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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dressed to the nines!

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Dressed to the nines, I have many pictures of my parents dressed in similar attire duing the forties.
A beautiful couple, not unlike my parents were! The similarities brought tears to my eyes. It was amazing to watch them ballroom dancing and truly enjoying each other. I love how much fun they have together!
Dancing Queen...Pepper does the locamotion!
Lego Cupcakes part of the wedding cupcake tree!

A beautiful semblance of family. Parents with nine of their ten children, partners and the grand children! The two sisters next in line, Ava will marry in August, Anita in 2008.

First time bride at thirty two
Wedded bliss, Adrianna and Michael

The day before the wedding Michael was hired as a chaplin for a major Vancouver hospital! Such an exciting wedding present from the universe.

Simply lovely wedding celebration!

Married in a quaint church officiated by a wise minister casting out thoughts on the realities of marriage. Stating love as a choice not a feeling. Reminding that the induced elevation of chemicals during the preliminary courting stage soon wanes leaving you with unexpected disappointments! I was impressed how he broached the nuances of marriage, as a series of romance, struggles, disillusionment, hard work, and some sacrifice. He reminded that happiness can be met in serving a partners needs with a loving heart.
One of the major problems in my twenty three year marriage was my serving too much with out reciprocation. Eventually I became resentful, feeling like a disrespected slave. Marriage has to be a mutual contract of consideration and respect in order to survive the adversity.

Because of Michael’s life long obsession with Lego Dra had some Lego cufflinks designed as a wedding gift. A cupcake tree decorated with Lego people was the alternative wedding cake. Being the coffee freaks that they are, table accoutrements consisted of small brown bags of starbuck’s beans held together by a sticker featuring the newlyweds.

It was genuinely sweet, well thought out wedding, held at a country club. The groom was tipsy only the second time in his life. He lit up the dance floor with some crazy moves. Adrianna radiated with love. The d-jay kept the crowd dancing up until the end. A few children slept happily amongst the crowd. A good time was had by all! I wish the couple well on their quest of continued wedded bliss!


Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Beautiful pictures and rendition of a lovely day ... I like the words of the minister too. xx, JP

Lucy said...

pepper is ADORABLE! XO

SiouxSue said...

What a beautiful wedding!

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