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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Spirit Moves Me

I was going to post my phone book faces, but feel they aren’t ready yet. So instead I thought I would explain why I named my daughter Pepper. Which may be a segue way into tomorrows poem, not yet written.

From the age of ten I wanted to name a daughter Paisley, after my favorite print, and because it was unique. When I became pregnant at twenty nine my partner wasn’t too in amore of it. Upper most in my mind was to find something very special. A name that would endorse a child being comfortable as an individual. I had read that boys have a much more difficult time with distinct names, so I stayed a little more conservative with the boys picks. Every girl’s name I chose was unique.

It was the eighties; Dr. Pepper Schwartz was on television quite often. She really advocated women being who and what ever made them contented. Whether it be a stay at home mom, or a corporate Lawyer. Whatever worked for the individual was most important. I read a few of her books and always found her to have great common sense. I thought if the name was good enough for a Doctor, then it was good enough for my child too. Plus my partner’s favorite meal was Pepper steak…..

Well it wasn’t good enough for me to place my desire for a unique name on an innocent child; I needed to survey whether she’d be susceptible to teasing. So I asked random kids of every age what they thought of the name Pepper. I asked many questions, and the consensus was positive! They all thought it was very cool. I never told one adult, because I knew I would get some adverse reactions. After all the kids were the ones I needed to worry about.

From the day she was born people have never forgotten, or mistaken her name. Early on I teased her, reminding her to keep her nose clean, because everyone knew who she was. Redundantly people have always asked if she had a sibling named salt. When I had the chance I would respond in jest, that my next one would be called Sultan….of course that would never happen!

Pepper loves her name and has kept the name in high esteem, honing her individuality, being true to her nature. She is a business woman in the making and often comes up against opposition with young males and females with lesser work ethics and those who feel threatened by an efficient powerful individual. Employers and teachers have always held her in her high regard. Bryan is a very balanced male, who respects and supports her determination and drive as powerful women, who one day, will make a difference.


Maryellen said...

This is a great subject for a post. My daughter is named after Amanda in the book "Another Roadside Attraction." Not everyone is named after a relative huh? Thanks for making me remember.

paris parfait said...

Wonderful post - and I think Pepper is a great name!

Lucy said...

With each bit of you revealed, I love you more and more
I love that you asked kids their opinion and I LOVe the name Pepper! ( do you have a sibling named Salt? What assholes!)

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