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Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Princess is home!

Sorry guys I have be MIA....preparing the palace for the princesses arrival home from a sixteen day Toronto business trip. She clocked one hundred seventy hours and worked sixteen days straight with no break and very little sleep. She had a three hour flight delay home and requested the Christmas decorations be up because she has the Christmas spirit this year!A vendor did her hair free, as advertisement for his product. Some new fangled curling iron!

While she was gone we did things quite different. We didn't shop for food much...we ate what was available and made due. I made a soup and spagetti that lasted a few days, and wraps and easy stuff. Bryan's like me he can find anything to eat.We worked together to get things accomplished. I really enjoyed his company!

That meant we had to shop before her return. Bryan wanted to have whip cream to make her favorite peppermint schnapps, hot chocolate winter drink. He bought yellow lilies for her bedside, changed all the sheets and washed the blankets too! Then laid out her pajamas. Now if that isn't love damn it, I don't know what is!

She almost bought the iron but it was so hot she feared burning herself. Truth be told she's terrible at styling her own hair.
Pepper brought Bryan home all kinds of treasures, ties, and shirts, a book, engraved mouth organ, chocolate. They missed each other. I was excited that she bought me two mac lipsticks she found for a reasonable price. Then we celebrated near the purple and green lights of our Christmas tree. Yes it's early but we'll have more time to arrange gatherings with friends and make a few gifts. I think this Christmas will be fun!
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Pepper met piles of interesting people, engineers, television production staff, a music columnist, a mall administrator from our area, eco friendly planners, and one red neck American that she verbally spanked for making racist comments.

The plane ride home was so turbulent she actually thought she was going to die. She's been on several flights that were fine, but this was exceptionally rocky. With things flying off the trays!

On the drive home from the airport at 11:30 pm a Hawk flew in front of my car. If I had of been going any faster I would have hit it, any slower I would have missed it! Such a surreal strange feeling, so I looked up the symbolism of hawks, Check here!

Okay that's all for now folks...more tomorrow on the craft fair I attended!


Janet said...

I've been a little MIA, too. Love Pepper's hair! But then she always looks great. It sounds as if she had a good, productive trip, and good for her for "verbally spanking" that person who made the racial remarks. Too often people won't stand up at times like that. Proves once again that you did an awesome job of parenting!

JP/deb said...

What great pics of your lovely, hardworking daughter! So sweet how Bryan prepared for her return - what a match made in heaven.

Sending peace, love and happy thoughts, JP/deb

forgetfulone said...

She is just so darn cute! I know you're glad to have her home. I'd put my Christmas stuff out real soon, but my husband is such a Scrooge!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Seems you had fun getting ready for her return. I love her hair with its curls. She always has a beautiful smile and a happy soul. I bet you had a lot to do with that.

Mary Timme said...

What a fun season is ahead for the two or I should say the 3 of you.

HOpe after the rocky flight everything went well. Enjoyed all of this post. Great fun!

Lucy said...

Ah HA!! earth mother goddess for SURE! HOw amazing is that symbolism Sher? wow gave me chills!
Pepper is adorable! Let's try to find that iron for her for Christmas! I will make some inquiries.
Her success at Her age is just so darn exciting! I see only good things in this dynamos future! gO PEPPER!

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