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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Natures Fusion

I have incredible spring fever. I had intended to post a hundred things about myself that people may not know. I thought it to be too narcissistic for how I was feeling today. Driving my daughter to work we pass a beautiful magnolia tree, I wanted to capture it in full bloom. Unfortunately Pepper was running a little late and wouldn’t afford me the time to take a proper picture. So here it is, drive by picture, taken from the car window. I am so glad she caught the baby tree and the momma tree in the photo!

I couldn’t help but notice how much more developed and beautiful the older larger tree was, than its younger smaller counterpart. As I broach 50, yes the big five oh, in a few weeks, seven to be exact…but who’s counting. Today I encountered an enlightening perspective of age. Although inside I know I am wiser and more understanding of the world around me, I still yearn for the body of youth. Like the gorgeous magnolia, there is so much more substance to me now. Although the tree beside it is bright and vibrant, it just doesn’t have the majesty of the magnolia. It’s amazing when nature can educate us with it’s essence.

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