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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday Scribbling "Night Verses Day"

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Sunday Scribblings prompt " Ocean"
Night verses Day

Oceans of salacious thought meander amid mindless matter
Waves of innovation bash through daily drivel
Beckoning the artist within to beach naked vitality
Capitulate to the joys of creating, amid irksome obligations
Routine rogues thieving portions of precious god spirit
Cancerous relationship dramas trump desired peace
Challenging the value of fleeting lucid lavish inspiration
Cordially night whispers seductive reminders of stilled ambience
Dismissing the menacing interruptions of daylight bustle
Exaltation resumes in darkness, trickling in contemplation of ecstasy
Celebrated silence signals, the myriad of notions to tumble forth,
Foraging through residual tedious musing of tumultuous daily deeds
Altered tides entice maverick spirits to expose their abundance
Calming the storm of angst, captive by habitual barrage of demands
Dismissed are the sounds of mind chatter, obligations, and ritual
A tsunami of passion prides the pages with ideas, bliss prevails!

Writing about the Ocean can be redundant. First thing that comes to mind is singles columns where the guys say “I love long walks on the beach”. Really, that’s a surprise, who doesn’t love the beach, well probably anal moms who hate the sand in their cars that spans long past a good vacuuming.

Personally I took Pepper to the beach a few times a week when she was little. After work I’d throw a picnic together and away we’d go, to play in the park, eat dinner and feed the gulls! Then as she got older we’d play cards and dice until the sun set.

For the last thirty four years I have occasionally gone to Montgomery’s Cottage Lunch for fish and chip on the White Rock beach. I really do love the Ocean and haven’t been since last August. In fact we visited this awesome ice-cream parlor with homemade pies, I hid my friends name amongst the signatures scribbled on the walls of the shop. I wonder if she’s found it yet.
I’m sure I’ve written many poems, and blog posts about the ocean because I’m pulled there as soon as the warmth of spring arrives. I think I need to go there more this summer! Ocean is a wonderful conduit to healing energy. I feel fortunate to be surrounded by the Pacific Ocean which can be anywhere from fifteen to thirty minute drive away

One More Ocean Story!
Nineteen seventy three, my husband, my cousin and I went to the Cottage lunch for fish and chips. We wanted to order individual orders of two pieces. My Cousin was afraid it wouldn’t be enough. So she convinced us it was cheaper to order a family size box of fish and chips. Well…. they were always generous with their portions, but that day we got this humungous box of fish and chip enough for ten people. My cousin was so embarrassed she started to laugh hysterically. Once she gained composure she began repeating inventing names, feigning that we had more people coming to share our food. She continued calling for the invented people to hurry up because their food was getting cold. “Where are they anyway?” she inquired; causing me to giggle uncontrollably. “Their fish and chip are going to get cold,” she said straight faced as my giggles echoed down the beach. She continued on during the whole walk to the beach, calling random names looking around for the imaginary crowd that would descend and help us eat our gluttonous box of fish and chips. Needless to say the seagulls loved their feast that day!


Remiman said...

Nice novel use of oeanic terms to carry your thoughts. Proving of course how much influence the ocean, tides, and the moon have over our lives. ;-)
Hope you had a good wknd.

Tammy said...

Great words you have chosen to express the occean. I really enjoy your "happy" art because it's so colorful and bright. I grew up on the west coast with lots of beach stories. Love Lucinda! xxoo

Anonymous said...

What wonderful art! Night verses day. I love the circle thingys that you use. I tend to use those alot in my work as well. They can really stand for many different things to me... what do they stand for to you?
Anyhoo, great work!I LOVE YOUR USE OF COLOR!

Lucy said...

giggles! beautiful Art! Beautiful poem! Beautiful memories! Your cousin sounds so fun and I love that you and Pepper spent such wonderful time together at the beach. You are a fab. mom! xox

SiouxSue said...

Love the beach stories!

Lucy said...

giggles! beautiful Art! Beautiful poem! Beautiful memories! Your cousin
sounds so fun and I love that you and Pepper spent such wonderful time
together at the beach. You are a fab. mom! xox

vicci said...

I miss the ocean...I think I better plan a trip to the coast! Great stories Sweetie....fish and chips sound good right now too! :-)

Gemma said...

Wow...great poem, art and story!!!
Once I went to order take out for the family....ordered a ton of food and the clerk ask me if I would be eating there or taking it out....oh yes I think I'll eat it here all by myself.

tinker said...

Great ocean tales, Sherrie!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Beautiful bright painting. I enjoyed your words too!

Kai said...

listen there wild child, Oceans rock :P ..lol..
This was afun post for me to read Sherrie, thanks for brightening my day..
PEace, Kai

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