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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Music is Magic

During gloom, or elation
Music just has that woo
Expressions of an essence
Sentiments, musicians construe
A poultice on inflamed soul
Or joy to celebrate
Unfolding diverse passion
Rousing sensations radiate
Soothing sounds, create a mood
Brash and strident does too
Flavors for every disposition
Reflecting ambience ensues
Healing, or enlightening
Enchanted by magical means
Illuminating poignant images
Evoking mesmerizing scenes
Captivates we congregate
Muse and message through
Spellbound in its presence
Revering those that pursue
Music is magic
Not completely understood
Mastering the souls key
Stimulating what it could


paris parfait said...

Great poem! Well done, you!

giggles said...

Awe, you're sweet, thank you very much!

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