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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Illustration Friday prompt "Grow"


Grow up, grow out

Grow together, grow apart

Grow intellect, grow savvy

Grow courteous, grow content

Grow wise, Grow warm,

Grow brave, grow mature

Grow joy, grow humor

Grow harmony, grow calm

Grow acceptance, Grow kind,

Grow thankful, grow generous

Grow loyal, grow faith

Grow love, grow hope

Grow imaginative, grow humble

Grow passion, grow vision

Grow heaven in your midst


Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Very fun, colorful and expressive!

Alessandro said...

amazing! the family of the feet... nice idea.

georg said...

Adorable feet and toothes - maybee she hopes that her stockings will grow? Happy image to make us glad! I like your thoughts/poem of "grow" too - that is: I like your style.

And thanks for your comment at my blog.

mai said...

socks!! i see the similar idea we drawn,your drawing is so fun!

Lucy said...

adorable pics and words... glad you didn't touch on negatives like... grow waistline & ass and grow gray hair. thanks for the smile :)

Craig Lamberton said...

great words and illustration.. this is a really uplifting piece of work

md said...

seems those feet come from a long line of big feet fun and colorful illo

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