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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Scribblings "My Morning"

Morning chalice
Somber peace
Except the burr of snores
Solace of pensive thoughts
Meandering the minds maze
Portioning daily preparation
Tick tock tick tock, beats banter
Aroma of fresh brew permeates
Spirit stands at attention
Beaconing action
Beep, beep, beep
Count down begins
Quiet sips slither over arid lips
Satiating urge
Quick tapping of font
Stimulus awakens
Click, click, connection
Concoction of letters
Extended gulp bonds to palate
Calculation, concentration
Synergy Copulation
Bingo, a seventy point word
Scrabble sensation
Beller of a rock song
Flush of a toilet
Damn they’re up!


paris parfait said...

Very clever take on the prompt! Terrific poem and art.

Anonymous said...

Once again sister friend...love your poetry.

Kai said...

OH you've been to my house..lol..
Quote"Somber peace..
Except the burr of snores"
Gorgeous art sis, and a clever play of diction.. Happy Sunday!!
Peace, Kai.

madd said...

Giggles..mmm don'tcha just love that first cup of coffee in the am..and hopefully the little bit of quite time that goes with it to fortify for the day...lovely..m

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

What a fun dance of words and images! Oh yes, damn, they're up & that quiet bit of solitude has vanished!! wonderful, JP

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

love the poem Sherrie, ah that first cup in the quiet of the morning. I started my Sunday Scribbling last night but didn't finish it...maybe I still will.

Bug said...

Nice sensory details here. And I love how you laid it out as well. Good job!

giggles said...

Thanks Ladies! I dearly cherish those quiet moments, and with menopause I get a lot more of them too...lol

Anonymous said...

I love those mornings when I am up and the house is quiet. They are special - love the last lines: Flush of a toilet
Damn they’re up!

funny and how I can relate!

Anonymous said...

I've been laying off of the coffee, to avoid the afternoon crash that seems inevitable for me, but your poem makes me long for a cup!

r's musings said...

Love the imagery of this poem, and especially this line: "Meandering the minds maze." I've found that meditation first thing in the morning gives me peace that lasts much more of the day than if I don't.

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