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Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Celebration

Laura's adorable Mother!
She told a cute joke capturing the giggles of the evening!

Our phenomenal hostess with the mostest, Laura!

Easter has changed over the years. Days of making a big turkey dinner are long gone, with the death of my parents. Before that we’d enjoy an Easter weekend of Marathon Bridge. Or celebrate at their summer trailer in the States.

When dad passed, Mom took off with friends to play golf, we had friends over to play cards, or we’d take a quick jaunt to the States to visit mom for the day. After mom died my brother and I would hook up for Easter dinner until he met his first wife. Then he was lured into the big traditional Ukrainian Easter feast that started in the morning continued all day. I didn’t even attempt to beckon Darcy to Easter dinner, afraid it would cause a rift between him and his wife. There grandiose celebrations enjoyed by her relatives could never compare to my intimate dinner for four. Eventually we made new traditions, brunch at a hotel and a quaint barbeque, alone or with friends.

As Pepper grew, I went on baking and decorating rampages. Bought her new outfits and outdoor toys for spring! With not much family around, we’d include friends with children into our celebrations. Later that waned, then we either ordered in, or enjoyed a restaurant meal, often including my single friends.

When I was on my own, we still enjoyed the traditional, decorating, hiding eggs and new outfits. Instead of having friends over, we’d rent movies or go to the theatre! Having a regular meal of our negotiated choice. On occasion we were invited out. Mostly it was just like any other day.

When my brother remarried his generous new relatives always included us in the family celebration. Eventually that changed too.

The last three years my dear friend Laura has included us in her very beautiful Easter dinner. Pepper cherishes that feeling of tradition, and family love! She worships Laura as an Aunt. There is a wonderful sense of security in knowing that Laura would always be available for Pepper, if need be!

This year, the meal was so spectacular, everyone shared a wonderful dish. Friday I baked a double recipe of sugar cookies shaped as rabbits, Saturday we iced them, Bryan piped all the cute rabbit faces, it took hours. Not a feat we will repeat anytime soon! I made a broccoli casserole after reading about fifteen recipes off the net, I took ideas from each recipe to concoct my own dish, which was a real hit.

Laura worked all day Easter Sunday, it was hectic! She spent quite a few days preparing before hand. Most of the crowd of seventeen had dispersed by eight thirty. Many having a long drive or early morning work shift. Even though I really enjoyed myself, the clean up can get pretty chaotic with silver and good china to be hand washed. My heart goes out to my friend who does this on many occasions! Certainly brings back all the memories of childhood, standing alone at the sink doing dishes for hours after mom prepared a huge Easter dinner for relatives!

The dessert table, full of goodies!Cookies, apple pie, and cheese cake!

Food fit for a King!


CattyCat said...

Laura has dreamy blue eyes. She reminds me of a co-worker who brings her chicken eggs to the office for everyone to buy. The food looks so yoummy. I'll have one of those turquoise bunnies. Something so special about frosted fluffy butter cookies. Yum

I'm sure glad you still have this song on her. Gosh oh gosh I love it. I come by 2 or 3 times every day to listen to it.

Anonymous said...

Ohh what smiles! Bet you guys had a wonderful time! The food looks great, I love the bunny cookies! Great job!

CattyCat said...

Hey Sherrie: If you are game, I tagged you for the greatest fun meme ever. It is on my blog, should you want to play.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

What a great friend and lovely tradition. Traditions change with the changes of our lives ... and you know what, I think that's just fine :) Much peace & love, JP

Tammy said...

What wonderful hostess and feast! I want a bunny cookie ;)

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