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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Luckiest Mother on Earth!

Happy Mothers Day to all the great Mothers! You all know who you are!
Happy Mothers Day….last night I asked the kids to sleep in today….they work six days a week and nothing pleased me more than to see them have a nice long rejuvenating rest. It’s been a few years since they have been able to do that. I was so grateful the phone only rang once, so I too, could sleep longer than normal. I was up earlier than the kids today. I knew they wanted to make me a coffee and spoil me, but instead I surprised them, with special blender drinks.

I was thinking any day can be mother’s day at my house. It’s the days my daughter takes me out to get my nails done and pays for it. It’s when Bryan grabs the vacuum out of my hand and says I’ll do that for you. It’s when I am on the computer and they bring up a fresh coffee and bagel for breakfast. It’s when Bryan calls up stairs and asks if I would like anything. It’s the days I bring someone home and they’ve scrambled around to make sure the house is tidy so I don’t feel embarrassed, or when they bring home a pizza and movies so I don’t have to cook. It’s all the times Bryan Barbeques when he’s dead tired. It’s when they buy me a lottery ticket out of the blue, or pay for a hairdo or meal out. It’s when they scramble to find me a new dryer when mine dies. It’s when Pepper picks me up new mascara just because she knows I need it.

Today I got some new art supplies that I shall use later. I am just chilling out and doing what ever my heart desires, as last night was full of dancing and laughter. I am tired and need some down time. I am so blessed to have an incredible daughter who’s my dear friend too. Bryan is the partner Pepper chose to bring into ours lives. I love him like my own and he treats me like gold. I absolutely adore them both. I am so proud of the wonderful couple they are, and would do absolutely anything for them. Happy mothers day to me……I am the luckiest mom on earth!!!

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