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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cafe Deux Soleils

Last night we attended "The Happening's" band concert at the "Cafe Deux Soleils". Even though it's a somewhat grungy atmosphere and the vegetarian food was mediocre, the venue however is a large supporter of the arts. Almost every night is packed with either a poetry slam or some type of entertainment. Fun art from local artist's fills the restaurant, a great diversion from the filthy walls and dirty bathroom. It’s a pretty funky place, really no different than a favorite bar when the lights come on at closing. I am pretty partial to ambience, so unless I was going there for a specific event I doubt that I’d return. On a lighter note "The Happening" played their best concert ever. I had shrills of goosebumps through every song, which is my gage for excellence. I also had tears for one song. All of which is a rare occurrence!

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