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Friday, November 14, 2008

Book Launch

I attended a book launch at Kids books in Vancouver on Thursday night, the two authors on the right, Shelley Hrdlitschka and Kim Denman, were in a writers group I attended for several years. In the middle the Orca author editor, Sarah Harvey , left are Meg Tilly, and Robin Stevenson.
It was long ago predicted Shelley would succeed as an author. While everyone was scattered and stuck on the construction of a query letter, Shelley plugged along, page by page. Solving each problem with, (as I have said before) tenacity.
My friend Gypsy goddess has written many yet to be published books. Beside her Kim Denman a poignant writer with five published novels in the young adult genre. Promoting her latest novel, Spiral.

Meg was first to share parts of her book. Shrills of goosebumps ran down my body, as her terrific acting skills inflected into her reading. Savvy with how kids speak Meg tackles the turmoil of a young woman in her latest novel " First Time."

With excitement Shelley acknowledged our presence as her old writing group dating back fifteen years, before explaining how her latest launch " Sister Wife" came to be.

Shelley was forthright with her struggles to conclude " Sister Wife." Letting it rest while she completed "Gotcha." It's always interesting to hear the complexities of how each novel is created.

Caught up in the emotion of Kim's read I embarrassingly clapped before she completed reading. I really enjoyed the varied style of each author, along with the only seat in the the house! Which my knee was grateful for. I picked up two of Shelley's older novels having already bought her newest! On the way to the car I took some photos of the store fronts on Broadway which I'll share next week.


Tammy said...

I've always admired the relationships in your life. Wonderful ladies Sherrie!

That scarf is beautiful!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

You travel in quite an assortment of interesting and creative circles.

Lucy said...

OMG Sherrie!! Your friend Kim is the spitting image of my sister!! THeY should be sisters! I have to show u a picture!
you are such a supportive link to your book jewels! can't wait to see more pics.

gel said...

Congrats to all of them. What an inspiration! I wish I had writer friends. I have plenty of art colleagues and book club friends. I'm hoping that in 2009, I'll find a writer's circle group that fits my work schedule. I'm going to see if my library carries any of their books.

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