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Saturday, March 17, 2007

I remember!

My dad loved to party, it was almost appropriate that he left this world on St. Patricks day 21 year ago, never to be forgotten!
I always knew he was proud of me. Although mom taught me so much, I am definitely more my dads legacy.

It was a gorgeous sunny day in 1986 when he died! Pepper was only six weeks old. The same age I was when my paternal grandmother died! As soon as I received the expected phone call I grabbed the song “Imagine” and played it over and over as I grieved.

My dad was an agnostic, yet I know he went to a better place. A kind and tender soul my dad! I remember candy day, eight AM, Saturday mornings, together waiting at the door of Safeway to spent my dime and gather our weekly quota of fresh bread! I remember dancing on his feet to Harry Belafonte, and Nat King Cole. I remember being thirteen, holding his hand down the isle at the movie theatre when he took me to see Dr.Zhivago. I remember singing “Donkey Serenade” and “Mona Lisa” with him. I remember him teaching me to ride a bike, and hit a baseball, golf and kick a soccer ball!

When I was eight I remember him bringing me a clown coloring book to the hospital during my stay to have my appendix removed. It was an exploratory surgery where I was only hours from death. He was so worried.

At ten I remember him buying my first popular piano book, so I could sing along when I wasn’t practicing my classical tunes! I remember getting inebriated with him, while he wisely explained my mom’s temperament and history of childhood abuse in such a loving way. Dad hated injustice and would take my side when he knew I was right; there was a huge cost to him for doing that!

I remember nights playing bridge, dice and shuffle board until the wee hours. I remember camping and fishing, and the way my dad held my puppy with such tenderness. I remember how he whistled when he put up the Christmas lights up! I remembered how he always went to a special factory to buy large Chocolate bars to give out at Halloween, even though we lived frugally. I remember his big garden, the fresh veggies, how soft his voice was, and how I could sit and listen to him play the mouth organ for hours! I remember so much more. Best of all I remember kissing him on the lips when he dropped me off at school, as all the teens watched in envy! I adored my dad; I wish my daughter had the opportunity to know him. He was a tender loving kind man, who adored his family, and loved life! Even after twenty-one years I miss him tons!



You are so lucky to have a father you miss and love. Not everyone has that. Bless you, and I know he must have been a good man, he created you, your spirit and your heart.

Lucy said...

aww giggles that was a beautiful tribute to your wonderful dad. You are lucky to have known him.

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