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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Store fronts and love language

I took these photos a few weeks ago when I went to the book launch.
Just goes to show there are so many way to express your creative nature.
Unfortunately one of our cameras in on it's last legs. We switch off, and lately I have had the deteriorating one so my photos are a bit grainy, and the lighting is off. It had a good run though. Peppers looking for a new one, she wants it small, simple to maneuver. She's had no luck. We love the ones we have now!
These stores are located on West Broadway in Vancouver British Columbia.
It's always fun to meander around there and fourth ave! Very inspirational!
I found a link on Violette's blog to discover what your love language is. I took the 30 second quiz , "Acts of Service" is my love language. When people do things for me I feel adored. Probably because I have served everyone my whole life. Even as a kid it was my job to care for, or serve someone! Now I feel so blessed when I receive a coffee at my computer. As I age I feel a bit more vulnerable, things like carrying cups down stairs with my bad knee can be nerve wracking. I do it, but I love it when someone else can do it.
When my daughter brings home a load of fresh veggies, or wraps all the Christmas presents. When Bryan washes the floor on his hands and knees, ( I use a vileda mop) but he does a better job. Don't get me wrong I L-O-V-E- my Vileda! When they clear out the fridge without being asked, or straighten the utensils it's royally appreciated.

We had company last friday and after dinner the kids quickly cleared up the plates. I am a considerate cook, (unlike my mother whose kitchen looked like a tornado hit,angering my dad that she forced me to clear up after her chaos). I clean as I cook, making sure to load and unload the dishwasher so it's ready after dinner. That way if I get help it's easy for them, if not it's easy for me, win win! It was so nice that they just popped up and started clearing and cleaning so I could visit with our friends.

I probably don't express enough what it means to me and I should. I reciprocate by doing things back. What is your love language? Take the test and let me know.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

You and I came out the same. It's one thing to say you appreciate, but it's quite another when you pitch in and help. I'm so with you on this one.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

Mary Timme said...

The title to the post could be: Love is when . . .
The quote was so good today!

Lucy said...

we came up the same Sherrie! Anybody can talk the talk but gettin' on your hands and knees and Mopping that floor.. THAT is showing what's in your heart! LOVE that boy!
I also NEED to clean up as I go, or I get totally overwhelmed.
xox You find fun stuff

gemma said...

Window shopping is the best!!! It's free and like you said so inspirational. Checking on the links and sending love

tumblewords said...

Aw, what a warm and touching post! I didn't take the quiz. My family calls me Gramma Soup and I'm guessing you know why but I do try to help with prep work and cleanup when I'm off enjoying others' culinary talents.
wishing you a WooHoo Thanksgiving!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I saw a lamp I like...

Tammy said...

My computer won't let me take the quiz. Those kids are beautiful spirits. I was also raised to clean as I go and passed it on.

I'm loving this artist! (Leona) You knew I would. ;)


violette said...

Great window display pics Sherrie!

hey.......i would have thought your love language (being a gemini) would have been affirmations....but then i guess we can be a combo.........neat that you found out though. Now the kids know!

Thanks for the reminder from the Secret! I appreciate it and i really appreciate you my friend!

Love, violette

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