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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Scribblings " Masks"

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Somehow I expected this prompt to be easy. Oh my goodness, when I looked up hours had passed and I was still struggling. I prefer to live authentically, and for the most part I do. But sometimes it’s just safer to keep the mask on to preserve your vulnerability. Although I am brash and sassy at times, deep within hides this very injured child like spirit that I only expose to a select few. I lay it out gingerly on a velvet cloth for a very few moments, then quickly roll it back up and hide it so it can never be revealed. When I feel safe to expose myself, there is a catharsis that takes place, as well as a danger of being wounded. Assessing safe people to share the vulnerable side is the key!
Parading Masks

Authenticity aspires to float free
Parading masks, until that can be
Attacks bind us to the masquerade
Withered soul commences to fade

Nary does it leave our face
Humbled beneath, we take our place
Fear befalls disclosure of naked skin
Festered scars mapped within

Trapped behind calloused fa├žade
Human frailties mirroring god
The Curious focus on chiseling veneer
Pushed, we collapse, on a carefully honed spear

Once again cautioned, grappling for cover
Vowing to constrain, except with a lover
Stipulations required, vulnerable parity
Dissuaded agendas, complete sincerity

Weakened, secrets are gradually revealed
Thoughts and feelings, vigilantly concealed
A frivolous risk, again chancing deceit
Authenticity uncloaked, reprieve from retreat

Endeavors rocket with new vitality
Life charged with a different reality
Safely Unmasked to honor and trust
Camouflaged to those we see as unjust


Remiman said...

Well done girl. As you've so beautifully said, we hide our vulnerabilities from most and reveal all of ourselves to only a few well trusted loved ones.

paris parfait said...

Sherrie, this is a very powerful poem. Very well done! And I would venture saying sometimes "vowing to constrain" continues even with a lover, if trust is missing. Brilliant work! xo

Crafty Green Poet said...

your painting is lovely and I particularly relate to your comments about living authentically - its what I aim for too but yes it can be hard.

Gemma said...

Reading your poem to the sounds of "Across the Universe"....really touched me. Your poetry is so good Sherrie.... and your art jumps off the screen...love it!!!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

This is absolute brilliant writing, as usual! I can relate to not fully unveiling the innermost of ourselves at times and to certain people. Trust is essential in being completely free about who we are from the inside out.
wow, your illustrations with that paint program are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh what wonderful work! I LOVE MASKS! Don't know why, I think it's cause with a mask you can always hide your real self. Ok Ok, I'm gonna be quiet now. Anyhoo great work!

Lucy said...

you are safe with me Sherrie baby. Expose away~!
I can't believe what a fabulous poet u are. I'm so proud to be exposed to your beautiful words.
"weakened, secrets are gradually revealed"
(that's me after 1 cosmo)
SEriously, Your drawings and words are amazing Sher, great insightful post, interesting and honest. xoxo

Kai said...

I sat and looked at these for about 20 minutes after I read the poem. It's amazing how many layers and different masks we all wear and your wonderful writing made me think about it today :)
You rock, PEace, Kai.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Wonderful expression of that struggle many of us have ... to be authentic and vulnerable to those who might be hurt us. Much peace & love, JP

Clare said...

The masks are incredible! And I really like your poem -- I read it several times and soaked in the wonderful words.

altermyworld said...

You always inspire me. This is wonderfully linked together.

vicci said...

So true Sherrie.....I like this! :-)

Sandy said...

Love the drawings and the poem.


md said...

wonderful lookn masks

Nobody said...

Very cool masks! I loce the painterly texture.

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