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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Television Tears

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Beautiful 2008 display at Art Knapps, Angel wings.

I taped the Kelsey Grammer version of Scrooge on what some may call a vintage VCR.We may be the last of the Moheekins on that one! We've tried to watch it three times.Pepper keeps falling asleep half way through. So Bryan turns it off to watch it with her another time.

Last night she fell asleep again. So Bryan and I finished watching it together. It was almost the end of the movie when Bryan looks over at me, after he heard a sniffle. "What? What?" I say all defensive as he grins his big beautiful amused grin...."YES I AM CRYING" I reluctatanly admit.... "and I've been crying ever since he woke up from his dream!" I confess completely. He continues to smile, making no comment.

Now if I asked myself why I was crying I couldn't tell you! Between the music and Scrooges ephiphany.... I am just a sap...that's all I can say, A BIG FRIGGIN SAP WHO LOVES HAPPY ENDINGS!
Either that or I have a lot of pent up tears needing to escape!

Remember my purse I made for international womans day...well it's held up pretty well. Except my adhered poem become tattered. Instead of replacing it I decided to repair it with paint. Opting to change the color a bit, because a change is as good as a rest.
I have been wearing more pink,purple and green this season, so the redish color I painted out! Kind of a quick fix. It's a little bit louder right now...but hey in a few months that might change again.... my perogative.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I know, Scrooge does that to me too. I love the imagine bag!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

very nice and its good to open those flood gates once in awhile.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I like happy ending too. Some guys like happy endings, but most won't admit it. I think your hubby liked the happy ending. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)

Linda Jacobs said...

I showed my students A Knight's Tale this week because we just got done reading The Canterbury Tales and Chaucer is in the movie (plus, they needed a break from the heavy stuff!). Anyway, I had a tear fall down my cheek when William meets his dad. Luckily, the lights were off so my kids didn't see it!

Lucy said...

To me, there is nothing like a "Big friggin sap"!!! from one to another.. i've never seen that version of the film, but I love kelsey grammar! remember I saw him in person last year? I didn't think he was handsome till I saw him up close! weird!
LOVE your bag Sherrie! HOW unique and fun!
also, it's funny.. when you wrote that about Bryan.. I could just SEE him and that cute look which I know Had Much admiration included! (cause u write well? and because you've made us "know'him)
hugs to you always! xo

Mary Timme said...

You are crying my tears. You see, I'm the least sentimental person in the world. Still, I know better than to read biographies of cats or dogs cause you know how it is going to end, and I cry every time.

And vintage VCR?! Heck, I have one! Use it too! Doesn't everyone!?

gel said...

Your purse is gorgeous. I used to purchase "Flavia" cards and journals, someone who made such whimsical things way before it was the rage.
Your header is gorgeous. I adore the purple, pink, green cheerful colors you feature.

P.S. We also have vintage VCRs, even a portable one...yikes!

Charlie said...

Oh I'm the same way. I don't know where the tears come from sometimes. But love your purse. It's fabulous.

Cookie Sunshine said...

I like happy endings too.
This is beautiful.

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