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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Totally optional Prompt " Magician"

Sunday morning out of the blue Pepper decided to go out. On her excursion she announced, to my surprise, that she'd be stopping in at Home Sense to see if they had any Mary Naylor mugs. It was totally out of the blue. I am still shaking my head in amazement that she found the only four they had. Bryan bought them for me as an early Valentines day gift! Or course I adore them, and wonder what made Pepper decide at that moment to look for them. These kinds of things happen to her often when she lives in the flow!

I think it's so magical how the universe provides if you truly believe. I even think there are times when things go awry just to present another path, or open our eyes and heart to new prospects. Turning obstacles into opportunities. Teaching us value in the human spirit!

Since the first of January so much has come my way. I have been blessed with more abundance than I could have imagined. I've been brought eggs and milk, two random beautiful bouquets of flowers that piggy backed each other so I still have flowers to enjoy seventeen days later. My favorite chocolate, three large packages of my favorite bath fragrances, a new pair of black fuzzy slippers, a new purse large enough to carry some art, two ART bowls, and these Mary Naylor Mugs. I feel so grateful!

Here's the thing. My car is still out of commission. One might think I need that fixed over and above everything else. But you know what, it will be fixed in due time. For now my soul is being fed. Maybe I needed that more! Not because of the material items, but more because of the attentive love.Just the fact that friends and family know who I am, what I need and desire without my mentioning it! Everything will be used and enjoyed daily! As I sip from my new mugs I certainly feel loving energy flowing from them. With that I'm inspired and assured that the universe will provide!

The Magician

Out of the abyss

Kisses of abundance

Perplex me

Notion beckons

Comrade summons

A progeny heeds

Desires met


Effervescent faith


Now speaks


Pearls discovered

In crevices of

Astute attention

More Treasures


By the Magician

I wanted to share with you these two licensed Mary Naylor art bowls that were bought three years apart! Interesting how they changed over the few years. The one on your left was the original, which I notice to be slightly more free hand. The newer one seems more precise, with more vivid colors, yet it's from the same line.....my favorite I might add! I found it inspiring to see that even professional artists produce work with imperfections. Or I wonder, is it doctored during production? I love them both!


SweetTalkingGuy said...

So glad I stopped by your site - I didn't write anything for the Magician prompt but reading your positive psychology here has started to inspire me. I like the idea of turning obstacles into opportunities and the eternal sounding thought that The Universe will provide! Thank you for posting this..

tumblewords said...

It is about the magic, isn't it? :) I could be a Naylor collector, too. Great color and style. Sometimes, it seems like once the soul is fed, the material hums along behind. Here's hoping your fuzzy black slippers walk you right to the magic source! Lovely post.

Tammy said...

I'm so glad that you have been surrounded by love while your car needs some attention.

I had wanted to do this prompt but 3ww really was where my head was at. LOL

Your poem was excellent!!!!!


Lucy said...

I love that you are feeling the love! I also Love and needed to hear Your philosophy about "times when things go awry just to present another path, or open our eyes and heart to new prospects. Turning obstacles into opportunities."
Thanks for that Sherrie, my son is facing some obstacles and I am going to quote the very talented, wise Giggles to him tonight! xoxo

I LOVE these Mary Naylor mugs and bowls and haven't heard of her, yet I believe I may have seen these. Your taste and mine AGAIN- So similar So whimsical!

paisley said...

your artwork in your sidebar reflects your love for color and i can definitely see the appeal of both the mugs and the bowls you featured... i am especially taken with your use of paisley,, as of course one might suspect i would be... i am wondering if you do anything that would translate nicely into a blog header... my email is whypaisley@gmail.com if you want to discuss this further...

Amber said...

I like these mugs. I love bold, colorful art like that. :)

This is a great post. It feels so good, and is full of smiles. Thanks for that.


Mary Timme said...

Wow, these are beautiful pieces and I immediately wanted one for a friend! Yikes, then I looked at the prices and thought, well, maybe, but they are great pieces. Provision is a wonderful thing.

MissKoolAid said...

I'm with you on "the universe provides" part. I've always believed that things happen for a reason even when I was a wee child.

Looks like your loved ones know you well and know how to treat you well.


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