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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sundayscribblings "My New"

Sunday Scribblings prompt the appropriate " New"

I have been quite reflective this season. Searching for patterns that need eradicating! I’m searching for a new garden to plant my changes of simplicity, and creativity. Looking for a field where I can see far beyond my thoughts, in which I’m pointed in the corresponding direction of my dreams. I’m looking to take this year to focus on success, creativity and abundance in a simplistic way! To be happier, more charitable and gracious while maintaining boundaries. I’m looking for a new start, in an old body. I’m determined to find my absolute true purpose and fulfill my conscious dreams!

Hoisted Hopes

New perspective lingers amongst old ideas

Fostering growth, change, and challenge

New incentive summons excitement,

Hope, joy amidst smoldering deterioration

New spirit mingling with love and gratitude

Lifting the burden of dubious inclinations

New persona haggles with habitual nuances

Interspersed with speckles of alteration

New horizons capture radiance of novel

contemplation, sprouting abundant dreams



gautami tripathy said...

I like the title. Beautiful sentiments...

Janet said...

What a great collage of YOU! I can't imagine improving on perfection but I guess you can give it a try!

I love your Hoisted Hopes.

Penelope Anne said...

This is superb, wonderful expression of the word new and the powerful meaning it can have. I am so glad I popped in. Should you like to read my Scribblings this week they are found at The Writer's Lounger page of my blog.

Lucy said...

good luck planting that New garden! Love your beautiful collage and poem! 'New persona haggles with habitual nuances' Love that line Sherrie!
( I never before noticed what PERFECT eyebrows you have!) Make changes if you must but leave those eyebrows alone!
HOpe you find the new year bringing success, creativity,being more charitable and all your other wonderful dreams. oxoxo

myrtle beached whale said...

"dubious inclinations" speaks to me. It should be the title of my autobiography. Great post.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful words! It is always a good thing to keep ones hopes up. You have an amazing way of expressing your feelings. I hope that all of your wishes and dreams come true this year! Outstanding post! *HUGS*

tumblewords said...

Hoisted Hopes! Clever and complex. Beautiful collage and words full of hope, determination and success! I wish you all!

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

Love your "New" poem!! It is great...really speaks to me. Thanks so much for sharing, Sherrie!! Love to you, Pepper and Brian!!

Tinker said...

Happy new to you too, Sherrie!
Just saw your new line of bags - they're gorgeous, and what a sweet remembrance. Wishing you a happy New Year!!!~XOXO

Anonymous said...

Nice post. I hope that 2008 is all that you want it to be.

paris parfait said...

It sounds like a very hopeful future! Wishing that your dreams come to fruition. xo

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