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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday Scribbling " Competition"

This picture was taken last week.
The rain washed it all away a day later.
They're calling for snow today, so far only a sprinkling covers the ground.

Sunday Scribblings Competition

I never thought much of myself as very competitive. During gym class as a child I was a very fast short distance runner, but I would come in last running the track. I hated running then and I still do. This is pretty much a metaphor for my life. If I enjoy a hobby such as scrabble I CAN be competitive, if you put a male into the equation then I become even more competitive. For the most part I just enjoy the game win or lose.

When I was young I could hit a baseball harder than any of the boys I played with. I loved to play soccer that way too! I could ride my bike fast and in grade three I beat every boy in my class arm wrestling. Am I a ball buster? Maybe I was then. Or was it just that I had a mother who was equality based woman who did the majority of the homemaking and worked full time too. Did I secretly harbor resentment over this injustice?

I pretty much fell into the same roll, which hailed a degree of bitterness. I have come up against the patriarchy so many times in my fifty years. It’s not that I don’t love men. I really do. There are so many terrific males out there. I just don’t want them peeing on my tree so to speak.

I think woman are too underestimated in so many walks of life. I spent hours fixing my daughters stroller when she was three. My ex spent at the most half an hour to forty-five minutes then gave up. Was I just more determined, or was it the old cliché, necessity is the mother of invention? Fixing her stroller was done out of love.

Does love make me competitive? I guess the answer would be, possibly. My love of scrabble, my daughter, my life, my friends, drives me. Which could be seen as competitive, yet I never feel competitive! You tell me, am I?


Frances D said...

Oh I do love a good game of Scrabble.
I remember have a real moment when I replaced the phone jack all by myself.
Here's to us women!

Anonymous said...

Wanting love can be very competitive. Trying to win someones affection etc.But the key to many things is the intent in which there done or given and said.

Lisa said...

I guess it's all in the perspective. What some might see as competitive, another might see as determined and reliable. I know who I'd come to if I needed help in the long haul. :)I bet others do too.

Kristi Tencarre said...

love that the word "mother" is used in conjunction with invention. That was not a coincidence.

Mary Timme said...

As a non-competitive type, in my mind anyway, I know I don't have the answer to your question. Only you have the answer! I don't like competition in most things because I give my best whether anyone is there to see it or not. It doesn't really matter to me what someone else thinks about what I do if I know I've done my best! Geez! Does that make me self-actualized? I don't know that one either! But, I did put cookies up on my blog today with several of the old receipes I used.

Anonymous said...

You're not competitive, Sherrie, just compassionate/exuberent about everything you do!It's a wonderful quality!

Lucy said...

I would call your kind of competitive SASSY DETERMINED LOVING ( we HAVE to hook up for a scrabble one of these days!) Who is that in your great snowy shot? xox

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