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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween Paint Party Friday

Not all monsters are in costume! They can be integrated in our midst. Warm, friendly, full of smiles! Veiled in goodness, or so it would appear! They are trusted, kind and full of life! They can be successful, intelligent, and generous. They can be dear friends, pillars of society, coaches, volunteers  or our spouses! We support them in their everyday choices, love their perspectives and enjoy their company! Should anyone dispute who they are we defend them!

Behind closed doors  their insidious personality is revealed....doing  untoward things. Leaving victims in their wake!  Victims terrified of confronting them or revealing their nefarious  behavior to anyone, let alone authorities! Freeing  the cocky monster to arrogantly flaunt his daily disguise. None being the wiser!
 Victims of all ages hide behind their shame. Deathly afraid no one will believe them.The monster stays the victor! Hiding behind all his good deeds and flawlessly honed facade! After all who wouldn't believe a monster dressed in a harmless jesters suit?   A jester who has built a reputation of success and honor.
Victims feel  helpless, afraid of more ridicule, intimidation and abuse. They stay silent. Carry the baggage of their marring experience, knowing the truth revealed  could  be held  to the light of scrutiny by men, women, friends, family and community. The monster counts on that. He has the power, content victims will never tell! Arrogantly he hides behind their fear and shame
Should the secret be revealed, landing in the courts, only one percent 
doubt needs to be presented for the monster to be set free!
 Women and Children are too often victims of abuse they never speak about. Without proper language to describe their degrading experiences they stay silent. Many families are cloaked in secrets  never told. Many of those stories lay dormant behind excess pounds and addiction until victims decide  to find recovery.
Often a large majority are so willing to stand behind the  monster in his charming  confidence!
Leaving victims to stand alone in their less attractive, shame, fear, and addiction! 

 One thing we aren't likely to  know about our friends, family and neighbors are their carnal habits and desires!  You NEVER know what goes on in the bedroom of your neighbors home!
Have you ever kept a secret you wish you hadn't?

 Happy Halloween!!  I hope it's spook-tacular!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Peace begins at home! Paint Party Friday

 Paint Party Friday
I am so late posting because I completely 
changed my subject matter for this week.
This photo doesn't do this painting justice. It's richer and more vibrant in person.
Wednesday a handsome father, husband, son, soldier was 
killed on  parliament hill by a lone gunman. 

 Canadians are a peace loving people, producing many 
creative souls.  A threat to our Government was felt by all!

 Thursday business continued as usual on the hill. 
Not with hateful hearts, but with strength, defiance of fear, 
and heartache for a peaceful country's loss of innocence.
The color on this painting is less vibrant.
Although sad, I feel  prouder today than yesterday
that our Country came together holding " Strong and free" 
Government speeches were  genuinely spoken  
with conviction and a sincere emphasis on gratitude!
Velda has a green face but her color is not accurate..I have no idea why!
 Peace begins at home! 
Outside of a wonderful drive into the 
Valley I find a frenzy on the roads  these days.
  I know that life is fast and everyone is in a hurry. However what
 do we teach kids when we don't wave people into a lane,
 or let them go first at a stop sign.  
  Is courtesy a dying art?

There are so many polite and loving artists on
 Paint Party Friday..
 a wonderful example of what 
peace looks like an often chaotic world.
I think to myself how are children suppose to learn kindness,
 manners, courtesy when there are so many overt 
examples of  narcissism, anger, and bullying out there.
  There needs to be more conversations about adult bullying
 before we are able to honestly discuss what happens at a junior level.

More Kindness campaigns like this!  More compassion in schools! 
There are already so many amazing people in the world doing the lions share.

Everyday  courtesies matter!!
 I still see so many everyday rude occurrences.
  I love to give people the benefit of the doubt.
Of course there are unique circumstances,
"A death in the family,  a sick child
or some other crisis..." causing
 people to become oblivious to their actions
....they're excused.
It's the everyday courtesies....like letting traffic in, helping an old person 
who crosses the street and drops her groceries...
No one did.
If our Prime Minister can hug his opponent with conviction
the day after a  parliamentary crisis and 
possible threat to our country.
I think there is hope and room  to  be kinder and
more courteous in our everyday lives. Not just as 
good customer service because we're directed to, but
as thoughtful, kind, loving  human beings by example!
If what we do to others truly comes back to us, doesn't
it makes perfect sense to make every effort to 
always treat people with kindness  and dignity
even if they're being difficult!

" Every Action has a reaction of consequence,"We reap what we sow" 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

And Peace begins at home!

What act of kindness have you received lately that
 affected you one way or another?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Guilt Monster, Paint Party Friday

Guilt is a ugly monster that can alter the quality of your life! There are things I don't want to do, things I feel obligated to, and things I worry about doing. Guilt really is a useless waste of energy. 

When my mother was in Palliative care many many moons ago my life came to a halt so I could visit very long days.

Some of the family was in denial, not (me). I adjusted my  life drastically from living on adrenalin in order to accomplish super  mom woman status to best most supportive daughter ever!
After three months of daily hospital visits, very long hours at a time, the family waited in a room to speak to the doctor. 
Original Boman
Always a strong woman, mom had declined any more physio therapy knowing she was at the end. She no longer wanted to suffer the pain of walking around when she felt like crap.
Mandarin Orange Monday
All but her sister supported her wishes. My aunt somehow figured if she would walk she would recover. 
There was so much guilt in that room. Guilt because we'd not made enough time for mom in the last few years. I worked full time and had a young child. My life was as busy as  moms   had been. 

Carver Original
When I wasn't working I was cooking, cleaning and doing 
everything  to be the super woman she raised me to be. 

 Five years younger my sibling felt even worse. Working as much overtime as he could  while taking care of a home and religiously working out. With  partying and having a little lady fun like many young men do  he had no time for mom either.
In that moment we knew we were living the way we were taught. We had the exact same time for mom as she had always had for us.  Not enough.

 Thankfully both my brother and I have rectified that with our own children. 
It's paid off, and we both have very close intimate relationships with our children and their partners. Relationships we have honed from infancy.
I know that guilt is a energy draining waste of time and useless emotion. It eats up creative space in your mind!  I have yet to find a woman who doesn't feel buried by it! I still fall prey to it myself!  Guilt is a monster we should all release...
 What would you replace your guilt with?
Original Greenadine
What guilt are you needlessly carrying around that you can do nothing about anyway?

Thursday, October 09, 2014

I want her to know! Paint Party Friday

Paint Party Friday
Art Journal Journey
What I want Cupcake to know that I didn't learn 
until later in life is that you can create any lifestyle 
you want and attract those like minded people to you.
Mandarin Orange Monday
In her  late twenties I want her to know that everyone has a
 great gift! I want her to understand  the importance of heeding
 your calling, so you can  understand the true joy of life!
This is my original painting! See all the digital fun I  had below!
I want Cupcake to understand that our gifts won't 
necessarily parallel others.That they can be  simple
 quiet gifts or a loud boisterous callings. No matter what, 
they will be suited to our individual  style. They
 will define  our essence!
Most people feel comfortable the moment they enter 
our whimsical colorful house. It's a beautiful loving place, 
where many people have divulged secrets they could share 
no where else. Even though it can be difficult to carry those 
secrets it's an honour that people
 feel safe here.
It's a place of safety. Of love and understanding. We 
aren't athletes, or fitness junkies. We're not fastidious 
about keeping our home perfect every moment!
 We tend to let things go too long. We have very lazy days. 
However, we cook well, we laugh lots and we talk about
 world issues and care about human beings!
 Even though we can all be very fun in social situations
 we  are all creative introverts. I used to think I was
 eccentric with my love of color.I have adjusted that
 thinking to  following my true nature as an artist,
 or woman who likes to create!
Deep in the Forest
Not everyone can cook well. Goodness knows I'm 
not a conventional artist who can draw everything I see.
 I am a woman who as a little girl awoke every morning
 wanting to color! I am the young girl who spent her
 allowance on a pair of sunglasses that had several
 different colored lenses she could alternate.
I am a young teen who wore patterned nylons that nearly 
drove her mum around the bend! I'm a young adult who 
painted every room in her home a cohesive bold color!
 I'm the  thirty five year old who wore big colorful bows 
made out of scarves in her hair.Now I am a lady in
 black with a colorful patterned cane who finally
 knows who she is!
I used to take my gifts for granted thinking everyone could 
cook, write, or share wisdom or budget like I could! 
Attached to that kind of thought was judgement!
 Thankfully I came to the realization that not everyone
 shares the same gifts! 

 I have an adventurous friend who  introduces you to
 places and things you'd never imagine.I have
 another who remembers ever single date and event in
 sequence, she's like a memory machine with an amazing 
sense of humour! Another friend  can always find
an interesting wise solution to any difficult problem.
 Dreamer that's you!
I have a friend who is a sounding board and no matter 
what you tell her she's judgement free and helpful. I have 
one who is a creative champion and inspires everyone 
in her midst to create something! Cupcakes mother 
in law who has ten children is a baby whisperer 
who can calm the most discontented baby or toddler. 
Life is more exciting and full when we amalgamate
 all our gifts and share with the world those special
 things only we can do!  I have changed perspectives 
with my gifts and others have changed me with theirs!

What are some of your unique gifts  you take for granted?

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!!

I love Sue Kreitzmans story and Art Attitude! 
She's a pretty dynamic! 
An interesting character for sure!
I have ALWAYS,  wanted an Art coat like hers!
More about Sue Here

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