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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Three Word Wednesday " Salacious"

Peppers sister-in-law made this fun necklace out of old buttons from grandmas button jar!
Click the image to see if you recognize any buttons from your past!

Three Word Wednesday ,
rumor, shake , spontaneous


Spontaneous Rumor

is laid out

On the asphalt

Gossip mongers

Drive over it


With weighted vehicles

Squashing it

Into a semblance


Road kill


In the hearsay

Of feted pain

Never imagining

It hovers

in the distance

of their existence

Waiting to

shake their world

Impede their joy


They revel,

Void of



Pam said...

Road killed rumors- very clever.

Janet said...

All those covered buttons! What a great necklace and it should go with just about everything.

Tammy said...

I see my button off my favorite suit from the 80's. LOL

I loved your word choices for gossip mongers and the damage they do. Wonderful job Sherrie!

HUGS & Love

TC said...


This was perfect.

A truly amazing way to describe a rumor and what it does to people and what they do to it.

paisley said...

i like rumors much better when they disguise themselves as stone soup,, and we each add a bit till it comes out a buffet!!!!LOL

Cookie said...

What an amazing necklace. I've never seen one like that before! Pepper's grandmother is very talented, indeed!


Anonymous said...

You are so creative! I am always in awe whenever I visit your blog. Thanks for sharing with us! I love the necklace that you made and you are amazing with words!

one more believer said...

all those buttons are fabric... reminds me of those lovely coats grammas wear... or should i say my gramma wore... poignantly placed words regarding rumors.. we have no idea of the ruin and destruction until it hits our door... excellent...

tumblewords said...

No one can tell it as brilliantly as you do! Love it - and the button necklace is wonderful...

forgetfulone said...

That was fantastic. Very clever! Thanks for the comment about my dream on my blog. I wish you could interpret the whole thing, too, but it's too crazy and too long to post the entire dream. I may have to take a look at that book you mentioned.

KaiBlueCreations said...

Aloha sherri,
Thank you for the wedding wishes for Kelisa and Ray :)

This post is rockin' groovie,
PEace, Kai xx

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