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Monday, September 24, 2007

Granville Island Ferries Garbage Can Art Contest 2007

I want the entire team of artist that participated in this charity event to know I think you all did a fabulous job! I admire your tenacity and creativity during this event! It was certainly never my intention to offend anyone with my silly curious remarks!

Yesterday I went down to Granville Island to support my talented Artists friends Joanna and Nicci who were painting Garbage Cans for an annual Charity event! The cans were judged for prizes then auctioned off, the money goes to childrens hospital for art supplies! Art therapy is often more important than many realize!

When Pepper was five I almost lived in Palative care with my mom! Thankfully Pepper was able to do art therapy to cope with the passing of her nana! She insisted on being at the hospital with me until the last two weeks, where she asked to stay home!I still have the clay pieces she made!

Most of my friends will recognize Nicci's Girlz as she calls them! I would love to own this can, these bright colors speak to me!

You can visit Nicci at her Brushed with Magic website, where she also has a blog!

Nicci has been a busy little artist as of late, with commission work she's picked up after being on the show "Thats Clever!"

Nicci putting on the finishing touches of her can!

I surprised Joanna! Her art and soul Labyrinth was even more spectacular in person! Joanna was also on the American television show " That's Clever"!
Joanna is facilitating local art projects and also runs healing workshops. You can visit her website at " Art and Soul Concepts"
Joanna teaches healing with Labyrinths!

Laura Gibson, an accomplished artist also won with her Garbage Can! As you can see her unique style caught the attention of the judges! You can find more of Lauras fun art at her website here!
The back of Laura's Can

This one is called the "Bush of Life" and it's done by the kids with eating disorders in Childrens Hospital! These are the kids who will benefit from this Charity!
If I'm correct this Artist was trying to say each person can make a difference. Although it's a wonderful concept, there's a bit of an oxymoron going on here! It's going to be a dirty world if we can't use the can! I'm wondering what the heck they're going to do with a squished trash can! Any ideas? I hate waste.... !!!
This Rocket was the grand Prize winner! I think it speaks for itself. Since we can't actually use it down here on earth because the garbage would dump right out of it, I guess we need to fly our Garbage to the moon Alice!!! On a closer look it's Sam Sullivan the Vancouver mayor they want to send to the moon!!!
Carousel, very complex for a four hour project!

Okay here is a bride and groom. Does he think weddings are just garbage? I have to agree it's a huge expense for a one day ceremony that has only a fifty percent survival rate!

An update Oct 3/2007 this can " Wedding" was intended to pay homage to hope and romance, and used at a wedding shower to house the wrapping paper.Very inventive idea! I think my marriage bias may have trickled into my statement, for this I deeply apologize. As a romantic at heart, I can appreciate the love and optimism that went into this piece!

Now this is a GREAT political statement! Very well done! Vancouver has had an on going garbage strike since the begining of summer! Of course the Rats are thrilled, contented, full and ready to get it on! Not exactly good publicity for the city of Ratcouver! Albeit quite hilarious! Let's spend millions getting ready for 2010, hell who cares about a rat or fifty! Pretty darn cute rats dancin around!

Look at this very proud contestant, she had a ball flicking paint onto the peace signs. A great statement, in an ever turbulant world!
Okay this can would match my Magenta living room. Would I have it there!!!Hmmm I don't think so! However it is beautifully done in foam, and a prize winner! Again too pretty for waste!
This simple black on blue is kind of cool, and could be useful! It would look nice with the right shoes, I mean, house!
This is my kind of color goin on! Can you imagine a world of garbage cans like this? I CAN!!!
Again a very useful can! I think there should be an on going project around town to Paint the cans! Great advertizement for Artists, while Glamming up the city!


Janet said...

OMG!! These are great! I love the pinky lavender one but then I'm sure you knew that already! What a terrific way to raise money and also raise awareness. And thanks for the links....I'm off to visit.

KaiBlueCreations said...

I LOVEEEEEE Granville Island, the little ferry boats, the pier, the food!! Market!! Ok..
Diggin the art, these are super!!
PEace, Kai xx

KaiBlueCreations said...

I LOVEEEEEE Granville Island, the little ferry boats, the pier, the food!! Market!! Ok..
Diggin the art, these are super!!
PEace, Kai xx

vicci said...

Oh my gosh Sherrie....thanks for posting all the cool cans! What a fabulous idea! The spaceship is really fantastic! Makes me wanna paint my can....but it's plastic!

Lucy said...

WOW, Those are some beautiful cans! You should definitely participate next year Miss Sher! Your Cans would be beautiful too! xox

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

How cool that you were able to go. What fun. I want to spend one day when we come back going to Granville Island. I LOVE Nicci and Joanna's cans. They were the BEST!!

violette said...

Wow Sherrie......great pics of the garbage cans! I especially enjoyed seeing Nicci's and Joanna's cans! As always you have such insightful comments.

Love, violette

Tammy said...

These cans are really fun! I also loved the shots of your artist sister, what a blast you must of had!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherrie,

Thanks for the beautiful photos! My shots of the event weren't nearly as good.

It is interesting the interpretations made on art: You interpreted a negative statement from my "Wedding" when a statement of hope and romance was intended. I hoped that the can would be useful as a gift at a shower or wedding gift-opening to attractively hold wrappings. Talk about a depressing 180!

Just a comment on "paint flicking": it is very like spray paint in that the flecks of red carry on the wind onto other people's art, clothes, hats, bags, etc. I took away more than fond memories from the event.

Cheers and thanks again!

giggles said...

To the dear artist who created a unique wedding trash can for the Children Hospital charity. I genuinely hope you come back to read this! I sincerely apologize if my frivolous statement and question were conveyed as a negative. Having seen so many political statements I roped yours in with them, which was a terrible mistake on my part! Thank you for enlightening me!

I commend your tender spirit celebrating a marriage with a lovely tribute of art.Unfortunately it never occurred to me to use your ingenious can in such a fantastic way! I must admit I was somewhat taken aback by all the altered cans squished or destroyed. Somehow I assumed the trash cans would be used to beautify businesses around town rather than as sculptures. Again I hope you will accept my sincerest apology.

You may not be the only one offended; most of my critique was very tongue in cheek! As a new artist I have no business making statements about anyone’s creative endeavors! Art is open to interpretation; soon I will be subjected to it as well! Please send me your website if you have more Art for me to review….just kidding… On a serious note I would be interested in seeing some of your creativity. Please don’t let my contemptible humor affect your loving soul, and creative Spirit! You did a wonderful job with great intentions! Again thank you for enlightening me, I will be much more attentive when making light hearted statements in the future! Again my deepest apology!!!

Peace Giggles (Sherrie)

Anonymous said...
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