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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Scribblings " Idea"

Four A.M.
The witching hour
Stirred from slumber
Ideas light,
Like the strike of a match
Burning hot,
Flickering on timber
Scrambling to find
pen or keys
Urgent race
Against the flame
Before thoughts
Lull, and become

Having read the book “A woman’s Worth” years ago, I learned it was common for women to be jarred awake around four in the morning. After some discussion with friends I found they would also jolt awake in middle of the night for no apparent reason. Now my daughter finds herself doing the same.

In past years it was known as a time for women to gather privately. What power there is when women gather to share ideas, and solve problems! It was such a threat, that in days of old, women were burned at the stake!

I can’t say I haven’t come up against a few men that found my power intimidating, and would rally at the idea of seeing me burned at the stake. I have also happened upon phenomenal men who hold woman with power and tenacity in the highest esteem.

All my life some of my most creative times were in the dead of night. Where the idea’s come flooding through, only to be forgotten the next morning!

I have learned to bounce up and get the ideas down immediately, or lose them forever!


hundred and one said...

I jolt awake at 4 in the morning as well. It's the hour I am at my most creative. What a revelation to know I am not the only one. Thanks!

Paris Parfait said...

Hear, hear! Have to get those ideas down before they burn your fingers with their energy! :)

Anonymous said...

Don't go back to bed....the night has many secrets to share with us!

Anonymous said...

Me, too. 4am, I mean.

Your creativity is beautiful and inspiring. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I too am a midnight oil burner..... and I have come to learn to savour my wee witching morning hour time.....my best ideas too seem to arrive then......

some are so afraid of this time of the day......... ghostie shadows confront them perhaps?

Interesting that it was a time for women to gather privately.

I have always thought that my internal clock altered when my children were babies and never returned to what it used to be. It was always "nursing time" a wonderful moment when I had this kindred connection to all the other women out there in the community nursing too. :)

Great post...............

Anonymous said...

alas i'm male, and i work a night shift, so i'm alaways awake at 4am :)

Loverly little poem though, cool.

Terri /Tinker said...

Awesome poem, Sherrie! I'm a nightowl, but even after burning the midnight oil, I'll fall asleep only to jolt awake at 4 am - I wonder if that's genetic, so we'll wake up to feed the babies and start the fire, or just gather together as in your post?
Thanks for the food for thought in your great Idea post!

angelfeet said...

I had no idea about the 4 a.m. creative call. That's really intriguing, as when I wake suddenly at 4 I've previously seen it as a nuisance. Not any more.

I came here after lurking at the Sunday scribblings site, and I'm very glad I did.

Anonymous said...

I never wake up at 4am! snore snore sleeeep sleeep! My brilliant ideas come after a couple glasses of vino! ha ha!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like your poem. I too often wake up at 4:00am. Interesting that others do too. I've never tried to be creative at that time but just roll over and go back to sleep!

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

WONDERFUL poem about ideas. I love the metaphor of ideas like the striking flame of a match ... some are SO like that!
Powerful words from a powerful woman! Love, JP

Brian said...

Morning Giggles,

What a wonderful poem; it must be Rose getting me up every morning. I find that my ideas are a slow burn rather than a quick flame.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

we should start the 4am club..lol.. Men just wouldn't get it..but I get flooded and have learned to write in the dark to put ideas to paper :)
Peace, Kai.

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