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Monday, November 06, 2006

Peace Globe Day! Let it begin with ME!

The song “Let there be peace on earth” kept popping into my head, a premonition to this up and coming post. For weeks, even before I heard about Peace Globe Day! Why after thirty seven years would I be thinking of this particular song? Especially when my more likely choice for today would be my favorite song "Imagine”! I can only think it must have been gods whisper. So I did a google search…not wanting to post a song that could offend anyone, or their particular beliefs. There it was…….a revised version ….replacing god, for “with earth as our mother”. Perfect I thought! Now I know for sure…… god inspired this post to include everyone!
Please read the wonderful history of this song, written by Jill Jackson, music by Sy Miller. Check out the video at the bottom of my blog!

Let there be peace on earthAnd let it begin with me;Let there be peace on earth,The peace that was meant to be.
With Earth as our Motherher children all are we,Let me walk with my brotherIn perfect harmony.*
Let peace begin with me,Let this be the moment now;With every step I take,Let this be my solemn vow:
To take each moment and live each momentIn peace eternally.Let there be peace on earthAnd let it begin with me.
With earth as our motherHer children all are we,Let us walk with each otherIn perfect harmony

This Post is a tribute to Mattie Stepanek who did his bit to make a difference in his fourteen little years. Peace was his Purpose!

Please read his poem "For Our World" on his website.How could he know so much more than many of our world leaders?

Today I am out for a bit, but I will be updating links to the different blogs I visit displaying the Peace Globe! Madd,Mimi.


madd said...

giggles..what a beautiful post, very inspiring..peace to you my friend..m

B.R.L said...

Thank you for posting the song and the words.May you have peace.

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

this is beautiful, all of it, moving and inspiring. Mattie Spanek was a unique gift to this earth and although he lost his fight for life I believe he's here and he's still hoping!

KaiBlue said...


Peace, Kai.

Mimi Lenox said...

Giggles ~ I so love what you wrote in the post. I'm going to make mention of it later today in a Mimi Writes post. I've got the Peace Globe bug again.

Mimi Lenox said...

Giggles - Thanks for emailing me about your post. I don't know how I left it out but I did. SO SORRY! I have now corrected everything and we're off to make magic again in the blogosphere on June 6th.

I'll send you an email in just a while about that very thing.
Thanks for letting me know!


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