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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Girls day out!

Yesterday the three of us went to see Allie our award winning stylist! Last year we were excited to hear she won the top mens stylist award, and this year she won the Top Stylist in British Columbia award. Tuesday they interviewed her for a fashion magazine, today she is doing a photo shoot! There are so many different types of Artists out there! It's very exciting to see someone you know become so successful!
Bryan and I got cuts, and Pepper well she had the works! Allie is such an ethical woman, so far she hasn't jacked up her prices because of her new status. Instead of buying Christmas gifts like Janet at Lavender Loft Allie donates money to feed the unfortunate African people in the name of her family and friends. I think that's such a noble gesture!
Had to snap a picture of Allies Diamond award. We drive quite far out of the way to have our hair done, but it's obviously worth it! After his styling, (he had it styled but it still fits in a pony) Bryan grabbed a bus to work.
Mother and daughter day started with lunch at white spot. We shared a burger and zucchini sticks, laughter and photographs.
Loud giggles ensued as we squeezed together on the one bench seat to take multiples of pictures with two cameras at the same time. We are a crazy pair!
After lunch marathon shopping started! Remember this is the first time I have been shopping this season. I mainly wanted to take Pepper to her favorite Guess outlet store. She is a clothes horse and we always find lots of neat items for great prices. I am too darn practical to be a stickler for surprise, besides she doesn't like surprise much either. The one time I tried to surprise her, and thought I had, she intuitively knew we bought her pink leather boots. I hid them where I knew she would never go, I went out secretly when she was at work. Still she got a flash of intuition and knew!

Knowing how much Pepper loves the forties era of clothes and shoes I picked these out for Pepper to try on. They were too uncomfortable.

These Nine West low heeled points on the other hand were comfortable. She like them, and we've been searching for plain black pumps that she likes for a few years now. They were affordable at half the regular retail price. So that's one of her gifts.

Look who I found. I fell in love with her. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I just adore her looks. Ezzee is not in my budget but agreed to ride around in my buggy while I shopped. Pepper asked why she was in there. I said I wanted to enjoy her while I could! Not everyone would see Ezzee as beautiful as I do! Years ago I wouldn't have thought twice, I would have bought her and brought her home! Today it would be a frivolous and very impractical. For the moment she gave me great joy! What a wonderful piece of art, with delicate glass hands and face, dressed in a gorgeous red costume.

We hit another mall but found nothing. One woman asked how long we've been friends, shocked that we were mother and daughter. That happens quite often, next time maybe we'll go along with it!

Then we spent an hour in the Guess outlet and Pepper is now done! I bought her a suit, with matching capris, and long pants for her business trip to London. Plus I bought her a few tops to match. The shoes will go perfectly! It was fun!


Anonymous said...

I've probably said it before, but you two are so happy and loving that it always warms my soul to visit your blog. I hope you and Pepper have a wonderful weekend.

gma said...

I can hear you ladies laughing! Taking Ezzee for a ride in the cart
just proves that you can have it all. Joyful even though she didn't go home with you.
Cool Pepper IS going to London!

Janet said...

You had a fun-filled day of it! How nice that you and Pepper are such good friends. So many times mothers and daughters don't get along. I love Ezzee, too! She spent some time with you and you can always remember her.

Congrats to your hair sytlist, too.

Pam Aries said...

Yay! what a cool award for your stylist! I love my hair girl too. What would we do without them? Sounds like you and Pepper had a great ime shopping Wheee! You 2 look so cute!

Lucy said...

what a fantastic Mom and daughter day! or Girlfriends day! YOU look too young to be Pep.s mom! I love Pepper in that photo at the stylists, Those Eyes are just amazingly bluetiful!
I wish I could wrap up that doll and send her to you giggley poo! She IS very cool, I would like one too! Thanks for sharing your joyful day! hugs to you AND Pepper too. xox

Tumblewords: said...

Just stopped by to see what you were up to and see that you and the girl are having the best blast! Love it! Ezzee's a pretty cool soul but the mug is perfect!
I tried the elf thing and am laughing so hard - what a hoot! Happy holidays!

altermyworld said...

Oh what absolute fun. You both are just gorgeous together. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh for great mums and daughters.

violette said...

What a fun day and awesome pic of you and Pepper!

So nice that you and your daughter have this amazing relationship!

Love, Violette

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