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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Writers Island " The Key"

Writers Island Prompt for this week is " The Key"
The Key to Ambiguity and Dignity
Key to a house of ambiguity
Kitchenaid and Jenn-air
Fridge with ice cubes
Perfect hair
Appearance, the aspiration
Mass energy disbursed
In exasperation
A whim, a want,
Spent with ease
Relent to please
Mental illness prowls
Souls molding, amid dark and dank
Ambling the loneliness
Emotionally blank
Every moment spent
On perfection
A dose of humor
Staved off dejection
Sleep was sparse
Intense exertion
Eventually crashing
To inertia
Key to a house of dignity
Fridge and stove need repair
The teetering dryer
A gifted spare
Over due bills
An aggravation
Generosity absconded
With fiscal elimination
Yet happiness frolics
Amongst the mire
Passion resides
With creative desire
Music, art,
Love and chatter
Masking annoyances
That rarely matter
Delight and peace
In copious measure
Clinging to walls
Contentment treasure
Souls rejuvenated
Life relegated
To a state of pleasure


paris parfait said...

Oh Sherrie you are so clever! Well done, you! xo

Anonymous said...

Absolutely WONDERFUL key! Great job! Your words are as amazing as always. Thank you for sharing with everyone. :) *HUGS*

Lea said...

Your art is fantastic! I love the key and words... I've been busy dancing so didn't get to all the islanders from Tuesday, I am so glad I found you!!!

Lucy said...

wow, This is so powerful Sherri. Have you thought about putting together a book of poems? You are definitely publishable. xo

Anonymous said...

Loved the title!

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