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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Flow

The flow, the flow is out of control,
it arrives at its own remiss.
Without much warning, I arise in the morning,
jarred from a slumbers abyss.
At the rarest of times, when I think it’s behind me,
it sneaks up, then reappears.
Meddling amid, my unyielding might
messing with the functioning gears.
Materialized heat, manifests any hour,
moods elevate on a whim,
This goes on, for too many days,
making potential fornication, quite grim.


Gemma said...

I just hate when that happens....always shows up when you least expect it. That's the one thing that hasn't changed. My older sis-in-law in her 60's still gets surprized once in a blue moon.
Love this post! Especially the last line tee hee!

giggles said...

Oh my god…....is there no hope for an end? Your poor sister!
I have company this week, so it’s been really inconvenient! Why didn’t anyone warn me it would be like this? It’s never discussed until after the fact. Now many of my friends are sharing the same types of stories. Only because I was the first to broach it! We need a special website around this issue!

Terri /Tinker said...

Sherrie - actually there is a website or blog rather, called "My Menopause" where she often gives links to articles or just writes about her own menopause symptoms, and other share their stories sometimes too. Just thought I'd pass that on (I was just surprised late last night myself! 5 months - then Hello again!)

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