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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Paint Party 7 year 2

Be sure to visit Paint Party Friday, I'm rather late. My planned painting has been altered twice already and will be revamped once again.  Wishing I'd  captured the process.  I much preferred the first one!  The only thing I know for sure, is what I wanted it to say! "Home is where the dream begins" A sign I want to hang over a door in my kitchen, but now I despise the lettering. 

Truly my home is a creative arena. If I'm not painting or writing, my son in law is playing or writing music and lyrics, or wood working! My daughter is clipping coupons, (creative financing) cooking new dishes, decorating cupcakes and sewing on occasion. There seems to be  peace in a home where creativity takes precedence.

 When I was a girl our home was pretty  clean and for the most part except the basement workshop, tidy! Our living room was off limits, only used for special occasions  to our chagrin. Mom worked full time and was always busy either making soup, cleaning or reading. I was very average in school, but  an awesome little homemaker at a very young age. Something I never really encouraged in my daughter, but she was really good in school!

A doodle done with fine point sharpies and watercolor background                                                       

In elementary school I had friend who was an honor student. She was thin and dressed immaculately. I always wished I could be her. Every "A" she got I felt a twinge of envy. Her parents were architects living in a visibly unique home, obviously designed by one of them. 

One day we stopped in after school to pick something up. No one was home and their house was in an upheaval, clothes piled and strewn everywhere, super messy kitchen, with stacks of unwashed dishes. Every corner was filled with  messes. This wasn't an ordinary mess of the week, this was a build up over time. I remember the shock I felt, unable to imagine living in that chaos, so happy to live at my house. 

Something wonderful amongst all the mess went on in that house to have  produced three doctors. My friend was a peaceful girl, in a chaotic home. The house I grew up in was full of passion, drinking, and boisterous behavior. I vowed to live peacefully when I grew up! I also knew from that moment  walking into my friends home that things aren't always as they appear! A great lesson to learn at ten. It also squelched my envy!

Can you remember an adult lesson you learned really young?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Paint Party Friday Week 6 Year 2

It's Paint Party Friday once again you can find 
other creative bloggers
right here!

I was married a long time, 
but I've also been divorced a long time too!
Here's a page from  my art journal!
Trust me I have never said," Gee I wish I'd
have stayed in that relationship longer!"
Most people don't!


with a friend
wonderful chat
 about life and art
 Part ways 
with a hug
Rain clears to sun
another call
Daughters mother in law
has the stomach flu
second time in six weeks
 Pensive  drive

destination parking lot
 Older lady
slowly pushes
a walking devise
 old man accompanying
 His flailing arms 
stiffen with each command
he pounces back and forth
into her body space
obviously enraged
 out of control

She calmly
ambles along
not a peep
I know better
Internal screams 
fill her head
squishing out fear
not his first tirade
not her first encounter 
with a mad man

Could have  been me
my heart drops
She's resting on
a bench
he waits 
on the road
A short reprieve
for her....
a permanent 
  for me!

Zentangle I started a while back and finished this week!

Monday was a mind boggling day!

Sometimes you just can't wait to get to bed to wipe out the thoughts of the day! Of course when you feel desperate to sleep it's difficult to shut your mind off! Monday  started with great news, a baby being born! As  the day progressed  information trickled in from relatives on yet to be determined health issues.Unfortunately all the people involved are those I hold close and dearly love! It will be a waiting game for the  individuals involved. Funny how life is. Sometimes it all comes at once..... when things feel out of control you just have to play scrabble, do art, pray and wait it out!! The rest of the week I've been in hibernation mode! 
Sending good thoughts and love into the universe for those who need it most!
What do you do when filled with worry? 

Oh and don't forget to drop by the dear Michelle Allens blog 
 "Close to my art" she has an awesome contest on! 

Friday, April 13, 2012

What makes you happy?

Journal page done with water colors and sharpies!
My picasa account is maxed out and I have been wondering how the heck I am going to post photos without changing my blog! Thankfully Flickr is hosting right to blogger!  

So what makes you really happy? I love doing so many things but right now I am focused on keeping my blog alive! Gathering my art into something more constructive! I have a decent body of work that I could do something with! My brother has bugged me for a few years now, even volunteered to invest in me!! How's that for great support! My kids have been throwing food at me all day so I can work on reading and figuring out new boring  techie things! I must say the vegetarian pasta was amazing. The fruit blended smoothy and the coffee were wonderful too!  Thanks guys!

I have no reason to procrastinate! What will make me happy is to gather my art into
something useful, something that makes a difference to people lives! My friends daughter got a hold of one of my poems posted it on the  wall in her living room and read it daily to get her though some of her hardest days! I was so touched when I heard that! I would love to do that for more young women! That kind of thing makes me happy! Helping others to get through the tough times! I've been doing it since I was a kid I guess now is the time to really try and make a difference with my words and art!

My neck is stiff from sitting way too long, but heck if I don't want just a little game of scrabble to top off my day!! Happy Saturday to you!!! I hope you do more of what makes you happy!!

Paint Party Friday year two week five " Letting Go"

Once again Paint Party Friday where you too can peak in on a wonderful variety of artists blogs to see what they have accomplished this week!

                                                                    "Letting Go"

" Letting go" is my newest painting. I hesitate to add more color to this canvas, which was originally just a back ground. Instead I'd like to find a nice duvet and wall color to match, for a bedroom makeover! It's been a grueling decision, and the kids keep reminding me I need to pick a color. I have taken jaunts through pinterest and all over the net for inspiration. Who knew I'd be my own inspiration!  

I've used vibrant color in all my homes long before it was fashionable, but the dark eggplant in my bedroom has grown tiresome and needs to change!! Still more to ponder, the rug, a furniture color, and hunting down a duvet.  You may come back to find my canvas completely painted over. For now I like it as is but I'm  known to change my mind on a whim!!   Are you brave when you decorate?

                                           A doodle done in front of the boob tube!
 Easter has always been a time of renewal for me so I've  been working on some personal changes. I bravely decided to buy Kelly Raes " Flying Lessons, The whole Shabang" e-book on her one day sale! Had I not been in a state of renewal I could have passed on  this amazing deal. Fortunately I leaped in and bought it. 

At first I wrestled with spending the money. My internal "Negative Nelly" tried to dissuade me with "Who do you think you are, you won't use this information." "You're not a good enough artist to have anything become of your art." I only had a few hours to shush that Nelly. I  knew if Kelly Rae taught a class in my city I'd purchase it in a heartbeat! So I couldn't pass on  this one time opportunity. After I made up my mind to buy it, I told my daughter and son-in-law, who  were so supportive, encouraging me to follow my dreams!!

 Within the first three pages of reading  I was overwhelmed with emotion. It's written as though speaking directly to me at this perfect moment in my life! Fifty pages in, I am enthralled with all the links and information she shares! I just can't wait to read more of Kelly's inspirational words then apply them to my life!! You can see some of Kelly's lovely home products in the photos I took at a local nursery here!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Kelly Rae's Product for the Home at Art Knapps!!!

 I have followed Kelly Raes blog for quite a few years now! So imagine my surprise when I heard there was a display of her art at a local nursery in my area!
 Last week my friend and I took a little jaunt to Art Knapps in White Rock B.C.  
check out Kelly Rae Roberts  home line products!
  Well what a surprise to find such an amazing display! 
They even had her couch set up!! Albeit slightly too low to the 
ground for my comfort! It was very pretty!
I could see some young person coveting it!
 I treated myself to a small plate that says Love always wins
 I was so impressed with all the wonderful fun products!
The best part of all, my dear friend, who's been creative her whole life but not done much art since high school was very inspired!
My friend has always put together the cutest vignettes in her home, gone above an beyond when decorating for dinner parties, made really pretty cakes and was a florist until just last year! This wonderful lady went home an did a painting I would actually buy! I am so proud of her and can't wait to see her artwork evolve!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

London and Vegas

 Sunday Scribblings Prompt this week was reflect! Since I have be MIA the last few months I thought I'd visually catch you up! Dear Daughter turned twenty six in early  Feb, she landed in London England right on her birthday!
 It was a quick six day business trip,  two were spent flying. During those days she was caught in a white out snow storm, Met Josh Krajcik  one of the finalist from X factor  and our favorite  and did  a heck of a lot of power shopping! Josh was recording in London! Can't wait to buy his album!
 At the end of the month dear daughter attended a management conference in Vegas, where hubby met her a few days later for some romantic couples time!
 Son in law flew out on Anti bullying day and wore the appropriate pink shirt!
 Funky shoes eh? And we were worried security would give him a hard time with that big old beard, that dear daughter loves by the way!

In total I drove to the airport and home five times in one month!
Not to mention all the prep entailed in getting everyone out the door with our clothes
dryer breaking down in the middle of it all!!
Side note: Dear daughters hot rollers caught fire in London even with the proper adapter. They had to evacuate the room and change to a new one!! lol 

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