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Friday, May 25, 2007

What makes you feel loved?

Sorry I haven’t been present much this week. I have lurked a few blogs some nights on my way to bed. The moon has been wreaking havoc on my sleep patterns. I noticed a few other women fighting the same slumber demons. Could it be spring fever, or is almighty mental pause? I’ve been plagued with writers block too! Imagine me with nothing to say? Yeah that’s a rare phenomenon. I’m trying to get few things done….in between dragging my ass around.

So let’s talk about someone else, only because I have permission of course! And because I've been so stumped! Bryan’s sister is taking the mandatory premarital counseling for her wedding. Pepper attended her stag, in Yale town last night. They were discussing the aspects of the counseling which she highly recommended as the best money ever spent. On the very intense questionnaire the engaged couple is asked what makes you feel loved. Well I won’t get into the brides answers.

Instead I posed the same question to Pepper in Bryan’s presence. A million things flashed through my head! He irons her pants, makes her lunch, and walks her to and from the bus. Runs up the stairs hundreds of times for things she forgets. Gets her favorite CD’s on the day they come out. I was completely surprised by her answer.

Pepper washes her feet every night when she comes home from work, without fail. Even when we camped, first thing she did was place a bowl of water next to tent; so she could dip her feet before she entered.

One night a few weekes back, after an extremely stressful week of barely any sleep, she flopped into bed, feeling completely defeated, not an ounce of energy left to maintain her ritual! Without being prompted, Bryan lovingly took a warm soapy cloth, washed her feet and then smeared them with cream. With tears in our eyes, she said that’s when she felt truly loved!

By the way, that incident was the first thing that came to Bryans mind too!

Next I’ll pose the question to him, even though I think I may know the answer, I probably don’t. They have a very reciprocal relationship, which is so rare! Stay tuned for the answer!
Now tell me what makes you feel truly loved?


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I have no idea what makes me feel truly loved.
No let me think....I feel truly loved when supported by others when it comes to my art.
My art means sooo much to me that anyone who knows me SHOULD know that. They don't always get that though. I have found more support and love from those online then I have offline.

Lucy said...

pepper is so lucky and better hang on to the gem of a guy she has! No doubt Bryan is so wonderful because Pepper deserves it and is also wonderful!
This whole "foot" thing really got to me which you understand since you read my WHOLE blog!! Bryan was SO loving and truly beautiful!
Now I also understand the beautiful valentine poem that you posted, that floored me because I could have wrote that about my husband. ( he always irons for me)
It's the constant caring for me that truly makes me feel loved)

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