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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Poetry Thursday "Alterations"

This post is riddled with links to interesting articles, about beauty, and weight, and much needed alterations to the distorted views we’ve come to except as normal! At the very least I encourage you to click on the word “young women”. Thank you for obliging me!
Jean Paul Gaultier
Put a fat girl on the runway!
Waifs no more, could this be a dream?
Where normal sized ladies can be proud to be seen?
Dawning swimsuits to bask, on a beach in the sun
Cone of melting gelato, adhered to their tongue
A renaissance revival, could I be in fashion?
Woman of substance, with my rival passion!
Ban lanky emaciated, emotionally starved models?
Buxom replacements, with buttocks that waddles
I caution my excitement, for this change to instill
If minds only changed, by administering a pill
Reverse the coding like computers and cash machines
Skinny, to be outdated, like mullets in the magazines
Dove is embracing, all shapes and sizes
Should we be expecting some fashion surprises?
Will eating disorders be a trend of the past?
Will young women except that they don’t have to fast?
Certain to be struggles implementing alteration
Archaic standards requiring rational modification
Eager to witness a figure revolution, will icons succumb?
So I can prance in celebration, displaying my big bum!

Poetry Thursday


paris parfait said...

Such a wonderful poem about an important subject! Thank you.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

very cool how you pulled in actual articles. what a lot of work!!

twitches said...

I love the links in the poem - how clever. And the poem itself is terrific - like titillating article titles.

madd said...

you go girl..!! and yes it is about time...M

Kai said...

what terrific words and I enjoyed exploring the links.
Im all for REAL beauty and girl...you OOZZZEEE it!!!

Peace, Kai

Anonymous said...

I fear that the idea of beauty will change much more slowly than it should, but I love the hope in this poem - I shall cling to it.

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