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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sunday Scribblings " Happy Endings"

Water color pencils on a small flat canvas!

Sunday Scribblings " Happy Endings"
Last night a dear friend and I joined our other friend,
her daughter and grandchildren for fish and chips on the beach.
We enjoyed watching these sweet little ones interact
with such kindness towards each other!
Best friends for life!
Mother and childen
Grandmother and grandson!
Grandma and granddaughter
A petite dancing Rose Fairy
Grandma and grandson, a very old soul!
I just want to break out singing Lennon song Beautiful Boy
when I see this sparkly eyed boy!

Tender little man adores his Glamma!
Three generations, mother, grandchildren, my friend the grandmother!

Unexpected Treasures

They came unexpected, fifteen months apart
Forcing a young woman to make a brand new start
Tumultuous fathers, unable to commit
She took her broken heart, grieved a little bit

The Babies needed her to put her angst aside
So in a box she packed their life, took it all in stride
Found a cozy place to live, to raise children who are kind
Enrolled herself in school to cultivate her mind

Future deliberations, a job, own a car and home
Ammunition to squash the odds, and thrive out on her own
It’s been a year now, the kids are smiles and joy
A darling petite fairy and a soulful little boy

A mother with her children can flourish beyond thought
The innate power of motherhood is a mystery never taught
Though she may find loneliness knocking late at night
Enthusiasm for her offspring fills her with delight

Ambling carefree the promenade knowing mom is near
Past few years of oblivion, become obviously clear

Gifted treasures in her midst have helped her heart to heal
Closeness she’s honed with them has made happy endings real!


Lucy said...

aww that really IS a happy ending! what a strong loving momma!! These children are so beautiful, the eyes on the little guy Are amazing. The little girl is a dark eyed beauty! How lovely that you were inspired by this union and created such a touching poem. Thanks for sharing :))

paisley said...

what a great post.. i love that poem.. there is so much truth in there for so many women... bravo!!!

gautami tripathy said...

Mother and daughter look like sisters. Beautiful pictures.

can you please read me the end again?

Beautiful Witch said...

Stories of strong women are wonderful and are indeed happy endings! How lucky this mother is to have two beautiful children, and how lucky the children are to have her. :)

anthonynorth said...

Very well done. In the post, and life.

Tammy said...

What beautiful children and one hot glamma!

What a lovely tribute to this strong young woman and others like her. Goddesses!

HUGS to my favorite goddess!

amarettogirl said...

beautiful especially as i dream once again of the possibilities and impossibities of raising any child in this world...thank you for the hope through struggles and love through darkness

danni said...

my hat's off to a woman who is not just surviving, but actually thriving, in spite of it all --- kudos!!!

pattie said...

Thanks for visiting...will be back again soon!! Have a deliciously colorful creative day!!
Artfully Yours..

SmallWorld Reads said...

Sweet poem---and wow! I hope I look like that when I'm a grandma!!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a beautiful poem. I so remember those days when my girls were small. I can feel your emotions, the bittersweetness of it all; but in the end there is so much joy and triumph. Keep up the good love. And never forget that no thing or nothing is worth your children's happy spirit. But from your blog - I know you never will! Thanks for sharing - Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

Tammie Lee said...

Ah this is a wonderful post.
You have fun and lovely way with words. Not only is the rhyming wonderful but the story unfolds so simply with great clarity.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I'm a grandma and I don't look hot like this grandma does. Just saying. What a couple of little cutie pies too. Have a great day. :)

cookie said...

These pictures are absolutely wonderful! How beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!! Oh, I'm so glad to see your gorgeous pictures!

Happy, Happy, Happy family!


cookie said...

These pictures are absolutely wonderful! How beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!! Oh, I'm so glad to see your gorgeous pictures!

Happy, Happy, Happy family!


artbrat said...

Your dog art is so appealing. What a wonderful story you have shared. A beautiful happy family that has weathered its share of storms. Your poetry tugs at the heart.

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