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Friday, June 08, 2007

An angel missed

I hope you can all excuse the negligence to my blog, and blog visits.
My very dear friends of twenty years, baby passed away Sunday June third. I am paralyzed by shock. These incredible parents, are such  kind, tender, loving, intelligent, warm humorous couple. They have a disabled three year old son , yet to be diagnosed with a genetic defect. So they took precautions with their second child. She was very mildly affected and at nine months far surpassed their sons development. More alert, and responsive to her parents, she was functioning at a better pace.

This amazing family with so many loving relatives is absolutely distraught. The baby was staying with grandma, a phenomenal woman, with an abundance of love. The grandmother has sincerely always lived right. Charitable, generous of her love, time and wisdom, she is truly a great soul! Her pain goes beyond words, because she is an exceptionally maternal mother and grandma. My heart is so sad for this wonderful family, who celebrate everything together. The week previous, a new baby was born on my birthday to Selinas sister. This family has met with so much adversity. We are all sadly left wondering why???
Did he Call Her?
Was she called to be with grandpa?
Did she finally hear?
Was he calling her to meet him?
Because it’s almost been a year

Did grandpa feel he’d missed the joy?
When he left way too soon
Is that why he called his girl
To join him beyond the moon

Such a precious angel,
Exactly like her mom
Was it that he missed them both?
That he needed her to come

Family left in complete shock
As their child is swept away
A void in their aching hearts
Too horrendous to convey

Their precious little angel
Began life so unsure
Their tiny bundle struggled
When appearing premature

Minor medical infliction
She improved with so much grace
This angel with the rose bud lips
And the perfect angel face

Dreams are lost of what might be
No words comfort the distraught
A family holding hearts in shards
For a child they have naught

God if you can hear me
Can you send a message soon?
Did Grandpa scoop her in his wing?
to fly beyond the moon?

Please assure the family
Waiting for your sign
Their treasure arrived safely
That she’s just simply divine 

Daunting Goodbye
Many tears sorrowfully cried
Taken before dawn, so unjustified
Parents mourn a loss so vile
Diminished hearts, diminished smile
Nature’s deplorable malicious joke
An Angel granted, with swift revoke
Daunting pain, unbearable to endure
For a cherished child, so innocent and pure
Universal question, we all ask why
Why we’re forced to face, such a rapid goodbye


Anonymous said...

That's sooo sad! Of course it is very understandable that you haven't been able to post. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. I'm sooo sorry for their loss. I wasn't alive yet but my sister died at 3yrs. I have no idea how parents deal with situations like that.
Very meaningful poem! Very appropriate song!

paris parfait said...

Oh,Sherrie, I am so so sorry to hear this tragic news. My heart goes out to the family and to you. A sad but beautiful poem you've composed here...xo

Tammy Brierly said...

This was so very sad but thank you for sharing this angel so we can pray for peace and healing for those who loved her. Your poetry was powerful and with her face, that song, I was so touched.

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

How truly sad, I am so sorry for your friends loss. Your poetry is beautiful and heartfelt. I cannot imagine losing a child, I know the pain is quite deep!
They are lucky to have a friend such as you to be there for comfort and warmth.
I will keep them in my thoughts.

Lucy said...

why is THE question. I'm so so sorry for everyone. Your poem and the very appropriate music has me in chills sherrie, I think this beautiful angel IS peaceful in her grandpas loving arms. Why? we will never know, I can't even imagine her parents pain. I don't know what to say to tell you how very very sorry I feel for all. Love and hugs to you xo

KaiBlue said...

my deepest sympathy Sherrie.. I sat for a moent and said a few for her and for you too, hugs,
PEace and blessings, Kai xx

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh dear, I am sending you my thoughts and prayers just now.
The death of any young child is so difficult.
(((HUGS))) from across the big blue ocean.

gautami tripathy said...

My heartfelt sympathies. Touched deeply. I pray.

Giggles said...

Hi Sherrie - Thanks for letting me know. I just stopped by your blog a few minutes ago, and it wasn't letting me comment still either - some are and some aren't. In fact, I was able to comment twice successfully on Tara's older posts, then suddenly couldn't comment on the newer one!

I'm so sorry about such a tragic loss to your friends and to you, too - what a shock that must have been for everyone. The poem made me tear up myself. We never can know when anyone will be called, can we...but it always seems especially tragic when it's someone so young. I wish I knew the right words to say to help bring healing....all I can think of though, is this -

Sending you many, many (((hugs))) and much loving light. Keeping you and your friends in my heart and prayers.


JP (mom) said...

Truly a daunting goodbye. Surrounding you with love dear Sherrie. xx, deb

Unknown said...

My heart cries, my soul feels cut with sadness. There are no answers, no answers to why, i wish i knew.
Holding you close and holding your friends close.

Mary Bee said...

An angel for sure. Ah Sherrie my heart is aching for all, you included.

Kathleen Rietz said...

This precious child's picture really touched me and I had to read the post. i am so so so very sorry for this loss that has obviously affected so many. I do not know how parents find comfort and answers when losing a child. I just hope and pray for God's comfort on their lives, and the love of friends to comfort all of you through this pain. -kate

Mary Bee said...

Because of my own life I was unaware of this. I wish I could have been here to support you with a few words. But alas I only now am realizing your friends loss. Words really cannot help here, but it is all I can do. I'm sorry, my heart aches at this loss. Please know I care.

Mary Bee said...

And then I get to feel really stupid as I see I did comment. I must have been really medicated because I don't remember reading this post, and how could I not remember. My appology. My heart!

Head Cookie said...

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of this little angel. My heart goes out to your friends and their family as well as you and your family.

Beth Morey said...

How is it possible that babies die? It seems like it just can't be, and yet it is. :(

An'Angelia Thompson said...

Wow, Sherrie... I was so moved by this post that I just wanted to let you know it's still being read. I note that Jayna's 5 year anniversary just passed. I hope her family are doing well.

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