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Monday, May 19, 2008

Writers Island " impulse"

Writers Island prompt is Impulse

It was nothing ordinary

With giggles

And gropes

Frozen moments of

Immeasurable hopes

Girlish fantasy

Churning angst

Whirling with lust

Igniting passion

Prepared to combust

Over compensating

Inferior toil

Routine madness

Brick after brick

Compiled in sadness

Stolen kisses

A secret wish

She’d never implore

It was just an impulse

She'd want to ignore


Lucy said...

Your cartoons are great! It must be hard for her to find a good fitting bracelet! ( does he have forever french polish??) haha
LOVE the poem, Was it at all inspired by your amusement park memories?? That is the imagery I saw as I read your wonderful wistful words! Great impulses of past passions sexy sadie! xo

Tammy said...

I have had some good and bad impulse memories. You have expressed the ups and downs beautifully. XXOO

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Thanks for the visit to my site. Love the poem, & the bright colors on your site.

Mary Timme said...

What a fun place to visit. I always seem to be invigorated by the passions you generate with in with your poems. Thanks!

texasblu said...

I think I missed u last wk! Sorry - things have been crazy and I'm still trying to catch up!

I remember these emotions all too well... you expressed it perfectly! :)

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