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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why I love Fall

Sunday my girlfriend, the kids and I spent the day in Fort Langley!
Along the normally quiet streets of Fort Langley weekends bring crowds of wanderers, from all walks of life. I couldn't resist getting a photo of this fabulous old car, that just happens to fit into the heritage feel of the village!
The kids stole away in this leaf filled niche for a prompted photo! Something has distracted Bryan. So many neat things to see in this old town, also the setting for a few Hollywood North movies.
The buildings have a heritage feel to them. We ambled the streets enjoying fresh warm air. Peeking in the antique stores, smelling soaps in others, longing for a few pieces of the jewelry slightly over our budget. I always find it so interesting to see what trends are being flogged by vendors.

We ate lunch in this quiet Court yard. The weather was better than normal for an October day! We were pretty thrilled to be sitting outside at the start of fall!

This is a mural down the walkway of Gasoline Alley, depicting the native culture once enjoyed by our first nations people.
Front of the Stained Glass store
In another life I think I may have lived during the Victorian era. Stained glass just thrills me to bits. Old or new.... I love it all. I noticed the artist was setting up pieces to make jewelry in this shop. I didn't have the nerve to ask if I could take a few pictures of his process for my blog. Maybe when I go to buy some flux I'll chat him up and see if he agrees to a few photos. He did discourage me from using normal flux for jewelery because it contains lead. Thats a scary thought....keep that in mind when you buy necklaces!
As you can see many people took the opportunity to enjoy this summer like atmosphere. There was a very cool hat store where many people assembled to try on the different styles. Beside it, is the cranberry store, everything is devoted to cranberries. Syrups, dressings, creams, pills, even cranraisins which I bought one year for salads. They were exceptional!
During our country drive home this tree stood in majesty on a patch of rolling land, adorned in a velvet coat of red. It wooed my camera. We stopped to click a few pictures.

The kids pose for me. Perfect ending to a great day. Chris and I were a slightly worn out , opting out of the pictures.
Phenomenal view of the mountains with the autumn back drop is just breathtaking and why I love Beautiful British Columbia!
We went to Derby Reach on the way home. Spectacular colors popped all over the river park! People were picnicking, snoozing and fishing off the river.
We arrived home, with full tummies, expended endorphins (from laughing while reading a line of very hilarious greeting cards) and that perfect feeling of utter peace. This is why I love fall!


Lucy said...

when can I move there?
It is beautiful! So happy you enjoyed a wonderful time! The foliage is a bit ahead of Ny's.
Wish fall would actually begin over here

KaiBlueCreations said...

I wish i could go back to BC and visit, it really is gorgeous and magical..
Peace and love, Kai xx

Tammy said...

What a beautiful place! Your shots really captured a fun Sunday in the fall. Thanks!

Cre8Tiva said...

i want to go there too...is that one store called healing and stones??? sounds like my kind of store...blessings, rebecca

Gemma said...

Oh I just loved it there too! Beautiful country and alot of history. Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post! Lovely pictures! I'm so happy that you had a good time. :) Thanks for sharing these wonderful photo's with us! *HUGS*

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

I want to visit there...it looks so wonderful. I truly felt like I was right along with you all. I just love how you have such a fabulous time together - one day, one day I will be able to sit and laugh and chat with you!

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