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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Scribblings " It is what it is!"

Sunday Scribblings
"I don't want to be a passenger in my own life."

It is what it is

Stowing away to the life of another
Bills would be paid in full
Fridges wouldn’t fail at the most inopportune moment
Phones are silent during the creative process
Friends and family wouldn’t need you on a whim
Health and weight no longer an issue
Marrying the right person would be simple
Cars and people wouldn’t get old and die
Friends and foe would never make assumptions
Fight, anger or have pms
People would forgive without reservation
Words would wear dancing dresses and dance on pages
In a perfect world, no one would feel pain,
Be hungry, angry, mentally ill, mean, ugly or racist,
A return to actuality, where perfection comes in fleeting moments
Friends and family needing you comes with love in abundance
Worrying about bills affords you the true meaning of faith
Issues with weight signify sustenance available
Fridges failing are a chance to experience reciprocated help
Phones ringing, proof you’re alive with friends and creditors that care
Marrying the wrong person, just a quicker path back to a relationship with self
Health issues can change perspectives, diets, tolerance levels and lifestyles
Assumptions are limits to authenticity, truth, and relationship, staid in mystery
Experiencing the daggers of negative false assumptions, forces cessation
Anger brings about courage to fight for change you never thought possible
Pms is just a day or two off from being nice, allowing a purge of ugly suppressed energy
If everyone forgave you, there would be too many friends, too many obligations
Stealing your moments for intuition, meditation, creativity and silence
Yet forgiving everyone brandishes peace, humility, harmony
Death, the most profound way to appreciate life, birth, love and memories
So most of the time, for love, I willingly ride as a passenger, but like PMS
A few days a month I will drive!


Anonymous said...

Oh this is good! We have too much love to be in the drivers seat every day....sometimes we just "go with the flow". It's enjoyable either way!

paris parfait said...

Hear, hear! Well said.

Anonymous said...

It does take on a life of its own, doesn't it? I mean the prompt as compared to the final piece. Cheers

Brad said...

Faith, hope and Love.

What a great risk in the drivers' seat.


madd said...

Hey sweetie..love the pic..and the ending..great!!see ya..m

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