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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Scribblings " Chipped Mug"

Yesterday I found these beautiful flowers at my door with a note that said " The Pixies are about..." Thank you Laura, I love them and they are the most fragrant carnations I've ever had!

Indulge me in my silliness! If you've ever had a favorite mug then you'll understand this post. Otherwise it will seem superficial and trivial! There's something about that special mug you fall in love with. It's with you everyday, the familiarity is comforting, it may get a bit worn, but you still love it! Sort of like the ideal partner! I promise I don't have Alzheimer's, this is not a repeat post. Albeit very similar these are not the same mugs that I received last week. This post is about manifesting your desires and moving in the direction of having your dreams come true. This mug was just one of the many desires I held dear for three years. It got to the point I considered writing to the Artist to ask if she could create and ship me a new mug to replace the old chipped one! I notice she doesn't even have them on her website anymore! I remember the price was outrageous too! I have no idea why I kept the damaged cup under my sink so long. I just couldn't seem to part with it! I even considered using it in a mosaic to preserve the pattern!

"Thank you for abundance," is a frequent saying I use, every time something wonderful comes my way! A special Thank you to my daughter, whose continued persistence paid off! I think I can now release the chipped cup to mug heaven! Or where ever the dead mugs go!

Sunday Scribblings "Miscellaneous"

Chipped Mug

Cherished is my useless mug

Now kept beneath the sink

Chipped along the outer rim

Unsafe from which to drink

To me the pattern’s sacred

For none I’ve loved so much

Aesthetic in its vibrancy

My soul it seemed to touch

For every sip of coffee

And every taste of tea

Truly brought a sense of joy

To that simple side of me

Unexpected sadness formed

When I knew it was destroyed

I searched for a replacement

But none could fill the void

Soon that secret yearning

Become a failed quest

Just when I relinquished hope

And set my grief to rest

My daughter on a mission

With passion of devotion

Honed in on my desire

With her magnetic potion

Far from home, without a car

Heavy and labored down

Trekked alone on the bus,

Some treasures that she found!

Mugs, a bowl a teapot too

By an artist I revere

Astonished by the bounty

That managed to appear

Now I feel like Alice

In a land of adoration

Where whimsy reins bits of joy

As I celebrate my elation!


Sherry said...

Oh how cute!! I know that's not a very "writerly" thing to say but it is -- and it suits the mug and I'm glad you daugher was so thoughtful!!!

Gemma said...

Wow! That's so cool Pepper found those for you!!!! They are vibrant and I can see why they touch your soul! Sacred in the extraordinary!

keith hillman said...

What beautiful objects. You are so fortunate.

Mary Timme said...

Oh, Oh, What a wonderful replacement! And the tea pot too! I love it, do you hear! Love the tea pot with all that is dear!

Kate said...


I understand the cherished mug thing. Lisa O made me a mug last year and I really loved that mug. I was heartbroken when it broke. I had set it somewhere I shouldn't have and when it fell and broke I was so saddened. Its not fixable but I don't throw it away, it sits on a shelf where I can admire it. I just can't use it anymore. Amazing how we can get attached to things.


tinker said...

Wonderful post, Sherrie! I'm so glad the Universe (and Pepper and friends) are showering you with abundance!
I do understand the attachment thing - I have turned my favorite chipped mugs into pencil and paintbrush holders. I figure at least it keeps them out of the landfill, lol.
May the Universe continues to smile upon you and give you many reasons to giggle and smile back~XO

Lucy said...

Oh how adorable I think you are! I truly TRULY LOVE a poem about a favorite mug. I think its not just us Sher, MANY will relate to your dismay over your chipped mug. Another sweet friend recently told me a cute story of HOW upset she was that her father in law used her favorite mug and left it outside, causing her to hunt for it for days! These little 'comforts' make our days. Loved that Pepper came through for you! xox

altermyworld said...

What a lovely you have. One day i want to meet her and i want to meet you and i want to have a giggle fest. I love reading about your relationship. If i had a daughter i know i would love her just love you do yours.

queenisize funny bone said...


tumblewords said...

I had never seen this artist's work until you displayed it but I feel like I would recognize her anywhere - and her work, as well. Grin. Nice post, lovely lady and wonderful daughter!

Anonymous said...

Cherished mugs are the best and sometimes, you put them high on the shelf where they are safe.

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

What a wonderful daughter you have to go and find not only a new mug but other special items as well. Now this new one will no doubt have even more importance as to the story of its arrival.
I completely get how we get attached to things like that. I had a Betty Boop mug in the 80's my Mom had given me...used it at work. I ended up falling down some stairs while carrying it and it broke. I hurt my arm but was more upset about the dang cup. I kept it for a long time, broken.
Love and hugs,

gautami tripathy said...

I too have a favourite mug. Hence your poem struck a chord..

Arty? Not me!!

Shari said...

Well that is just wonderful, how it all turned out. I've never read a poem about a person's cherished chipped mug. But, I do understand the significance of a favorite mug. One Christmas, my husband gave me a Happy Holidays mug from a thrift store. We didn't have money to spend on each other that Christmas. However, the mug became very special to me. But, it got a chip in it. Then, it disappeared. Many months later, I found it on my husbands plant propagation table with his spider plant cuttings in it. I guess he didn't realize how important that mug was to me.

Bebe Upcycle said...

Oh I love this tribute to your cherished mug.

I was searching for a way to repair a cherished mug's rim so it would safe to drink from - which led to finding your poem.

How delightful!

Thanks for sharing. :)

Bebe Upcycle said...

I love your tribute to your cherished mug and your loving daughter.

I was searching for a way to repair a cherished mug when I came across your poetry.

How delightful!

Thanks for sharing. :)

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