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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

This mug was designed for Laura's daughter Katey with her favorite color orange. I also placed her name on it to deter her from
stealing her mothers blue one.

Somewhere after the one year mark I hit a writer’s block, and diverted to art! Writing prompts couldn’t even nudge me out of the doldrums. Today, after a week of mediocre posts, I was shocked to be honored with the “Thinking Blogger Award” from one of my favorite bloggers Lisa Ocean Dreamer at heartofthenest! Not only does Lisa write a compassionate sage blog, she’s a loving and humble woman with incredible creative talents. Every visit to her blog is moving! Even her woes are written with dignity! So when she graced my waning blog with this respect it was a real privilege!

Blogging has been a very cathartic process of self discovery, driving me to define the essence of who I am. This is almost humorous, considering at fifty, introspection should be less prevalent!

I have met so many wonderful like minded cohorts! It’s been a joy delving into the intimate world of bloggers, only to find my eccentricities are very normal in this bubble. One thing I know for sure, I will always value the diverse knowledge my fellow bloggers share, as they continue to broaden my perspectives.

It’s a very complex task awarding five people the Thinking Blogger Award, as they’ve all been bright lights in my life at different intervals. The majority of the blogs I routinely visit have already been awarded; I often mindlessly read blogs for inspiration, information, intimate connection and entertainment!

In no particular order I will bequeath this award to the following bloggers that do take me down the path of inspiration and thought!

I pay homage to Lucy at lulu’s petals, a loving mother whose inviting blog usually makes me laugh out loud. On occasion Lucy addresses an intimate side that manages to garner an astonishing emotional response!

I know that Remiman (Rel) at under the microscope has already been awarded, but his prolific writing and wisdom can’t go unmentioned. His latest post “Online blogger friend” warrants the acclaim!

Vanessa a vivacious inspirational young artist at A Fanciful Twist never ceases to intrigue me with a non drug induced magical trip through the art world! Her wondrous imagination, humorous candor and stimulation constantly amuse me!

Amber at believingsoul has already been rightfully awarded the think blog award; she leaves me so pensive, I could usually write a full page response to her posts, instead I cowardly walk away unheard! The intelligence of this comedic writer has elevated her through an adverse childhood captivating her audience with wisdom well beyond her years!

Last but never least, already awarded is the poised Tara at Paris Parfait whose informative political voice I endorse and the compassionate Deb at Jane Poe whose heroic posts enthrall her reader. Both women are also breathtaking poets whose ethical social conscience I share!
Okay that was a bit of a cheat but I'm pretty sure they won't repeat the meme again!

Those of you chosen please click on the Thinking Blog icon for directions to complete this meme!


Pam Aries said...

Congrats! You are certainly among the blogs that make me think! what an awesome honor! It is fun to visit blogs that I haven't been too..thanks for the links!

Kai said...

it's lovely that you were chosen as a thinking blogger and a bright light in all our lives, you're wonderful :)
Peace n bright blessings, kai

Lucy said...

Sherrie!!( Like some of my posts) I don't know what to say! This was such a touching, loving honor! Especially from such a hip blogger like you!! Thanks so much, You've made my day! Actually my Month! xoxo

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

What a gift to be nominated again ... thank you dear Sherrie! It a joy to be a part of this community of bloggers. Much peace & love, Deb

Vanessa said...

Yep, no drugs...Does Chocolate count? Just when I thought I had bored you to death...grin...Oh, thank you! HOw lovely indeed! What a treat just when I am almost over my cold and the day is shiny and bright. Oh, and congrats on your little award too! What fun!! ps: Love your exuding color!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh that mug really caught my attention! Sorry I'm a little slow. Was it a prize for winning the thinking blogger award? Plus, if I didn't congradulate you yet, CONGRADULATIONS GIRLY! That's a wonderful thing!

paris parfait said...

Sherrie, congrats to you for this richly-deserved accolade! I am so honoured that you would turn around and honour me again, amongst such fine company - four with whom I already have a personal connection. Your kudos mean so much to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. xo

kate I said...

congratulations on your award! I found my way circuitously to your blog and enjoyed reading the the words of a fellow BC'er.

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