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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday Scribblings " Slippery"

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Sunday Scribblings prompt " Slippery"

Trust me; I had no intentions of writing these words when I heard the prompt. I hate dredging up old unsavory memories from my past! It’s redundant and whiney. For me this might just be another cathartic moment as the anniversary of this day inches closer. A beautiful reminder of the peace I have carefully honed in my life! Maybe another woman will read this and feel a little less alone. Knowing life will definitely get better if you will it to!
It takes courage to leave, but it also takes courage to stay!

Appreciating Peace

It was slippery that evening when he followed me around
It was slippery that evening when I boomed to the ground
It was slippery that evening when he pushed the hose to my face
It was slippery that evening, a date I can’t seem to erase

It was slippery that summer when he arrived at my door
It was slippery that summer when he sought to settle a score
It was slippery that day when he appeared, to gather his things
It was slippery those nights when I heard the constant rings

It was slippery that day at court when I saw him in the foyer
It was slippery that day at court when he threatened my lawyer
It was slippery that day at court when he found the tapes I’d stashed
It was slippery that day at court when I found my tires slashed

It was slippery late at night when his diesel could be heard
It was slippery late at night when he was acting so absurd
It was slippery late at night when the police arrived
It was slippery late at night when my panic seemed contrived

It was slippery for two years when I was repeatedly harassed
It was slippery for two years, I was constantly aghast
It was slippery those days, when my life was such a mess
It was slippery those days when I functioned under duress

It is slippery now when his numbers on my call display
It is slippery now that he works with my new neighbor everyday
It is still slippery when I
evade this emotional bit of history!
It is still slippery when I attempt unravel this repulsive mystery.


Rob Kistner said...

Giggles -- That is one slippery bit of writing... ;)

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

What a powerful piece of writing ... I do hope that it speaks to other women who've been in that situation. The distance of time and healing are the best gifts. xx, JP

Anonymous said...

What an outstanding piece of work! The work is beautiful and the words are as always outstanding! What meaningful words! Thank you for sharing them with us!

Tammy said...

I soooo related to this powerful slippery mess. It does help others to share and courage to remember. You ROCK lady! XXOO

Patois said...

Thankfully, your strenth is not slippery in any way. Good for you. Powerful person, you are. Powerful writing, you do.

gautami tripathy said...

Life might have been slippery but your inner strength is not. Hugs!

Lucy said...

I love the way you try to make all women feel okay even the ones who stay. Your poetry is phenomenal Sher, I HATe that you had years of torture and I thank god you are in the great place you're in now. xoxo

giggles said...

Lucy I wouldn't be as harsh as to call it torture, there were many great moments. Otherwise I wouldn't have stuck with it so long. It just became impossible to deal with the constant nastiness! For the most part I choose to focus my mind the good moments, but I'll not forget the others either! Every so often it creeps into my poetry….mostly around the anniversary date. It sure taught me a lot...but here I am! Wiser having walked those uphill miles!

Mommy2Angels said...

Wow. That was very powerful and lovely. You can feel the pain but I hope you are at peace now!

Clare said...

Hi Giggles -- This is incredible. When I read it I could feel the fear and intensity of your situation as it got out of control. He was and is relentless. But I can also feel your amazing spirit and power! You are awesome.

Brian said...

I feel the slippery coming through. I'm sorry you had to go through this and I'm glad you are still moving forward and growing as a woman.

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