how  I felt on this day!
Happy Birthday Darling boy, you have changed my
 perspective  on  men forever!I know you are only human, 
and bound to  make mistakes here and there, but I love who
 you are, and everything you are and do for my daughter!
 I am so proud of the man you have become and continue
 to be. I love your spirit and I'm never surprised at the 
wonderful things people give you because  you always
 deserve that, and much more! You have blessed my life 
over and over again!  There isn't a day goes by I don't feel so
 grateful for you! Every single day I appreciate how caring
 and loving  you are towards me. How attentive and
 generous you are with your love and time! I love how you 
tease me and how we laugh together. I love that you are 
smart and have a wonderful unique perspective on many
 things! I love how you teach me something new almost daily!
I love how you support my art and encourage me at every
turn! I love how you tolerate my silliness, my messes, and 
my quirky ways without making me feel bad! I love that you
 truly understand me, and the love I have for you and my 
daughter! I am so happy we are able to live together in 
harmony, thank you so much for that! 
Recap Thirty Things For Thirty Years
About You!
You are the kindest soul I have ever met!!
You have the nicest selection collection of bow ties 
I have ever seen!
You have  a beautiful singing voice so full of heart!
 I love that you  play many instruments without reading
a note of music
You're a  wonderful  composer of tunes and lyrics
A unique thinker. A wonderful builder
You're a talented wordsmith, You have a lovely 
speaking voice, filled with kindness!
You're so witty and comical anytime of day!
You're  extremely generous and thoughtful!
 You are so sweet in thought and spirit
You love your family and animals deeply!
(You're an amazing husband, very kind 
respectful and helpful to your wife
Supporting  all her endeavors)
 You are so flexible, a great dancer and
 a wonderful travel companion
 You're a hard worker, and  incredible help to me and your wife
 You  love  of all types of music, any genre and are open
 to anything new You  can fix almost anything you put 
your mind too. You're  very inventive
You  love  old vintage things, including old people
People trust you and know you're honest with them
You can bake, barbeque and clean like nobodies 
business and you make the BEST grilled cheese!
You are very well liked and play well with  others!
You're an amazing helper, making breakfast and lunch daily 
I'm glad you  abhor  violence or cruelty of any kind
I love your charitable nature, having facilitated a few 
charities for Children's hospital 
You're a jack of all trades and can do whatever you set 
your mind to. You are very self disciplined when you 
want to be.  You're very smart, detail oriented, a fast learner
 and a great listener You care for me so gently and lovingly 
without needing anything in return! 

Happy 30th  Birthday Beardo you are my favorite
 male! I love you and I love your family!
So happy you came into my daughters life!
I wish for you everything wonderful and happy!
I pray that life will get easier for you and that your true
  value will be recognized and appreciated properly by others!
Wishing you an abundant life filled with all your dreams
coming true!

Love you will all my heart

Enjoy your day doing what you love!

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