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Monday, December 22, 2008

Red shoes and a Betty Paige Dress

A great pair of red shoes

A demure girl

In a Betty Paige dress

A sexy six foot three man with fancy microphone cuff links.

"Well big boy aren't you going to ask me to dance?"

A few twirls around the dance floor
A little romance

Girl kicks off beautiful red shoes to party on!
Off comes the hat!

wait wait wait
She's getting comfortable

Cuz girls just wanna have fun!
That she did, at her husbands annual Christmas party

Meanwhile the snow accumulated in a silent night!

Upon waking this is what they saw from their hotel window.
A snow white
winter wonderland!
And the start of a very Merry Christmas for them!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I love the outfit especially the hat. She always looks happy, I envy that.

Janet said...

Pepper and Bryan are such a cute couple!

Tumblewords: said...

Darling kids! A special party - thanks for sharing!!! Happy Christmas!!

rosey said...

Wow! Those shoes, that dress, that fab necklace. What lovely photos

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

What a beautiful couple. Thanks for sharing a very fun time for them.

Have a great day. Big hug. :)

JP/deb said...

Your girl has STYLE! We have some snow here too ... actually, quite a bit. Hope all of you have a very merry Christmas! Love, deb

gel said...

Love the hat, the shoes, the red heart adornment, the color coordinated outfit with her lovebird hubby in red shirt. Fabulous loving, fun couple who are also gorgeous enough to be on a mag cover! Reminds me of my daughter's theatre days and the fun-loving dancing and costuming we all love here. Fabulous photos! Is that your daughter?

Giggles said...

Yes Gel that is my daughter and son in law...really enjoyable pair!! Thanks for stopping by!

Lucy said...

Boy that pepper and bryan are THE sharpest, hippest couple since.... well, since Peter and I were young!! hahaha
They Look SO 'together' and so fabulous! With style like theirs, good times are bound to happen! Love these photos! xox

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