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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Saturday Delight

Saturday morning I went on a search for a knee brace. Unfortunately my knee is not the standard size. I was advised to make my own and pointed in the direction of the fabric store down the road. I opted out and settled for a generic Velcro tensor!

On a search for some Vein Sense vitamins, there was no parking in front of the first health food store. So I drove up the road, found a parking spot right in front of recommended fabric store, located next to the other health food store! I hesitated at the door to the fabric store wondering if I should even check for the material now that I had the generic one! Something propelled me to pop in. While asking about the fabric I needed the sales lady seemed elated about my purse wondering if I was an artist. After a short conversation, I left with a good chunk of canvas to create on, which she hopes to embellish with her sewing machine! Very exciting! I'm in the process of sketching designs to paint!

Then I met Dream Goddess, we headed to the beach to share this plate of fish and chips. Probably our last on the beach this summer, they usually close in october.
We sat beside this beautiful garden of purple and white flowers!
Then we spied a little bird who wished to share a few crumbs of the chips.
Sweet little thing munched a few morsels while we sat close by enjoying his bravery!
Later we headed to Winners, a department store full of well price name brand items.
They had a huge shoe mark down. Just as we were at the check stand, dream goddess mentioned I should check out a table I'd missed. I found one shoe I loved and knew would be comfortable. The other shoe was no where to be found! I searched, she searched, still nothing. Finally after a half an hour wait I left my number in case the other turned up! Just as we were headed to the door this young effeminate male come running up to tell us they found the match in the warehouse! Spontaneously Dream goddess yelled " Group hug" the salesman joined in on the fun as we squished together in a circle excited about our conquest! So for twenty six dollars I came away with some $110.00 Nine West shoes!! Thanks Dream Goddess for hanging around until we found it!
And thank you for abundance!!


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Now I'm hungry for fish and chips. Yummy. Awesome on the shoes. I love getting a good deal. Have as great day. :)

Lucy said...

cute shoes On sale! The best day in any woman's life! xo

Janet said...

I'm sure that purse gets a LOT of attention.

What a terrific day....new shoes at a bargain price, a day spent with a friend, and a group hug!! Sounds good to me.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Now I have a craving for some good fish.

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