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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Daytime Nightmare!

This is on Sunday after the snow storm!
This is Friday after the Obliteration!
This is how it was left!

This is my tree before

Daytime Nightmare

Menopausal Mania
Short sleeps
Awaken late
Peer outside
Large shade tree
Nowhere to appeal
Bleak void
By a daytime

I’d had difficulty sleeping the night before; because of an evening nap. So I slept a few hours here and there during the day. In the after noon around 4:30 pm I looked out my back door only to find my tree had been chopped down. I can’t describe even that moment…it felt a little like a death. Not a remnant of my beautiful shade tree, except sawdust and a stump, one tipped over planter and another broken shoe planter. The previous day I witnessed yellow birds dancing playfully upon my tree. I meant to get pictures when the phone rang, regretfully I didn’t. I’ve been stripped nude of my tree; it has left me paralyzed in grief. I love trees, and have purchased a few homes in my life particularly for the trees. Although I own my large townhouse the strata and Management Company control the perimeter of my home. For the past eight years I’ve been very satisfied with the upkeep, until today. Friday evening was too late to call any offices to find out who ordered the tree butchering. I am assuming that the roots may have become cumbersome, due to the heavy cold spell. My cement patio has a large crack in it, probably root induced. Even though it may be for the best to protect the pipes from being strangled by the roots, I am still devastated. I wish they had drafted a letter, so I could have prepared myself and taken more pictures. I am so glad I have the ones from last week, with it snow covered. I will keep you posted whether they are planning to plant a replacement and why my daytime turned into a nightmare!


Anonymous said...

xoxo sending much love - I know exactly how you feel! like taking a chainsaw to the person who did this (just kidding, but you know what I mean, I am sure)

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Dear Sherrie,
How terrible sweetie! I would be feeling the same way in your situation. How completely unfair the mgmt. company did this without warning or explanation. So sorry, love. Big hugs to you, JP

AscenderRisesAbove said...

amazing contrasting photos; those wet snows can be so heavy

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