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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Iguanas Beach Grill

You know how sometimes you just have those perfect days. Well Sunday was one of them for me! My daughter was home after a long stint, I spent the day with my dear friend Dream goddess, we went to an inspiring Christmas craft fair then out for dinner. We actually sat outside on the heated patio, which was fairly surreal in such chilly weather. They had blankets on the chairs, but the blasting heat kept us cozy as we peered out onto the beach front. I even took my coat off. Although I've read some of the restaurant reviews this is my second experience here and the food was excellent.

As the late afternoon wore on the little blue lights shone, along with a flickering table candle. We enjoyed a charming ambiance. There was a large party inside the restaurant so our food took awhile, but that was deflected when it was served by a personable boisterous chef.
Because I'd been trying to avoid coffee for three days previous, the cup of tea I ordered seemed that much more delightful served in this special little tea pot. Yes people, doesn't take much to make this girl happy! I loved that little teapot with the serving cup.
This was our very nice waitress, who deduced I would especially enjoy one of these tea pots. The restaurant industry often has such a transient flux of employees, it's not always possible to guarantee the best experience. For me it was very enjoyable and I can't wait to go back!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

WICKED cute teapot, yes indeedy....

Lucy said...

i am a nut for teapots! that would make me so happy too.
just wondering for my own future posts..
did u ask her permission to put the pic on the blog? she looks like a nice lady.
Pep and Bryan, as always, look so in love. xoxo

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