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Friday, April 13, 2007

Thick Girls Are Dope?

Thick Girls Are Dope!

Tell me what you think of this T-shirt! What does it mean to you? Ask your kids what it means to them! Let me know!


Anonymous said...

It means that girls that have a lil extra weight are great. I think it's way kewl! Although I'm not having that problem now, I used to be overweight. Just lost it all when a med. made me not eat. That's not a good way of loosing weight though. Anyhoo, wonderful shirt! ;)

altermyworld said...

To me it means you just cna't get enough of those 'fat girls" those with luscious bums and boobs. Just a guess.
I want one.
I just realized it was YOU who sent me a nice easter greeting and all along i thought it was my friend Sherry her nick is giggles. LOL Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Lucy said...

he is addicted to chubbies? he is certainly a cutie.

Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

Maybe it means bones are for the dog, and meat is for the man! Dope is supposed to be pleasurable, and usually addicting.

Giggles thanks for your comments you are a great gal!

CattyCat said...

It means to me that some people are not attracted to anorexic women as seems to be an unfortunate current trend. I think too many women are trying to look like Anime characters. It is sad, they are starving themselves into some pretty unhealty times.

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