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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Poetry Thursday "In Name Only"

In Name Only
A father in name only, finding his position a chore
Weary and worn by dissension, his calls, she’ll ignore
She use to jump to attention, just to hear his voice
When he abandoned his duties, it was never her choice
Depending on him is history, she’d not ask for a thing
Often when he calls, she leaves the phone ring
Sometimes when she answers, she chats, dribs and drabs
Retorts one word answers, as he rambles on, with his blabs
She used to have faith in him, that he may one day pay her due
A decade has passed now; still, he’s not come through
A lonely place for my child to be, unable to make requests
Resigned that he is just around, one of life’s awkward tests
Deep within her tender heart, she longs for what won’t be
A daddy who will understand, to count on, one to see
He won’t make the effort, excuses, are his game
She’s waited far too long now, for her dad, to own his name
Promise died long ago, buried deep within divorce
The guilt of who I thought he was fills me with remorse
She hasn’t had his support or time, only monthly was she seen
Daily calls he’d make to her, a pittance in-between
Devoted and loyal to her dad, cleared time to hold his hand
Yet he never recognized, how much, he was in demand
Cherishing the moments, when he’d make time to be at her side
Craving a connection where she’d feel his love with pride
Now her life is busy, and the stunts he’s pulled, are many
Fed up, by the hurt he’s caused, time for him, she hasn’t any
A heart of gold, her tears ran cold; and she’s tired of feeling sad
Still her soul yearns, for that man, to claim his name of dad.


paris parfait said...

I'm afraid this excellent poem is a rather familiar story for my daughter, whose father has long been absent. Lovely piece for all the "fatherless" daughters out there. xo

Giggles said...

I was actually surprised at how difficult and heart wrenching this was to write. I thought I had resigned myself to how it is. Still, the pain is difficult, as you watch your child do without what she so dearly wants and needs.

gma said...

Giggles you can write. Sometimes we go to the edge of our comfort zones for truth...excellent poem.

Rachel Grynberg said...

"Claim the name of dad". Beautifully put. Very meaningful and powerful.

Rachel Grynberg said...

"Claim the name of dad" Beautifully put. Thank you.

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