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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Reliquishing the Wire Rims

I picked up my new glasses yesterday. I have another pair still on order too. I have finally succumbed to progressive lenses, which should be here for my birthday. Another big step for me, making a switch from wire rims back to the square horn rims of the 50’s. I look like my dad now, scary stuff. My old hippy heart had a real difficult time parting with the wire rims. Always wanting to revert back to the well loved old granny glasses!

In the eighties, I wore a pair of red monstrosities. I had my red glasses way before Sally Jesse Raphael made them famous. The huge bug eye glasses are back too. My daughter has some gigantic sun glasses. They look good on her, but I am NOT going there! I will post a picture of me wearing them later when I find out where my daughter hid the camera and when I look presentable.

Yesterday I attended a silk screening workshop. It seems like a difficult process, and no room for mistakes. I enjoyed learning the process but I’m not sure I will ever do it. You never know though.

Off to plant some bedding plants.


Anonymous said...

it's mike. you have to hear this gilr...www.myspace.com/alelamusic

giggles said...

Wow, you’re sneaky, how did you find me? Very nice music, thanks!
How are you? I see you have a few shows coming up! I should have as much insight into your life as you have into mine!

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