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Monday, September 11, 2006

I Can't Watch it!

I can’t watch it on the news
The pain of a few short years ago
Extended to the nightmare
That continues on

I can’t watch the pictures of
Emasculated buildings,
Families, emergency workers
A country

I can’t watch the top dog
Spew his nonsense
Covering his tracks
For bad choices

I can’t watch
What they want me to watch
Choose for me to watch
Force me to watch

I can’t watch them lie to me
And the world
And their selves
And their people

I can’t watch other parents
Lose children
And children lose parents
Because no one will cease fire

I can’t watch my friends
Across the border
Suffering in silence
As one man is deaf to their plea

I can’t watch television today
And be flogged with history
Paraded continually on my screen
Evoking emotions I wish to keep buried

I can’t watch and be reminded
How devastated I was
That people had their loved ones
Stolen away without notice

I......JUST......CAN'T ........WATCH


miss*R said...

I continue to watch - I still don't believe it really happened. It is like nightmare or a bad movie - I just wish the world had learnt something from that day.

paris parfait said...

Nice poem about a painful subject. I watched and wept, for how little certain leaders have learned in the past five years - how he took the goodwill of all the world and squandered it. And today the world is more dangerous than ever.

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