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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Scribblings " First Job"

Sunday Scribblings "First Job"
Mature beyond my fourteen years, I fibbed to get my first job and no one questioned it. It’s really understandable now when I look at my niece who is shockingly grown-up for her age.

During my training a soccer coach brought his team to Dairy Shack for milkshakes. He ordered several sizes in multiple flavors. It took quite sometime to complete the order. I took his money, placed the dozen milkshakes at the front window, then pushed slightly forward so the coach could reach them. The milkshakes tumbled, in procession, onto his suit! Mortified I handed the man wet rags to clean off his clothes. Consequently, after cleaning up a mess of icecream and milk splattered everywhere, I had to remake a majority of the flavored shakes.

Cockroaches ran rampant in that old building during the seventies. My mom was terrified I might bring them home. My nightly ritual consisted of checking all my clothes before I left the store. One particular summer evening a cockroach decided to wander slowly up the frame of the takeout window. A congenial man noticed it before I could make my attack; he mentioned that I couldn’t help it if they tried to enter. Of course I dared not inform the naive man the little nemesis was thankfully trying to escape!

My very buxom best friend worked there too. One evening when a bunch of us girls were working alone, she received a phone order. A very sexy male voice at the other end intrigued Tony enough to take an early break to fix her hair and makeup. She’d been shamelessly flirting with the guy on the phone, and was ecstatic to meet him. We all waited in angst to see what this guy looked like. When he came to pick up his order, Tony skirted off to the window, entourage discretely trailing behind. My friend batted her eyes as she handed the average looking male his food, he thanked her, but when he smiled it became quite apparent that he had absolutely no teeth, not one!

Closing alone, late, every week night, caused ulcers. Between all the girls stealing and the cockroaches, I decided to find a new job.

My working at such a young age made me independent and defiant of my parents. Therefore I never encouraged my daughter to take a job as a young teen. She babysat next door on many occasions. When she finally started working at fifteen and a half, it was for mandatory hundred hours of work experience through school, which graduated into seasonal work on Saturdays and rare Friday nights. I wanted her to concentrate on her school work which was pressure enough. While being excellent experience, having a first job as a young teen can be so full of negatives too!


Lucy said...

eeeeeekkkkk I want to jump on my chair! the image of all the roaches was too much. What great memories all these first job stories are stirring up! Popped in on you to find a link to scrabble and was happy to find a new post! :)

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

The cockroaches gave me the willies! Yes, I agree, those early teen jobs can be very stressful and not something I've pushed on my children either. Peace, JP/deb

Tammy said...

LOL I enjoyed this peek into the teenage you. XXOO

paris parfait said...

It was fun reading about your experiences there! Ugghh, cockroaches - I became familiar with those when living in New York. The only thing to get rid of them is boric acid powder. Funny store about your friend's toothless admirer. :) I like your art piece too. xo

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