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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Comment for Tara

A few pink panels I created, a little different than my usual style.
Can you see them made up as throw pillows?
I don't have the fight in me that I did in my younger days. Probably because it takes energy I don't have. But I'll admit I admire those who do. I respect people with principles, I'll even agree to disagree, unless it's about the abuse of a child or animal. That's the one time I can't back down.

The other day I visited a blogger friend whose passionate about change. I started to write a comment that turned into a poem. Instead I'll post my thoughts here, and add a link here so you can read what provoked my response. Some of you may not agree with Tara's perspectives, but she always makes so much sense, and her heart is made of pure gold! Tara this is for you, sorry I didn't comment the other day when I was moved to tears! Be sure to listen to Pink's song as you read along.

You Could Have Walked Away

Tara you could have walked away

But you stood strong to your convictions

You are the heart of decency, empathy

Truth and responsibility

You could have walked away

Nestled in comfort, elevated in a new life

Instead you speak loudly for those without a voice

For those without a choice

For those with less,

You speak the mind of the fearful ones

Scared of opposing wrath

Committed to change you bravely lead the way

Educating the unaware,

Standing for the old healthy America

Other nations look to you with respect

Thank you for your voice of reason

Determination, compassion

I am proud to know a woman

Of your quality, and substance

A passionate woman

Daring to speak against opposition

Heroic enough to speak the truth

Because you could have walked away!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I love the second one with all the flowers.

Alberta and Ava said...

Thank you for sharing that wonderfully passionate post. I voted the day before yesterday, and it was very exciting to me to cast a ballot so filled with hope for a change. Love your bootiful witch banner btw!

Happy Halloween Eve,
Alberta the Good Witch

paris parfait said...

You are amazing. And I have'll you know I cried like a baby when I read your powerful poem. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for this wonderful tribute. I am so deeply honoured by your words and thoughts. It's nice when I get some positive reaction, particularly as a lot of right-wing fanatics have written lately, with less than kind remarks (as you might imagine). You have made my day! I'm so proud to have you for a friend and only hope I can live up to your words!

Fabulous banner, dear heart. Happy Halloween. And yes, let's all hope we have a new President Obama by this time next week. xoxox

Tammy said...

You have done a beautiful job in describing an amazing woman. She is a warrior with so much fire.

BTW I love your banner! I love the pillows too. Beautimus!


Lucy said...

Sherrie you are an amazing poet. the passion in your words and the passion you feel for your friend are so powerful.
I can't wait to read what inspired your thoughts.
(love your flowers gigs)

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