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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I feel like a kid again! Quite often I’ll make drawings from a few squiggles. Creating this Namelian took it to a new level. I saw this challenge at Tinkers blog. Click here for directions to make your own Namelian creatures! I prefer to draw digitally. So I just used my paint program , wrote out my name, then cut, and rotated it back to back, depicted in the first picture! I drew the toes around the dots on the “I” of my name.

My little guy Pogo likes to run up behind people, either to nibble at their ankles or jump up and pinch their bums! Quite the mischievous imp, he will show up when least expected. Fussy too, he only eats potatoes. Jojo, perogies, baked, fried, mashed you name it, he even eats them raw. Unlike me, mister nugget man, manages to maintain his girlish figure.

Although he’s a metro sexual, he rarely does housework; he’d rather play with the dust bunnies than clean them. He sleeps under beds; thank goodness I have drawers under mine. Professes to protect people from the boogie man, which I told him that was impossible, because he IS the boogie man! I’m thinking he better soon earn his keep or I’ll be kicking him to the curb. He’s quite belligerent, rarely does what I ask. I figured because he’s already down there he may as well take a rag and clean my floor moldings. I asked him politely too! But NOooo…. He’d rather look up the skirt of my dress, point, and laugh. I was so shocked; I can’t even tell you what transpired after that, its unmentionable, but rhymes with heart! Cleaning a few molding shouldn’t be such a big deal when you're getting free room and board. He doesn't
even have to bend down to reach them. Hell when I bend down to do them I need a loud horn warning like they have on garbage trucks, so everyone can close their eyes in time, sparing them the vision of my loveliness! Yeah, and it hurts to bend down too! I even promised to reward him with a fudge brownie. But of course the litle troll wanna be won’t eat it unless I make it with a potato!


paris parfait said...

You're so funny! And I love your squiggles.

Brian said...

LOL, this is so funny and creative. Cheeky troll. :)

Terri /Tinker said...

Ha ha! Love your namelian! He's too funny - sorry he's not better about helping out around there - maybe if you bribed him with some chocolate :-)

Janet said...

These are soooo cute!

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